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More Rumour Sites think the new iPad will be called the iPad 2 HD

March 6th, 2012

I personally thought about this instance weeks ago, after the rumour mill reached a peak at the end of last year stating that there was going to be a new iPad launched.

It also makes a lot of sense, since the new iPad isn’t a complete redesign and simply upgrades on the existing shell of the iPad 2. The new device will feature small internal changes and a small depth increase of which 95% of people won’t notice any difference.

The internal changes are of course allowing for the new processor – the A5X – and most likely new battery capability to allow for the device to run the new high powered retina display. Nothing to be brushed over, the retina quality display on the iPad will be a great addition to an iPad and really bring it to the forefront in business and design sectors. With the recent launch of the Photoshop Touch app for the iPad and recent CAD software apps being released, the high quality retina display will be a great new feature.

Could Apple go along the lines of the iPhone models and name the new release the iPad 2S? It seems a bit feeble for something that is going to pack so much internal power and capability. However the iPhone 4S with all the power of Siri inside now doesn’t seem so feeble.

Only 36 (ish) hours to wait until the announcement.


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Leaked iPad 3 Front Panels Reveal it WILL have a Home Button

March 2nd, 2012

So much speculation has been thrown around about the home button of the iPad 3, or in fact the potential lack of home button. However new leaked parts have surfaced in China showing the face panel for the iPad 3, which does have a physical home button.

It appears that Apple fans like the physical home button and feel it separates Apple from the rest of the tablet market. Having a physical button to press rather than a multiple-finger-gesture seems more reliable and a lot easier to operate.

However we have seen Apple’s patent applications for a “smart bezel” project, so would this mean that with the smart bezel they will be dropping the home button in the future? The uproar of Apple fans will not like the drop of the home button, but in knowing that there are bigger and better things to come may calm some of the anger.

As we have now seen the front panel, the back panel and the glass that make up the next generation iPad it has also been announced that it will only be 1mm thicker than the current iPad 2. If this is true it means that many existing accessories will be compatible with the next generation Apple tablet, so are we in for a complete new “iPad 3” or just an iPad 2S or iPad 2 HD?

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March 7th Is the Day, the Next Generation iPad will be here

February 29th, 2012

Apple made an announcement yesterday of an “event” taking place on March 7th.

It is the date all Apple and all iPad fans have been waiting for, and the teaser picture sent along with the invite is really something to speculate over. It is clear from the image we are seeing a next generation iPad, so whether it will be the new iPad 3, iPad 2S or any other version of iPad 2, we will have to wait and see.

Of course the image is being torn apart by fans and blog sites across the globe, hoping to see something that someone else hasn’t spotted that may give more clues to what the new tablet will look and behave like. The absence of a “home button” for the iPad has been noted by everyone, so will the next generation iPad include the “smart bezel” that Apple have been working on for the past few years? We have seen the patents being granted earlier this year which would be perfect timing for the new device, though typically they take longer to come to fruition.

Just another week to wait…

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Are iPad 3 Shipments on their way to the US?

February 28th, 2012

Apple Pro – the Apple fan blog site – believe they have seen official documentation showing a shipping schedule of items coming from Foxconn with each shipment heading to the US.

Each shipment is expected to arrive no later than 9th March, which would tie in nicely with the expected launch and availability dates for the next generation iPad. The shipments are reported to be under high security – naturally for such a secret Apple release – but not standard for normal Apple product shipments.

The 9th March deadline date is for the shipment to be at 3 of the biggest US airports, which then I imagine will be split and shipped on across the US to Apple Stores ready for launch.

This news comes as Best Buy USA cut the price of the iPad 2 in their stores by $50, along with some of the variations of the iPad 2 on the Best Buy systems being deleted. Are Best Buy ahead of the game?

Us mere mortals will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple.

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Apple are working on both A5X and A6 Processors

February 27th, 2012

Photographs of the new A5X chip from Apple circulated at the end of last week, crushing many peoples hopes of seeing a newly designed quad-core processor inside the impending iPad 3. However, analysts have ripped apart the code for the latest release of iOS 5.1 Beta and seen references to two new processing chips.

These new chips – S5L8945X and S5L8950X – thankfully carry over the naming from the previous Apple chips in existence, so we can hopefully predict what the makeup of these chips is going to be… The current A5 chip inside the iPad 2 is titled the S5L8940X, therefore the 45X could refer to the upgraded A5 chip – the A5X, and therefore the new A6 chip would be the S5L8950X.

So why are Apple working on the quad-core chip but not implementing it inside the new iPad 3? (or are they?) If they aren’t putting it inside the iPad 3 it is going to be either because it is not yet ready for wide release, or it infringes on the devices performance. We are all now expecting to see a retina quality display inside the iPad 3 which will clearly be a drain on battery life, so have Apple waited to launch the A6 quad-core chip knowing that this would also potentially drain the battery of the device and not enable Apple to keep the coveted 10 hour life?

We can’t wait to see what is actually inside the iPad 3… with the announcement expected very soon…

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iPad 3 Front Panel Surfaces in China

February 22nd, 2012

We have seen so many components for the iPad 3 come to the surface in China but no parts before today of the front of the unit. Well now one has been seen in China and confirms there is not too much of a thickness change.

The new front panel shows that the unit will be barely distinguishable from the iPad 2, maybe marginally thicker but nothing to write home about. It still features a front camera, though no obvious design change here, and still has a circular home button on the device.

Other reports also suggest that the next generation iPad will have an A5X processing chip, rather than the anticipated A6 quad-core processor. I’m not sure what we can expect from the A5X compared to the current processors, but clearly it has been enhanced further than the iPad 2 processing unit.

Now all reports and rumours are leading towards no significant overhaul of the device, do we think this will be an iPad 2S or iPad 2 HD rather than a full name change to iPad 3? Seems like a small step forward, minor enhancements on the old design of iPad 2, so should it be called a completely different design name or stick to an extension of the old device?

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More iPad 3 Back Panels Surface in China

February 21st, 2012

The rear panel for the iPad 3 has become the part of the iPad that has most interest around it following recent claims of new replacement components surfacing in China. Many rumours have been circulating since the end of last year guessing what the new designed iPad will look like, and as we get nearer to the estimated launch date, the rumour mills are speeding up.

I don’t doubt that there are replacement parts floating around China. Even with Apple’s strict secrecy policies and their absolute scrutiny for new devices, a certain amount of parts do have to be shipped to create the devices!

The latest is another newly designed back panel, not dissimilar to the last one we saw a few weeks back, but this piece hints at a new curvature of the back panel making the device very marginally thicker than the current iPad 2. If the next generation tablet is going to have the much anticipated retina display screen then it has already been noted by techies across the world that an increase in the thickness is inevitable.

The design also shows a new camera, much similar to the design of the camera in the iPhone 4S. Could we see the 8 megapixel quality coming to the iPad? Does an iPad need a camera capable of those resolutions? I imagine it does to match up to the 2048×1536 pixel resolution screen.

The March 7th date is still looking favourite for the product launch, following the iPad 2 launch last year on March 2nd. The device is then expected to ship a week later for the US customers, and 2-3 weeks later for the UK and Europe.

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iPad 3 Replacement Screen Surfaced with High Resolution

February 20th, 2012

A very high resolution!

MacRumors have got their hands on an iPad 3 display screen and managed to analyse what is underneath the surface. Many iPad 3 parts are floating around China at the moment, all currently labelled as replacement parts. Like the iPad 3 back panel we saw last week, these parts are floating round in such significant numbers to be more than just an odd leaked part or prototype or even a dummy.

The screen is said to have a resolution of 2048 x 1536, packing twice as many pixels as the current iPad 1 and iPad 2. With no change in overall size of the screen – still a diagonal 9.7inches, this will give an ultra-high resolution to the iPad and will make anything on the screen look ultra-smooth.

Surely with a screen so jam-packed with pixels, app developers will need to start changing their apps and submitting them to Apple soon with a 2048 x 1536 resolution ready for the iPad 3 launch? I don’t think people will settle for blowing up the resolution of a current iPad 2 app to the ultra-high resolution screen of the iPad 3, I know I wouldn’t be happy.

I think app developers have a busy time on their hands getting ready for the launch!

Note that no official announcement has been made yet – these are all just “rumours”.

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Is the iPad 3 Launch Set for March 7th?

February 17th, 2012

Finally it looks like a date is on the horizon for the iPad 3 Launch Event, and Wednesday March 7th looks to be D-Day, or i-Day!

Sources from all over the web are citing that the 7th is the day to be announced, which tracks back well to the iPad 2 announcement which was held on 2nd March 2011. It also means that Apple should be officially announcing the date soon, with the company normally giving the “official” event announcement 2 weeks before the date.

What will the iPad 3 hold for us? Well if the rumour mill is to be believed it will pack a full retina display of 2048 x 1536 pixels, quad core Apple chips and possibly 4G networking.

The date has been “confirmed” by AllThingsD, iMore, and LoopInsight, all of whom are usually very reliable sources of Apple insider information.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to 7th March!

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iPad 3 Back Shell Surfaces in China, Shows Internal Changes

February 9th, 2012

An iPad 3 back housing has surfaced in China and courtesy of RepairLabs we can see some significant internal changes to the new iPad in comparison to the iPad 2. If this is to be believed as a true next generation iPad part, then we are in for a great functioning device!

Firstly the iPad 3 housing is not noted as being thicker or thinner than the current iPad 2. Previous rumour leaks have suggested that there could be a small increase in thickness of the device to allow for a retina display, but the housing would not indicate this at this stage. However it will only be truly able to be measured once the screen is in place, which is another matter!

Starting from the top down, the camera cut through has been redesigned, suggesting that previous reports that we will see the rear camera appearing more like the camera on the new iPhone 4S could be correct. All we know at this stage is that the housing suggests a redesign in this area.

Next, and a bit more technical, is the mountings for the logic board that fit to the back housing of the device. Here the mounts have been widened from the iPad 2 design, suggesting that there is a larger logic board to be fixed here. This again would support rumours that the battery life has had to be extended to support a new screen for the device, but nothing more to support that other than the larger logic board at this stage.

The LCD mounts within the back housing have also changed position and note a larger mount. At this stage that is all that can be devised from the new back housing, to suggest a redesign in this area but no explanation as to exactly what we are looking for… so no confirmation either way whether we will see the much anticipated retina display for the device.

And – when do we think this will all come to fruition? Well to see next generation iPad back housings turning up in repair shops would suggest that production is well underway, and these housings aren’t just floating about in small numbers, 9to5mac report that there are large numbers of this part spread across China, suggesting an announcement and product launch aren’t far around the corner!

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