$610k for Tea (or Coffee) with Tim Cook

Posted on May 16th, 2013 | Categories - Uncategorized

Apple Inc have always been close to charities since Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company and this appears to be a trait that Tim Cook has taken on too.

He has agreed to give up half an hour of his time for a personal meeting or coffee with the lucky winner of an online auction over at Charity Buzz, with the meeting taking place in the Apple Inc headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The online auction was expected to raise $50,000, with initial bids coming in at $5,000 for the coffee break with one of the worlds most recognised CEO’s. However, the auction quickly rocketed up to $560,000 in two days, way beyond anyone’s expectations of what the auction would fetch! The bidding finally closed at $610,000 for up to an hour of time with Cook, with all proceeds going towards the RFK Centre for Justice and Human Rights.

And, the $610,000 doesn’t include any travel expenses or lodgings for the lucky winner, whom it hasn’t been announced yet who this is, but if they have to travel they’re looking at an even more expensive tea-break with the CEO!

How much would you pay for coffee with Tim Cook? Or even your favourite company executive?

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