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New iPad Launches in China on 20th July

July 18th, 2012

Since the trademark disputes with Proview are finally over for Apple (after Apple paid out $60 million!) the New iPad can finally be launched in China on July 20th, some three months after the rest of the world saw the tablet.

The 1.33 billion people spread across China will be glad to see the launch of the tablet, as one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world and one of Apple’s biggest market places, both the company and the country are both pleased to welcome the device into their stores. (more…)

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Navy Want to Use iPads in the Pentagon

July 16th, 2012

ipad menuNot for strategic attacks or secret planning and investigations…. but for use in the Executive Dining Suite!

There is currently a contract up for bid with the US Navy where by the Executive Dining Facility at the Pentagon is due for revamp, and plans include using iPads in the new dining room. The dining facility is used by high level guests from the Pentagon as well as the Secretary of the Navy and other Navy Officials. (more…)

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Siri is Coming to the New iPad

June 12th, 2012

Exciting news announced today at the 23rd Apple WWDC: Siri is coming to the New iPad with the release of iOS 6.

A lot of things have been pre-released (un-officially of course!) about iOS 6 and it looks like the most exciting parts are going to come true, thank you Apple. Siri support for the iPad has previously been questioned by many, how will it perform in a device without a 3G signal? Is there any need for Siri support on the tablet? Well, Apple think. so and it is coming! Siri will also be universally updated with improvements to the system which I’m sure will be great news for UK users. I for one hate to hear Siri telling me that ‘the service is only available in the United States’.

Along with Siri, Apple are also adding deeper integration with Facebook into the new operating system which many were hoping would come sooner. The Maps app will also be updated with movement away from Google maps and into Apple’s own Maps app.

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iPad Sales are Booming – Even Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Has One!

June 10th, 2012

With iPad sales booming it is no surprise that they don’t just belong to humans any more!

Yes, in an interview with the New York Post Lagerfeld was promoting his latest exhibition, but the interesting bit for us is that his pampered puss, named Choupette, has an iPad in her bed that she knows how to use! I’ve seen the ever growing range of apps specifically designed for cats (yes, true!), but for the cat to have her own iPad, well, it could only be Karl Lagerfeld!

The cat even has her own twitter feed, but I’m not sure her knowing how to use the iPad and her twitter feed are the same… well she does have two maids so I’m sure they tweet on Choupette’s behalf!

Whatever next?

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Are There Still Issues with the Production of the Retina Display?

April 24th, 2012

The retina display of the New Apple iPad is the most talked about new feature on the new iPad. Never mind the ultra-high quality camera or the new super-fast A5X processor, the retina display is where it is at. However, it has been reported by AppleInsider that Apple are continuing to have issues with the supply chain for the new display panels.

The high-spec panels are currently sourced from Samsung (yes, the company who is in constant court battles with Apple), and with Samsung being the sole supplier of the panels for all of the iPads so far. It is thought that LG have been asked to produce the retina panels for the iPad and are beginning to do so for the second quarter of 2012. Sharp are also closely linked to the retina display and have said to be looking to be producing the displays at a good output rate ready for Apple in the fall of 2012.

With Sharp expecting to work with Apple on the new Apple TV/iPanel project as well – is this why they aren’t currently up-to-speed on producing the display panels for any existing projects? Are they busy working on other projects for Apple “behind the scenes”?

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Men Prefer iPads than Women?

April 23rd, 2012

Well for all the women out there I guess this comes as no surprise; I’m sure there are more people than just me who at times are a “games console widow”.

This latest poll conducted by RoxyPalace online casino reveals that 11% of men would prefer Apple’s New iPad to a new woman in their life. Does that mean they are not happy with the woman they are with and would happily trade her in for the precious tablet instead? Or does it mean that men really do want a New iPad so much they will give their right arm – with their partner on it – to have the device.

Speaking as a “games console widow”, Apple are only making the situation worse for many women who are often sidelined for their men to spend time playing the huge range of apps on the iPad, let alone playing apps on the new glossy retina display of the new iPad. They say shiny things always distract women; well men are definitely distracted by the retina display!

3% of men said they would “ditch” their current partner to get their hands on Apple’s New iPad, but after saying that I’m sure they won’t be getting their hands on any women any time soon!

I wonder what the results would have been if the question was asked back the other way?

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The Most Expensive New iPad So far – 24 Karat Gold

April 18th, 2012

Some people find the New Apple iPad an expensive tool as it is. Yet clearly there are some people with money to burn. Well if you are in London, Dubai or Hong Kong you can get your hands on one of these 24 karat gold New Apple iPads, for a mere $5499.

The 24 karat gold iPad is the most expensive New iPad (until someone covers one in diamonds!). The 64GB WiFi + 4G model is the top of the range New iPad available, and the gold karat coating for the iPad is the icing on the cake! The company will even put your name on the tablet included in the $5499 price tag.

The company behind the gold New iPad, Gold & Co, have also created ultra pricey versions of some of the latest smart phones, including the iPhone 4S for $4349 and a Blackberry 9900 for $2449. The good side of this – the first unit was auctioned off in Dubai with all of the funds raised being donated to charity.


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Is Your New iPad “Hot Stuff”?

March 24th, 2012

Reports have been flooding in to news sites this week from all across the globe claiming that the New Apple iPad (still referred to by many as the iPad 3) has been getting rather hot with extended use.

In tests run by American blog sites the New iPad was set to run a demanding, high-graphics game for 45 minutes on a wi-fi connection and reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit. They initially said that the new iPad was still comfortable to hold at these temperatures, but soon changed their mind as more and more heated reports were coming in. Some of the reports suggested that the iPad became too hot to charge and people have had to turn the device off and let it rest before putting it on charge.

The simple truth? The New iPad will be hotter than the iPad 2 because it has more processing power and a brighter, higher resolution screen. The new iPad does have a lot going on inside that very slim outer shell. As soon as the iPhone 4S came out there were similar reports of the phone getting hot and in extreme circumstances melting a case surrounding the phone. Apple seemingly fixed the problem with a software update and I’m sure there will be a software update coming soon to allay any potential problems.

In the meantime, it’s bad news if you can’t put your New iPad down…

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Apple On Target to Sell 12 Million New iPads this Month

March 21st, 2012

What an amazing total that is! The tech giant are coming off the back of a record breaking quarter and look to be entering into another straight away!
Of course this month we have seen the release of the New iPad, and with all pre-order stocks sold out before the device was released they were bound to have good sales. A US analyst has predicted the 12 million figure, however I’m sure based on past sales of the device that this will be achieved. The last time analysts predicted sales figures for Apple in their 4th quarter they all underestimated the companies achievements!

The 12 million units would surpass nearly all tablet manufacturers sales results other than Apple, I imagine they dream of selling 12 million units a year let alone in a month!

In the meantime most countries are still waiting for the launch of the device on 23rd March, while the countries where the device has been launched are waiting for their deliveries.

Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you have a New iPad.

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Apple Sell Out of Pre-Order New iPad Stock

March 12th, 2012

Shipping dates for the new iPad have slipped back beyond the release date as the demand for the new iPad grows.

Apple confirmed in a statement that they have completely sold out of their pre-order stock in the five days since the announcement.

The new iPad launches on Friday 16th March for the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. Another 26 countries will get the new iPad by the 23rd March. It is the company’s fastest product rollout ever, and big thanks to Apple for launching in other countries at the same time as the USA!

Anyone who is now looking for a new iPad for launch day will have to queue up outside the Apple Stores across the country. Only selected Apple resellers will have the new iPad on launch day too so if you have a local store you were planning to buy from check with them that they are receiving stock. It is reported that the new iPad will be made available for purchase in the morning rather than making customers wait until late afternoon.

Good luck getting your new iPad!

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