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Our Favourite Christmas iPad Apps

December 20th, 2012

Apple Developers have really caught the Christmas bug this year and there are hundreds of applications in the App Store dedicated to Christmas! There are apps to countdown to Christmas, apps to play in Santa’s village in the north pole and of course the Santa Tracker!

We’ve saved you some work and compiled a list of our favourite christmas apps for you to download!

Santa Tracker

This is fun for both children and adults (ok, big kids!), who can watch Santa’s journey around the globe on christmas eve. The app shows you how long it is until santa takes off from his north pole workshops and you can follow him around the globe right to your chimney! The app also allows you to send texts to santa so you can make sure he has the present you asked for on his sleigh, or to check if you’ve been good this year and will be receiving a present!


Christmas Tale HD

The Christmas Tale application is a great interactive book application for children, allowing you to play games and puzzles and read christmas stories. This app was voted the best multimedia book for 2011 and is definitely worth a download on Christmas Eve to make you feel very festive!


Christmas Snow Globes from Coca-Cola

Of course, Coca-Cola are now infamous with Christmas, and the Coca-Cola advert for many is the first sign that Christmas is coming. Coca-Cola know this and have developed a Christmas Snow-Globe application where you can put your christmas wishes inside a coca-cola snow globe and share them with your family and friends on Facebook.


Santa in the City

This is a great christmas game for all the family where you take the reigns of Santa’s sleigh and flight the sleigh through a 3d city, collecting letters from children in time for Christmas. There is a fabulous christmas sound track to go along with the game to really get you feeling festive this year, and of course, the app contains an all important countdown to christmas so you can see how long you have burned playing the game waiting for santa to arrive!


Sleeps to Christmas – Christmas Countdown

As we are drawing ever closer to Christmas this app becomes more and more important (and is perfect for bribery for children to be good!). The app is of course a christmas countdown, allowing you to count down the time in days, hours and minutes until Santa arrives. The graphics on the screen are really beautiful and with Christmas music playing in the background it will certainly get you in the mood.

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Total Film launches digital iPad edition

May 13th, 2012

A digital edition of movie website Total Film was launched last week on the iPad.

The interactive edition allows readers to access exclusive content, watch full screen videos and use interactive pages. It is also fully retina display enabled and includes extra content than the standard edition.

Jane Crowther, editor of Total Film said: ”The Total Film Interactive Edition offers our readers the perfect opportunity to fully engage in the Total Film experience. Through interactive pages, bespoke video, plus exclusive bonus content and galleries, our audience of passionate film fans are able to interact with the brand’s cutting-edge editorial content more than ever before.” (more…)

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iPads used as educational tools in Indian schools

May 12th, 2012

Child Using iPad for EducationMany schools in India are incorporating the iPad into the curriculum to help students learn in a fun and interactive way.

Principal of Delhi Public School Shivakumar has found that getting pupils to use an iPad in their research is helping them to enhance their skills and boost their understanding of core subjects.

He said: “[Interactive] teaching has a greater impact on students who understand the concepts better than those who learn their subjects by rote.” (more…)

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Orangutans use iPads to communicate

May 8th, 2012

Orangutans in a Miami zoo are using iPads to communicate with humans and boost their mental acuity.

The apes are using the devices as part of a new experiment led by researchers at Jungle Island. The animals are faced with an iPad screen which features images of a number of different items and are asked to point and tap their finger onto the one the trainer names out loud. The specific software used by the researchers was designed for people with autism but the orangutans seem to have taken a shine to it.

Linda Jacobs, overseer of the programme said: “Our young [orangutans] pick up on it. They understand it. It’s like, ‘Oh, I get this.’ Our two older ones, they just are not interested. I think they just figure, ‘I’ve got along just fine in this world without this communication-skill here and the iPad, and I don’t need a computer.’” (more…)

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The iPad is Taking Over from Notebooks in Business

January 17th, 2012

Research company IDG yesterday released a report titled “iPad for Business 2012”, in which they revealed that the iPad is making more and more waves in the business sector.

The report shows how 91% of businesses that have handed iPads to their staff are using the devices primarily for work, but only a quarter of those devices were given specifically for work duties. The iPads are mainly used when travelling which usually means the devices are used in offline mode, as only 40% of iPads sold have 3G capabilities.

12% of users say that the iPad has completely replaced their laptop, and 6% say it has completely replaced their PC. Otherwise, the iPad is becoming a stand alone tool for businesses and their employees. The iPad is taking over from traditional notebooks, with 72% of people saying they are using their notebooks less often because of the Apple iPad.

In the current market I wouldn’t expect the iPad to be taking over from the laptop or PC. It was only up until the release of iOS 5 in October that you could own an iPad without owning a PC. As the report shows in this short amount of time only a few have completely replaced their laptop by using an iPad instead. I believe only when it comes to the time that the laptop is old and outdated will the iPad really take over as people may choose not to upgrade or replace their laptop now they have the iPad.

With the technology on the iPad getting faster and faster and more improved with every updated device and iOS release, I don’t think it will be long before the iPad is replacing computers.

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iPadRobot Design Appears At US Patent Office

November 28th, 2011

It isn’t an Apple Patent, nor a rivalling HTC/Samsung/HP patent either, but one from a company called “iRobot” (though hasn’t that name already been taken?).

The robot shows how an iPad will be used as the “head” of the device, with it both showing people the operator and using the camera to allow the operator to see the people around the robot. The initial patent has been filed for the robot to be utilised within the medical industry to work alongside doctors. The filed patent shows a doctor by a patient’s bedside with a specialist able to be present via the iPad robot. Obviously wireless signals in hospitals are at risk of interfering with medical equipment, but cleverly iRobot have chosen to work with an iPad tablet as Apple are currently working on transmitting wireless signal that is safe for use throughout hospitals.

Taking the medical profession out of the equation, the opportunities for the robot to be used are never ending. Recently an iPad robot was used so a child who was home-bound could go to school and interact with classmates. The idea was very much in its infancy at the time but is definitely open for the future.

The image sourced from shows the actual robot from iRobot as applied for in the patent application.



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Maroo announces a new line of coloured iPad covers

November 13th, 2011

US brand Maroo have announced the release of their new range of iPad covers that offer a fresh new colour scheme and added protection to your tablet.

Designed especially for the Apple iPad 2, instead of the usual block colour covers that some owners may have come to expect, the company have released a range that feature bright shades and patterns. These are supplemented with a suede interior.

Each case made by the company includes the firm’s unique Secure Guard Bumper technology, a protection system made of reinforced plastic bumpers located inside of the case at each corner to help protect the edges and keep the tablet safe should it ever get dropped.


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Shoppers with iPads spend more money

November 12th, 2011

Consumers who access shopping sites on their mobile device are likely to spend more than those who shop on the high street or via a PC., a report by computer giants IBM has shown.

This Christmas, the number of mobile device wielding shoppers is expected to climb dramatically compared to a year ago, as record numbers of consumers are already shifting their shopping from their PCs to mobile devices.


According to figures released by the company in October, nearly 11% of online shoppers used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site, this is up from 4.2% in October 2010 and less than 1% in the 2009 Christmas period.


Apple iPad temporarily banned in Germany

November 8th, 2011

Apple fans in Germany have been left disappointed after a regional court temporarily banned the sale and marketing of iPads and iPhones in the country.

The ruling was given on Friday (4th Nov) following a suit brought about by technology company Motorola. The Illinois-based firm claims the Apple mobile devices infringe on their existing patents related to wireless technology. (more…)

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iPads are Expected to Outnumber Computers in Schools

November 1st, 2011

The results are shown in a poll of educational IT directors across the USA, and predict that all US schools could adopt the Apple tablet in place of textbooks.

We have seen iPads being used more and more widely across America, with the UK following not too far behind. Education seems to be one of the main places where iPads are used and accepted and the benefits of using the iPad compared to more traditional text books are widely seen and appreciated.

The iPad is the preferred of all the tablets in the market, though that may be due to the lack of decent competition for the device at the moment. However, as it is the first, and the current favourite with software developers, the iPad is making great headway over any potential competition in the market.


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