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iPad Wall Mounts

April 28th, 2013

This week we have had an abundance of calls into Intelligent Touch for people looking for an iPad Wall Mount. Whether it be to put in a public display or simply for use at home like a digital photograph frame we have had the enquiries and been able to help everyone.

The secure iPad wall mount – the i370 Black or White Wall Mount – offers flexibility of moving the iPad from portrait to landscape mode or anything in between where by the user simply rotates the screen of the device to adjust the viewing position. The Wall Mount has standard VESA fixings to be affixed to a wall and each of the security caps is covered and will be more than difficult to be removed by a thief! The secure enclosure ensures that the iPad stays affixed in a lockable case and can only be opened with the key supplied.

The i360 stand is also available for wall mounting in a home or atmosphere where there is less need for security around the device. The tablet is easily removable from the i360 stand and yet will be sure to stay fixed if mounted at any height or position. The added flexibility with the i360 stand is the adjustment of the viewing angle which can be positioned anything up to 90 degrees, perfect for ensuring you find the correct angle away from any potential glare on the screen.

Take a look at the wall mounts for the iPads, you won’t be disappointed.

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Merry Christmas from

December 25th, 2012

We have had a very successful year this last year and would like to thank all our customers for their business. has seen the successful launch of the i370 stand this year and are taking this stand from strength to strength with more updates and enhancements to come.

I hope if you had an i360 stand under the tree this year, or an iPad, you are more than pleased with the gift.

Merry Christmas, and happy new year to all our customers and we look forward to seeing you again in 2013.

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Amazon iPad Stand

October 14th, 2012

If you want confidence when you are purchasing from a company over the internet, you cannot get more confidence than if you purchase from a company through reputable websites such as

Of course, we do ship to America through the British website, but we recognise our customers may like extra reassurance that our website may not be able to give them. That is why we have set up a store on, selling the i360 stand to international users!

US customers love gadgets, love the iPad, and clearly love the i360 stand. Since the store opened on we have been proud to ship every item to our customers and have even had lots of repeat business, where customers are coming back for more after their initial order of stands.

We have also been very proud to receive great reviews for our products on, where people who have purchased the stand offer their genuine reviews of the product they have purchased. We’re pleased to say they are all happy customers!

Click here to be taken to the Intelligent Touch store pages on

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iPad Wall Stand

September 21st, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we have recognised the need for mounting iPads and iPad Stands onto the wall. We have two solutions that are designed to be affixed to the wall and hold any generation of the iPad 2.

The i360 and i370 stand have discreet wall mount fixings hidden within the base of the stand and accessed from the underside of the unit. The i360 stand has a keyway fixing in the base therefore the stand can be mounted on the wall and easily removed when needed. It is a secure fixing which will support the weight of the stand and the iPad. The i370 stand has a VESA mount fixing in the base of the stand as well as the keyways which offer a permanent fix to the wall or desk surface. The VESA fixing is a standard universal fixing.

There is also an i370c wall bracket which is designed to be positioned at a lower level where the angle of the stand makes it perfect to be used and operated at this level. The secure VESA fixing to a wall surface again offers a universal fixing for the stand.

See the i360 or i370 store pages here for the wall stand.

ipad wall stand

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iPad Stand Mount

September 9th, 2012

We have a range of iPad Stand Mounts here at Intelligent Touch, all have been designed and adapted to take both the capability of the i360 and the i370 stands and their associated features and benefits.

The i370c stand has a fixed metal mount which provides great stability and durability for consumers who are looking for a more rugged solution. The angle of the mount is perfect to be positioned on a wall at a lower level for users to operate standing up or sitting down. The added feature of being able to rotate the screen of the iPad gives even more flexibility to the user to be able to adapt the stand for their own comfort.

The i360 stand has a hidden wall mount facility also, discreetly positioned in the base of the stand so it would fit neatly on the wall with no visible fixings from the outside. The base has secure keyways which allow screws to be fixed into the wall to allow the stand to locate and mount on these fixed positions.

All the secure mounts available from Intelligent Touch are supplied with fitting templates and able to be adapted for a variety of uses. Just give the team a call to see how the iPad stand mounts can work for you, for all generations of the Apple iPad.

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iPad Stand Lock

September 8th, 2012

lock ipad stand

Locking iPad Stands; here at Intelligent Touch we get asked for locking iPad Stands all the time. People are so keen on displaying an iPad in a reception area perhaps as a visitors book, or for an exhibition display stand where you want to advertise your website. Both of these circumstances show that security and locking an iPad into a stand or having a lock for an iPad is definitely going to be needed.

These are exactly the reasons why we have developed a range of secure accessories at Intelligent Touch, which act as both an add on to the existing i360 stand and the new i370 stand.

A secure tether or lock can be added onto the existing i360 stand to keep the iPad held into the stand and also tethered to a surface. The tethering system loops through the middle, integral parts of the stand so the iPad and the stand cannot be separated.

Or – the i370 stand is an all encompassing solution for the Apple iPad which has a lock on the iPad stand and holds the iPad into a secure metal enclosure. The iPad is then locked into the metal surround with a very secure lock and key, and therefore the iPad can only be removed by the keyholder. With each lock produced being manufactured as a “key to differ” lock, you know the lock is tough to open!

Take a look at the store pages here and find the iPad stand lock for you.

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Best iPad Stands

September 7th, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we focus entirely on customer needs, and have a range of retail and personally driven solutions which provide the best possible features of any product in their class.

This is where we know our attention and eye for detail pays off; we know we have the best iPad stands on the market. Our iPad solutions, including the i360 multiposition stand and the i370 lockdown stand, are the premium i Pad Stands around. Each part of the stnad has been subject to more than rigorous critiquing and testing to make sure that every part of each of our products is the best that it can be.

We know that the solutions we have for iPads are going to be the best, and in turn will be the best solutions for you. Whether you need a stylish looking stand for a display, for the home, or as a present, or you need a locking iPad stand to secure an iPad in an open environment. We have unrivalled solutions for the iPad.

Click here to see the store pages of the site.

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iPad Mounts

July 27th, 2012

Are you looking to mount an iPad on a wall? Or fix to a desk? Or even mount in a retail environment? If so, then you have come to the right place. The store from Intelligent Touch has a wide range of iPad mounts available for all generations of the Apple tablet, including the New iPad (or a some call it the iPad 3).

The i360 stand comes with standard “keyway” mounts in the base, meaning you can affix the iPad held securely in the stand to any flat surface. The base of the stand can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode, and you can of course rotate the main arm structure and iPad itself to any orientation or angle in between the set 90° positions.

We also have a secure wall mount for use in a busy retail environment where the iPad is held in a fixed angled position. Unlike all the other secure wall stands the i370 allows you to rotate the screen of the iPad through 360 degrees to easily switch between portrait and landscape viewing mode for the device. This is such a great feature and the free flowing rotation of the stand is truly unique.

Click here to see the i300 range of mounts for yourself.


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iPad Wall Mount

July 1st, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we have developed a range of products to be a wall mount for the iPad, or mount the iPad on a horizontal surface too. This includes both the i360 iPad stand and the i370 lockdown / lockable iPad stand.

The i360 iPad stand has wall mount features discreetly hidden within the base of the stand. These are “keyways” and allow you to mount the iPad stand either horizontally or vertically on a flat wall surface. (more…)

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iPad Stand Reviews

May 27th, 2012

Do you like to read reviews of products before you buy something? You and the rest of the population, including us! We know how buying something over the internet can still feel risky at times so at Intelligent Touch we do everything we can to help reassure you about your purchase.

All of the Intelligent Touch products for sale here on have a section for reviews; good, honest reviews from our customers are key to our business and we are lucky enough to receive fantastic feedback on both the products and the service we provide.

The most recent review of the i370 Locking iPad Stand was from Jamie – who purchased two of the i370 units and needed them in time for a certain event. His review reads:

“Safe, secure, ideal for showing an iPad in one location as you can secure it to a wall with screws. Excellent buy. Service from was amazing, constantly updated about my order and delivered within a few days! Highly recommended!”

If you have purchased an i360 stand from us at please feel free to post your own review on the product for other users to see. Each review gets submitted for moderation (only so we can make sure the language is appropriate – I promise the honest reviews are submitted!) and you can see it on the site the same day and help other users to experience the i360 or i370 stands like you are.

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