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Apple US Summer Camp Teaching Kids to Become Film Makers

June 23rd, 2013

Apple have been running Summer Camp workshops at their retail stores in the US for years where each of the children are taught different skills in movies and making movies in the stores.

The Camp sessions last 2 days at the stores and the 8-12 year oldsa re taught more than just how to edit and make movies with Apple’s apps, they’re taught storyboarding techniques as well as having hands on time with filming the video themselves. All the videos are shot in and around the Apple stores, and all get premièred at the Apple Camp Film Festival at the end of the training days.

Each of the attendees to the workshops are asked to take their own mac, along with earphones and a camera. All of the software that the children will need in the two days is provided for them, but taking your own mac and camera along with the cost of the training is going to be pricey for any parent, and places sell out very quickly!

I’m sure this is a summer camp most children would love to take part in.

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New Zealand Police Choose iOS and iPads over Android Alternatives

February 15th, 2013

10,000 iOS devices will be rolled out to New Zealand Police across a three year program which is seeing the police officers adopting both iPhones and iPads as their front line tools.

6,000 of the police will receive iPhones, with 3,800 of them also receiving iPads to work from. The iPhones are for the offices to make calls between each other, sending text messages and accessing emails for which they all need a reliable platform to work from. The iPads will be given to the officers who do more data entry and search online databases for information and photographs which demand using a larger screen.

The iOS platform was tested alongside their Blackberry and Android counterparts and the iPad and iPhone was preferred by the officers, of which 100 formed the test group and trialled the devices over a year. The decision to move to the mobile platform is not one that has been taken lightly and the New Zealand Government and Police Department have spent time and funds researching which platform to opt for.

Of course, the security of the iOS platform in comparison to the Android Operating System clearly has to be a big plus for the NZ Police knowing they can rely on the iOS system. The operating system itself also proves to be more secure with updates and less likely to crash and fail than the rocky Android platform with the Jelly Bean OS.

Which device would you have opted for?

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Are Apple Updating the Entire iOS Range this Fall?

August 6th, 2012

We have heard more and more about the September 12th event coming from Apple this fall, and more and more speculation over what the event is for. This time, the rumours say that it is to update the whole of the iOS lineup with the new small dock connector.

This report has originated from iMore, who are also dreaming of a new iPhone 5, updates to the iPod Nano and iPod Touch, a 7″ iPad Mini and a new and updated New iPad all launching this fall, in just over one month! (Some how I don’t think Apple will be launching all this!)

However, we have heard of Apple’s intention to replace the current 30 pin dock connector cable and fitting with a smaller dock connector, reportedly having only 19 pins but still containing all the same functionality, or even more.

The new dock connector would surely be launched alongside an adaptor for existing devices and items in the current iPad range.

However… I am sure there will be some unhappy accessories manufacturers that have produced docks and speaker systems compatible with the current 30 pin connector, only for this now to be super-seeded by a smaller connector. Of course, things have to move on and develop but change in some aspects is never welcomed. If Apple launch all of these new devices they will certainly be keeping the accessories manufacturers busy!

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iPad Wall Holder

July 21st, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we are very aware of the need to declutter environments, whether it be at home or the office, people are wanting to free up desk and table space to give a more open feel to their environment.

In the workplace, flat space on a work surface is always scarce, therefore the i300 range of stands are perfect for use in these (more…)

New iPad Stand

June 17th, 2012

The New iPad before its release was called by many the “iPad Pro”. This reflects its improved features and shows how the iPad is adaptable for business use. The new retina display on the device is perfect for use with the growing range of design and CAD apps for the iPad, incuding releases from Autodesk who are the creators behind AutoCAD and 3DS Max. The i360 Stand is a great all round stand for the iPad and will perfectly compliment the design and aesthetics of the design of the iPad.

Not forgetting home use, the iPad is a fantastic tool for all around the house. The great portability of the device means that everyone can use the tablet in any room of the house, whether it be to watch television in the bedroom or to help children with their homework in the dining room. The i360 new iPad stand accompanies all of these uses and will keep the iPad safe and secure between room to room.

Click here to be taken to the store pages.

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Apple Integrate Antennas into Device Screens

May 2nd, 2012

Patently Apple have this week reported some interesting findings regarding a recently filed patent application from Apple referencing cellular-data antennas being integrated into screens of devices.

The focus of the patent application is around integrating a cellular antenna into the trackpad of a MacBook. We have seen the plans and details for a 3G/4G MacBook in the making for some time, with many different patent applications being thrown around. Some of these applications are to throw people off the scent, or even to cover Apple in the event that someone else wants to bring one of the ideas to the market.

This patent however does have weight behind it in that we know of the plans to release a MacBook with 3/4G capability.

The application does expand, to integrating the antenna within the screen of a mobile device, including the iPad or the iPhone. With all of the problems Apple have had with the glass back to the current iPhone 4, if they were to change this to a metal back and integrate the antenna into the screen it would have no adverse effect on the 3/4G signal. Or, integrating the connectivity into the screen of an iPad?

Do you think this application is to throw us off the scent or something that is plausible and in the pipeline?

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Apps for Girls – perfect to keep your children safe

March 14th, 2012

The Apps for Girls iPad App is available from the Apple App Store. The app creates a “mini App store” and features only games and apps that have been selected by parents for their children to use. It is a safe version of the App store for children. The app features all types of games, including educational games as well as some made just for fun.

A team of “app-savvy” parents have put together the list of safe apps that are featured in the store, and other apps have been added by recommendations from developers and users of the store.

The i360 stand is perfect for keeping your iPad safe whilst your youngsters are playing within the safe environment of the Apps for Girls app. The i360 pink iPad stand is our “stand for girls!” and the really bright pink is sure to grab any girls heart. Take a look at the i360 store page to see the bright colour for yourself. The pink stand makes a great present too.

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Further Reports Suggest iPad 3 Launch in March

February 2nd, 2012

This time the report is coming from a Japanese tech blog – Macotakara – who are suggesting that the iPad 3 launch event will be held in March, following an “unusual” Apple event in February.

The tech blog is reported as having a bit of a mixed track record when it comes to rumours of launch dates, previously they predicted the iPad 3 would be launched in February following a report from one of their US sources. The blog has admitted some confusing following the earlier report, and what they had suggested to be the “special event” in February is now known to be the “strange” event, with the special event being the iPad 3 launch in March.

How true are the rumours? Well the iPad 2 was launched late March 2011, so to guess that there will be a launch event in March 2012 isn’t that much of “new news”. As for the “strange” event in February, not sure what this could be referring to, and I imagine we won’t know until February is out.

Could the “Special Event” take place on Steve Jobs birthday – February 24th?

Have you any ideas on when the iPad 3 launch day will be?

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Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2012

December 29th, 2011

Once again would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2012.

We have a number of new launches planned for the new year.  One of the main releases being the eagerly awaited secure ipad stand.  This we have called the i370 secure ipadstand.  Release date should be around the middle of January.

A very happy 2012 to you all!


A very happy Christmas from all at

December 23rd, 2011

We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout 2011 and hope that you all have a very festive Christmas.

Hopefully a few of those stockings will be filled with iPad stands for all of those lucky people who own an iPad.

Happy Christmas!

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