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Canadian Customers Bought iPad 2′s Made of Clay

January 18th, 2012

And not deliberately either!

The unlucky customers had been to Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada where upon opening the sealed packaging at home discovered there was nothing but clay in the box in place of their precious iPad.

The scam has happened with up to as many as 10 iPads in Vancouver, Canada, where the iPads have been purchased and then returned with the original device missing. The packaging has then been put back on the shelves for the next customer to happily purchase, until they got home and found their iPad missing.

CTV News reports how one customer upon giving the gift to his wife for Christmas asked if it was a joke? Unfortunately not, and the Best Buy and Future Shop stores have refunded or exchanged the “packaging” for a new device and are launching an investigation in the area.

Hopefully the store knows which iPads were affected so customers cannot take advantage of the store and return their device with clay when they had actually received a real iPad… I think the Best Buy Stores will be more careful with their returns policy now…

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UK Man Trying to Find Stolen iPad Through Pictures

January 12th, 2012

A man who had his iPad stolen before Christmas is trying to recover the device by identifying the photographs that have been taken on it since the theft.

Thanks to Photo Streaming and the iCloud the images that have been taken on the device are being streamed back to the gentleman’s iPhone, allowing him to see what his iPad is seeing. So far the images have been of a dog and an unknown man in a children’s hat. Unfortunately the GPS settings on the iPad have been switched off, otherwise the location data stored with each image would have been able to tell him the location of the iPad.

Thanks to a message on a local football club website, there are tens of thousands of people looking at the images online in a bid that someone recognises something in the photographs which will lead to the device being found.

The owner of the iPad is not interested in pursuing the thief of the iPad, he simply wants his precious tablet returned to him.

Take a look at the images on the yahoo website and see if you can help track down the thief!

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iPad Used as a Passport To Cross Between America and Canada

January 5th, 2012

Sounds unusual doesn’t it? And not like something you would want to think of happening. But a Canadian man showed customs a scan of his passport stored on his iPad – and they allowed him to cross the border.

The iPad being the perfect portable device, and allowing the customs agent to see the scan of the passport in a high quality image (even larger than the actual passport itself) may be what won the agent over. Scans, photocopies or digital copies of such materials have never in the past been allowed to serve as sufficient proof of identification and have as such been turned away. I’m sure customs agents have seen it all before!

Some blog sites are reporting that the traveller had both his birth certificate and his driving license with him and that was what the customs agent deemed as good enough identification to cross the border… but I still like to think it was the iPad that swung it!

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Kindle Fire Reported to Keep iPad Sales at Bay

January 4th, 2012

Research firm Morgan Keenan have altered their projected figures for Apple sales for the last quarter, because of the introduction of the Kindle Fire. Apple are still expected to have hit record sales over the holiday period, with both the iPad and the iPhone 4S being top sellers for the tech giant.

The reduction in figures does come with support as Apple reportedly reduced their iPad  2 orders for the final quarter of the year. Maybe Apple were already beginning to sense a drop because of the Kindle Fire?

Amazon haven’t separated their sales results into their devices, the Kindle Fire and the Original Kindle. However, Amazon have reported sales figures for their Kindle Range at over 1 million units a week in the lead up to Christmas. Along with huge pre-order figures for the Kindle Fire, that is a lot of tablets that haven’t gone to Apple customers….

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Apple Reduce iPad 2 Orders Ready for New Tablet

January 3rd, 2012

Reports from DigiTimes have said that Apple are reducing their orders for the iPad 2 in anticipation for the next generation iPad tablet – estimated to be released in March/April 2012.

The report notes a “reduction” in orders and not cancelling any orders – hence Apple may be keeping the iPad 2 on sale at a discounted price. With the introduction of the iPad 2 back in April 2011, sales of the original iPad were stopped and all replaced with the iPad 2. Could Apple be keeping the iPad 2 on sale when a new iPad 3 launches to compete with all the upcoming tablets at the lower priced end of the market?

Apple are currently very successful at continuing to sell their superseded phone models, with the iPhone 3GS still seeing good sales results even though it is 2 years old and 2 models behind the times.

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Latest iPad Accessories

December 16th, 2011

latest ipad accessoriesLooking for the latest and newest iPad accessories? You’ve come to the right place! is the home of the i360 Stand – the most versatile iPad stand launched in 2011. The unique range of movement offered by the i360 needs to be seen to be believed. Video’s showing the movement of the stand and the full features are on our YouTube channel – just search for Intelligent Touch. The i360 is also an Approved Apple Accessory available through Apple Store online.

Because of the popularity of we are growing to sell iPad accessories too! Including cases, speakers, and security accessories all to accompany the i360 stand – and of course – all are compatible with the i360!

Take a look at the i360 store pages here to see the range available.


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Black Friday Apple Sales Were HUGE

November 29th, 2011

Black Friday in the US is a huge, huge day for shoppers around the country to kick-start their Christmas shopping. Companies who aren’t in the retail sector even give their staff the day off to go and spend, spend, spend!

Apple’s discounts were leaked online the day before the sales started so if anyone was planning on buying an Apple gift this Christmas, Black Friday was the day to shop. And they did shop.

The sales statistics that have emerged from Black Friday are phenomenal. Apple themselves sold 1.5 iPads per second… amounting to 89 tablets every minute! With some stores opening at midnight or even 4am, that’s a lot of sales! And these sales reports are only for US Apple stores, not taking into account what I expect were huge numbers of sales through the Apple Store Online.

Looks like Santa will be delivering a lot of iPads this year!

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Apps for the Whole Family at Christmas

November 25th, 2011

With so many iPads expected to end up underneath Christmas tree’s this year, why not preload them with apps ready for all the family to play. App store developers always know that Christmas is the time for multiplayer games, which can be played on various iOS devices. So if dad has had an iPad 2, and son has had an iPhone you can still play together!

Among the favourite apps available are “Words with Friends”, a free app from the App store which allows players to take turns in playing a game of scrabble (or “words”). This app also works across different iOS devices, where you can play with family, friends, or even random opponents. Add your own “festive” theme to the game and you will really feel in the spirit of Christmas!

The developers of Words with Friends have also created Chess and Hanging (Hangman), which again can be played on the same or separate iOS devices, and with the simple but pleasing graphics are easy for even granny and granddad to play!

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iPad Still Preferred to Other Tablets, at a 3-1 Ratio!

November 22nd, 2011

ipad 2ChangeWave have surveyed consumers this coming holiday season and their demand for tablet devices. Whilst the Kindle Fire is being delivered to waiting customers in America, people still have the iPad as top of their Christmas list, at an astonishing 3-1 ratio over the Kindle Fire.

The report shows that the Apple iPad is still maintaining its lead at the top of the table and is still the most demanded consumer tablet. But… the report shows that the Kindle Fire is the nearest tablet to give it even the slightest bit of competition. It appears the Kindle Fire tablet is eating into demand for other Android Tablets, and is definitely not a competitor for the iPad.

Both consumers and businesses alike are beginning to accept the Kindle Fire as a tablet on its own, not an iPad alternative. With so many more “cheaper” tablet devices coming onto the market soon, I’m sure the Kindle Fire will top the demand for this market, but the iPad will still be the iPad.

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Apple Release Christmas Gift Guide

November 14th, 2011

Apple have released their Gift Guide for the holiday season showing a large range of gift ideas for all the family. Featured at the top of the gift guide are the iPad 2 and the smart covers, which is definitely something people will be hoping is under their tree this Christmas! Along with Disney AppMates and Disney Spotlight Karaoke the whole family can have fun using the iPad this Christmas.

The i360 stand is the ideal accessory for the iPad, and a great gift to go under the tree this year. The multi position iPad 2 Stand keeps your iPad in pristine condition and allows you to position the iPad at any angle and in any position to get the best view – whether it be for a film of for the family to play karaoke or apps together.

View the i360 Store Pages here

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