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iPad Security Locks

May 2nd, 2013

Security for an Apple iPad tablet when being used in the public arena has to be of utmost importance to any user. We have recognised the need for security for the Apple iPad, and good security solutions, not something that can be simply and easily removed, and have developed the i370 secure stand and accessories for the Apple iPad.

The most secure options we have are the i370 lockdown stand and the i370c lockdown stands or wall mount brackets. Each of the stands has the secure T locking mechanism which is a stainless steel lock with the kensington style T fixing to ensure the enclosure stays closed/shut. The lockable stand can be affixed to any surface with the secure VESA fixings in the base of the stand.

The wall mounted stand – the i370c – is again a secure fixture with the iPad held in a secure metal enclosure which is secured shut with the stainless steel T lock.

The range of movement available from the i370 stands is not hampered by the securing facility and we have ensured that the adjustments and rotation to give people the completely unique viewing positions are all still available.

Take a look at the i370 secure stand pages to see the locking iPad security solutions.

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iPad Security Solutions

March 25th, 2013

If you are planning on using an iPad for display or use in a public area then the physical security of the device is going to be of utmost importance.

There are many different security products on the market, but take a look at the secure solutions available online from for complete peace of mind when your iPad is on display.

The i370 lockdown stand is a complete stand to display and hold the iPad whilst it is in use; you are able to position the iPad in any number of viewing positions and angles whilst held in the stand and you can rotate and move the device to get the perfect viewing angle, whilst not compromising the security of the tablet in any way.

There are also secured tether solutions available from Intelligent Touch here on which enable the iPad to be tethered to a surface or permanent fixture, depending on the location of where you want to use the iPad on display it may not be practical to use the secure i370 stand, which is where the tethers offer the next level of security for you.

Please give our sales team a call on 01952580220 to help with your requirement and make sure your equipment stays secure.

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Locking Stands for iPads

March 11th, 2013

If you want to display content on an iPad in a public area or arena then you definitely need a locking stand or case. Security of the high priced device is paramount, not only for the device but also your content which could be sensitive to the public.

The i370 Lockdown stand from Intelligent Touch offers the ultimate level in security for your iPad tablet; with a secure metal enclosure to house the iPad and the solid stand to fix to a surface no one will be walking away with your iPad! (more…)

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iPad Stand Lock

February 26th, 2013

Locks for iPad stands. Definitely needed in today’s society where people don’t always like to pay for what is theirs.

The i370 iPad stand locks allow you to publicly display the iPad and not worry about security as the stand is held with a secure iPad lock.

We have many variations of a locking stand for the iPad, where you can have the ability to either fix the stand to a surface (i.e. table or desktop) or tether the stand to a fixture (i.e. table leg). Each of these options gives you maximum flexibility when using the iPad stand in any environment.

The tethered iPad locking solution allows you to attach the stand via a looped armoured cable to a fixture, either a table leg or other secure fitting and you have the flexibility of being able to move the stand up to 1.8 metres away from the tether point.

For the ultimate in security you can look to the i370 secure base and lock, which once the stand is fixed to a surface (either a table, desk or shelf) will stay as secure as that surface is! So certainly no worrying about whether the iPad will stay safe and secure in the lockable enclosure.

Want more reassurance? Call our sales team on 01952580220 for more information.

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iPad Stand Mount

February 16th, 2013

Stands or mounts for the Apple iPad need to be secure. You need to know and be safe in the knowledge that your iPad will be safe and securely housed in a stand when on display or being used in a public arena. This is where the i370 secure iPad Mount from Intelligent Touch will give you peace of mind.

The i370c stand – a completely metal stand and surround from Intelligent Touch securely houses all generations of the Apple iPad and with the secure metal lock to hold the surround closed the iPad can only be moved with the correct key. Two keys are supplied with each lockable enclosure and replacement locks can be easily provided.

The secure mounts are not only secure for the iPad in the enclosure, but also secure to a desk surface or table top, which means both the iPad and the stand aren’t going to go anywhere (unless the table does too!)

The i370 and i370c stands are available in both black and white colour combinations to ensure they fit in with the surrounding display, or bespoke colours can be created for larger orders.

Please give the team a call on 01952580220 for any queries.


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Secure iPad Stand Reviews

January 30th, 2013

Reviews are important to any buying decision, especially if you are purchasing online. Many people want to know there is a company and confidence behind placing their purchase. How often do you purchase something online without seeing someone else’s opinion on what you are looking to buy?

We recognise that confidence and other people’s feedback is extremely important in any buying decision and are proud to have open and honest reviews of every product on our website for the public to see.

Each comment and review that is submitted is moderated before being published online (only for profanity and spam purposes) and then all comments are displayed live for website visitors to see before they make their choice.

We are proud to have received glowing reviews from our customers both for the product and the service we have provided, helping customers out across the globe.

Take a look at the product pages here to see the glowing reviews of our secure i370 stand.

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iPad Stand Aluminium

January 9th, 2013

The aluminium i370 Stand from Intelligent Touch is the secure offering in the i300 range of stands.

The stand is manufactured from durable aluminium and has a powder coated black or white finish which compliments the base and will fit in with colour schemes in many different environments. Whether you want the i370 stand to display your product catalogue on an exhibition stand, or you are looking for a stand to sit in a reception area where customers can look through a range of online magazines, the i370 stand will do them all.

We have two options with the i370 stand which allow you to have the home button of the iPad covered or uncovered. This allows the user access to the full range of apps on the iPad, or restricts them to running just one app of your choice.

The i370 stand has been successfully implemented in many different companies and countries throughout the globe and we are proud to say our customers love the stand.

Take a look at the i370 store pages here to see the stand.

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Secure iPad Displays

November 11th, 2012

Displaying the iPad in a public area is sure to be a concern to many; such an expensive and precious device on display for all to see. Yes it is part of the attraction for people to engage with your content that it is such a desirable tablet, but you want it to stay your iPad!

This is where the i370 secure range of stands should be at the forefront of your mind when looking at displays for iPads. Each of the secure i370 stands available have a different range of assets and attributes making them suitable for your exhibition stand or display to hold your Apple iPad tablet secure and safe.

The lockable metal enclosure features heavily at the forefront of each of the designs and held secure with a lock and key each of the enclosures holds the iPad tight and secure in the metal frame, which is then in turn secured to a stand or adjustable bracket.

Give the team a call on 01952580220 to discuss how and where you need to secure iPads and we will have the solution for you.

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Secure Stands for iPad

November 4th, 2012

Many people are enjoying using an iPad for a display; whether it be to display a product catalogue, for customers to use in your reception area, or for people to read magazines in a waiting room.

The secure stand – the i370 stand from Intelligent Touch  - will keep your iPad safe and secure in a display area if it is unsupervised. The stand can be securely fixed down to a surface and the iPad is then held inside in a metal lockable enclosure which can only be opened by the keyholder. The stand is great for a reception area as the receptionist doesn’t have to worry about the security of the iPad being on display, and at the end of the day he/she can remove the iPad from the stand and place it on charge out of sight overnight.

The lockable iPad stand has also been aesthetically designed so if it being used on a display or combined within a display the sleek black or white stand will seamlessly integrate into the display.

Click here to see the secure ipad stands available in stock and ready to ship.

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Secure Stand for iPads

October 6th, 2012

Do you need to display an iPad in an environment where security is an issue? Then you need the i370 Lockdown iPad Stand from Intelligent Touch, here on sale at

The i370 lockdown stand has both security and aesthetics in mind when it has been intelligently designed. The stand has a secure lock and key that closes a metal surround around the iPad, meaning the iPad cannot be removed from the stand without the key. The secure “T-lock” that holds the iPad in position within the metal framing is designed to only be opened with the two keys supplied with the stand which obviously provides added security.

The metal framing and surround around the iPad is manufactured from lightweight aluminium therefore still giving full flexibility and range of movement to the stand, with a 360° rotation, 360° swivel and 90° tilt, all able to be easily moved and manipulated with the lightweight enclosure.

Take a look at the i370 store pages here and see the full list of features of the i370 stand.

secure stands for apple ipads

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