Apple Open Largest Apple Store in Asia

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 | Categories - Uncategorized

This weekend Apple opened their largest Apple Store in Asia at the Wangfujing district in China. Consumers started queueing for the Apple store long into the night before the store opened, wanting to be the first through the doors for the largest store in the country.

As we all know the Chinese love Apple Stores, and also Apple are keen to make their footprint in the country to make sure that consumers stick to the genuine article rather than turning to the hundreds of imitation products that circulate around the continent.

The store has a huge floor-space and has set itself as the flagship store in the country and continent. The 4 storeys of the store also boast two 360° genius bars ready with Apple employees to help all of the new consumers with their Apple products.

To assist in running a store of this size, Apple are employing 300 people to run and support the store in the shopping centre and the company are keen to show their commitment to developing in the rapidly growing market.

I’m not sure you’d see the British queueing outside an Apple Store in the winter? Though if Apple do launch a new product tomorrow we will find out!



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