Apple Working on a Smart Audio Splitter

Posted on May 8th, 2013 | Categories - Uncategorized

Well audio splitters are nothing new, people have been using them for a long time in different environments for different applications, including school children listening to music on the bus on the way home and they can now plug in their own earphones instead of squashing together to sheare on set.

But.. Apple’s latest patent application shows insight into what looks to be a great new accessory to hit the market in the form of a smart audio splitter which will allow the two users to independently control their audio settings along with some global changes to the device.

The accessory (by the looks of the application drawings) will connect through the new lightning connector as well as the headphone jack on the bottom of the devices (could this mean a potential move of the headphone jack on tablets too?). The connection through both of the inputs/outputs will mean that the device and the accessory can work in conjunction with each other and have independent controls for different elements. i.e. users will be able to click the headphones connected to the adaptor to perform various functions on the device.

Do you think this has a real, business-world application? Or do you see it as just a gimmick?

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