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The Intelligent Touch i360 Stand allows you to view your Apple iPad "Your Way"!

An approved 3rd party Apple accessory, the i360™ ipad stand provides a stand like no other! The i360 uniquely allows you to tilt your iPad up to 90°, whilst also permitting you to rotate through a full 360° spin on its axis and a full 360° continuous rotation of the screen from landscape through to portrait. And what's more, all of these movements can be achieved at the same time and without any adaption to the stand or removal of your iPad.

With all of the movement offered by the i360 you may ask is my iPad secure? Yes, 100% secure whatever the position! The protective gripping corners not only protect your iPad from becoming scratched or damaged during the easy 'snap in' and 'snap out' removal process, they also hold your iPad securely in place, even upside down!

The uniqueness doesn't stop there, the i360 ipad stand discreetly hides a further two unrivalled features. Within the underside of the base the stand hides a wall mount facility, allowing you to view your iPad securely at higher levels and in numerous alternative environments.

Secondly this ipad stand has been designed to accommodate for future changes to the iPad. The "claw", which securely grips your iPad in place, can be detatched from the main structure allowing you to upgrade your claw for future generations of the iPad. This stand is here to stay and does not follow the "one fits all" approach, it is dedicated to your iPad!

One of the most exciting and efficient products on the market today, the i360 iPad 2 Stand is the perfect accessory for any Apple user. As versatile as it is safe, the iPad 3 Stand can ensure that your iPad stays secure whilst offering you all the flexibility you need to use your device to its full potential. What's more, the iPad 2 Stand is an approved 3rd party Apple accessory which has quickly become a favourite amongst the iPad user community.

Thanks to its unique 360 design it allows for comfortable gaming, office work and even Facetime. No matter where you are, the versatile iPad 3 Stand allows you to work in comfort. The simple 'snap in snap out' system means that you can quickly and easily attach and detach your iPad. Additional safety features such as a non-slip base and protective gripping corners mean that you can be safe in the knowledge that your iPad 2 is secure no matter where you're using it. Thanks to all of these components its never been easier to use you iPad 3 on the move.

If you love gaming then the flexible design is ideal. You can move the screen in a multitude of directions and interact with your iPad as the designers intended. The iPad 3 Stand really does unlock your iPad's full potential. As if this wasn't enough the iPad 2 Stand is available in a stunning range of stylish and vibrant colours. For more information on how to get your hands on this fantastic iPad accessory contact our team today!

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