Q:      Will the tilting action of the stand become loose over time?
A:      It will loosen, however you will be pleased to hear it has been designed to be tightened as many times as required. There are two fixings located at the side of the pivoting arms, all you need to do is retain the allen key provided to build the stand and insert this into the two fixings to tighten to your desired tolerance.

Q:      Will the rotation from landscape through to portrait wear over time?
A:      No you can be reassured this will not wear. The inner bearings are made out of acetyl and this offers a self-lubricating, long lasting material that maintains itself.

Q:      Will the rubberised grips built into the corner of the ‘claw’ wear out?
A:      Not during the life of your iPad. The material inserted into the corners is made of a material called ‘tpe’ which offers a long lasting protective material that will go on protecting your iPad for years.

Q:      Is the wall mount easy to install?
A:      Yes and we must apologise for not making available a video showing this yet (one is currently being filmed). A wall template is supplied within the box and all that is required is a drill and appropriate raw plugs for your surface. You merely follow the template and mark the four drill points, drill the holes, insert the wall plugs/fixings and then align the based on the i360 to these four points and slide the i360 until the fixings locate. Once in position the stand is fully secure.

Q:      Are you going to bring out any other colours?
A:      Yes the range is constantly going to develop. We are currently looking to launch a unique facility where you can personalise the base of your stand.  This will allow you to pick any colour you like or even add your football team/pop group branding to your stand.

Q:      Does your upgrade path accommodate for android tablets?
A:      There is a claw currently being developed for the Samsung and HP tablets.  These should be available for purchase in 2012.

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