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Stands for the Apple iPad

May 1st, 2013

With a huge array of stands available for the Apple iPad it is no wonder people get confused with which one to buy, which will be the easiest to use, which gives you the most flexibility with your tablet? Well of course I am going to say that the i360 iPad stand is the best iPad stand on the market, but I am not alone in my thoughts and I am sure that you will see why too.

The i360 stand surely has to be the most flexible, offering 360° rotation of the screen, 360° rotation at the base of the stand (so the base stays put and the iPad moves around it), and up to 90° tilt to allow you to angle the screen perfectly to avoid any glare, you really couldn’t find a position that the iPad and the i360 stand cannot achieve. Even upside down the iPad is securely held by the four gripping corners of the “claw” to ensure the iPad stays safe.

The stand is also very easy to use, with simple movements to adjust any of the positions of the stand. Any chosen position is held by the stand under the weight of the iPad and normal use, but a push a bit harder or firmer will move the iPad into another position easily and smoothly, whilst still holding the iPad secure.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here to see the images of the stand, you won’t be disappointed.

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Stands for iPad 4

April 25th, 2013

The new iPad 4 (or 4th generation tablet) from Apple was launched at the end of 2012 and unfortunately for many has made many of the older iPad 2 and 3 accessories not compatible with the new tablet. The new and improved USB connection via the Lightning connector on the iPad (compared to the 30 pin dock connector from previous generations of iPad and iPhones). The iPad 4 also featured a new internal processing chip said to make processing and rendering graphics a lot quicker than the 3rd generation device.

Thankfully for Intelligent Touch, the i360 iPad stand is compatible with the fourth generation tablet from Apple and has been flying off the shelves to lucky iPad 4 owners who want to look after their new tablet. The stand offers users maximum flexibility with their new tablet and enables you to use many of the iPad features whilst the iPad is held in the stand. You’ve paid all that money to have the top of the range tablet, why not have the top of the range stand to complement it?

Take a look at the i360 store pages to see the 4th generation iPad stand.

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iPad 3 Stands

April 21st, 2013

Stands for the Apple iPad 3 are available at direct from the manufacturers.

The Apple iPad 3, or the “New iPad” released in April 2012 gave the iPad family a retina display and an upgraded camera, allowing users the true high gloss finish from the iPad screen. Until you have used a retina display tablet you think the iPad screen definition is great. Then once you have used a retina tablet you will think the iPad 2 132ppi display is poor!

If you are using a New iPad, treat your tablet with the respect it deserves and house it in the i360 stand. The stylish stand will ensure that your precious tablet stays safe and supported within the stand and will give you the most flexible viewing angles and viewing positions available.

The high gloss black, or the gloss white finish of the iPad stands are our most popular variations and available for all generations of the Apple iPad family.

Click here to see the different i360 stands available in the i360 store pages.

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Music Stands for iPad

April 17th, 2013

Playing and making music using the iPad is becoming more and more popular with the array of apps available. Whether you want to learn to play keyboard or are already an accomplished player, or even learn the guitar, there is sure to be “an app for that” in the app store.

We have found that many musicians, both amateurs and professionals alike, have turned to the i360 iPad stand to support their iPad whilst they are playing music. The adjustable angles and viewing directions for the iPad mean that any position can be achieved for playing music, including a lay flat position for the keyboard, or a slightly angled upright position ideal for playing guitar, or anything and any direction in between!

We have a piano black stand which looks great and stylish in any home, or a gloss white stand which looks great in kitchens and modern homes. Or, for those wanting something a bit different we have a pink stand with chrome detailing which really catches the eye!

Take a look here on our i360 store pages for more information.

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Updates to EA’s Popular Real Racing 3 App

April 13th, 2013

The popular racing title from EA Games, Real Racing 3, has this week seen some major updates to the app to keep Real Racing fans across the world happy!

The new improvements to the app include new cars to race – including the Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1 from Chevrolet, which will be gratefully received by petrol heads! There are also new event types added to the app called “Hunter” where racers have to hunt down and overtake a car within one lap. The new updated version of the app also has social media updates which enable users to link online with their friends and compete with a statistics board showing successes and times for races.

The app is free in the store but does have in-app purchases for certain events and races, even without these additions it is a great racing game ready for action.

Have you tried playing racing games with the i360 stand? The stand allows you to use the gyro in the iPad like a steering wheel – great fun for all racers. Take a look at the demo video’s here to show you how it works.

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“The Best iPad Stand”

April 9th, 2013

We have the best iPad Stand – or so we have been told by one of our lovely customers who last week received a delivery of our white i360 iPad Stand.

Our happy customer was looking for a birthday present for his father who struggles with mobility, and after introducing him to the world of Facetime on an iPad so he can keep in touch with family members abroad he wanted to give his father a stand for the iPad so it can remain on charge and powered on so all he has to do is use the stand.

This is where the i360 stand from Intelligent Touch came into play and enabled the iPad to be permanently plugged in, and yet still give the gentleman flexibility to move the iPad if he wanted to or adjust the angle easily without any trouble.

“You have the best iPad stands” was the email we received from our lovely customer, and we’re happy to help families stay in touch, even if we only made a very small contribution.

Take a look at the i360 stand range here.

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Amazon iPad Stand

April 5th, 2013

The i360 stand is exclusively available for our international customers through – where you can buy the original i360 iPad Stand direct from us, the manufacturers, through a well known and trusted store. has a huge product catalogue and a huge number of individual companies like Intelligent Touch who choose to sell their products through the online retail store. This gives our consumers who may be otherwise nervous to spend their money with an unknown website confidence that they are placing their order through Amazon and will have the power of Amazon behind them should something go wrong.

We are proud to say we ensure all our customers are happy and have a returns policy to support distance selling of products through the internet. It is simple; if you’re not happy with the product you send it back to us and we will refund you. These are UK laws and we abide by these for all our international customers, whom we are proud to say we have many of.

Have confidence when shopping with Intelligent Touch through our online store, or give us a call on +44(0)1952580220 and real people can take your order over the phone for you!

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Designer Stands for iPads

March 31st, 2013

The i360 is a truly designer stand for the iPad.

We have made real contemporary design tweaks to the look and feel of the i360 stand which reflect Apple’s design ethos and the look and feel of Apple products.

With the chrome detailing of the i360 stand, both with the chrome feature on the base of the stand and the main rotational ring on the stand, these tweaks and looks of the product really give the i360 iPad stand a designer feel, much like the chrome look and feel from the sides of the Apple iPhone 3 and 3GS.

The high gloss finish of the base and the “claw” attachment also give the product a real premium look, again similar to the gloss finishes from the iPhone line up of products and now the coloured iPad Mini product line up.

Each of the i360 iPad stands are available for the first, second, third and fourth generation iPads from Apple and will be continually adapted and changed for future generations.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here for more information on the designer iPad stand from Intelligent Touch.

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iPad Stand Apple Store

March 15th, 2013

The i360 stand upon launch was exclusively available in the Apple Store Online in both the high gloss black and white variations and has since been released to other vendors and distributors.

The designers at Intelligent Touch were lucky enough to receive great feedback from the Apple product team with regard to the development of the stand and with their permission we gave the i360 base the true shape and curve of the original Apple iPad. The chrome enhancements and design features were the work of the Intelligent Touch design team who love to keep things clean and sleek, certainly words that come to mind when thinking about Apple products and their design influences.

The i360 sold in huge numbers with Apple Store and since its release to further distributors and stockists has seen even more success.

To grab your original i360 iPad Stand direct from the manufacturers order here at

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Swivel iPad Stand

February 25th, 2013


Want a swivelling iPad Stand? Want a stand with more than just an average portrait or landscape viewing position? Then the i360 iPad stand is the stand for you.

The i360 stand has rotation and swivel functionality built in at the core of the stand and in more than one direction. You can swivel the base of the stand 360°, so adjusting the viewing angle and position of the iPad to your seating position. This is also really useful if you want to fix the base of the stand to a surface as you can adjust the viewing angle of the iPad to any position and angle.

The i360 stand also has a swivel/rotation facility built into the top section of the stand which gives you flexibility in positioning the iPad in a portrait or landscape position. It allows you to easily transition the orientation of the iPad by a simple rotation, and all the time keeping the iPad securely held in the stand.

Want to know more? Give the sales team a call on 01952580220.

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