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Watch the Channel 4 news with the iPad and i360 iPad Stand

July 29th, 2011

Channel 4 News App for iPad

News Apps on the iPad are becoming more and more popular, with nearly every newspaper with an App available from the App store. Channel 4 News have recently joined in with an app for their TV News program.

The app has been getting favourable reports among users, who like read not only the news but also the blogs from the presenters. There is also a gallery for iPad users who can look at some of the amazing photography and stills from the channel 4 program.

There is a lot of content to read through here, so the i360 black iPad stand is ideal. It will hold your iPad at the correct angle for you whilst you navigate through the news pages and blogs. You can also catch up with the TV program by streaming the video online, which is great to watch whilst cooking, or simply put the iPad in the i360 stand on the desk.


Apple have more cash on hand than the US Government

July 29th, 2011

According to a statement from the US Treasury, the American Government had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion at close of business yesterday. Compare this to Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report, which show they have $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities at the end of June.

This means, unless Apple went on a huge spending spree between the end of June and today, (to the tune of $2.4 billion) they have more cash on hand than the US Government. The largest technology company against the largest (or one of the largest) governments, and the tech company win.

It’s obvious that Apple have been collecting more money than they spend, and clearly the US Government don’t. Maybe Apple could give the government a loan?


iPad vs Motorola Xoom – is there any contest?

July 29th, 2011

iPad vs Motorola XoomFrom looking at the quarterly sales figures for both companies, definitely no contest.

One of the directors of Apple went on record to say that they are selling every iPad they can make, which has added up to 9.2 million iPads in the last quarter. And if they could ship them faster I’m sure they would sell them faster, but that’s for Apple to worry about.

Compare this to Motorola’s figures for the last quarter, with them shipping a mere 440,000 in comparison. How many have they sold of the 440,000 that have been shipped… I don’t think Motorola are too happy to release that figure.

To sum it up, Motorola are hoping to ship 1-1.5 million Xoom tablets by the end of the year, while Apple sells 1.5 million iPads every fortnight.

Not really a contest.


Let your “Little Princess” play the new iPad App with the i360 Pink iPad Stand

July 28th, 2011

Little Princess App for iPad

And with your iPad in the i360 iPad Stand, you can relax knowing it is safe from any “over-enthusiastic” gestures.

The newly released “Little Princess” app for iPad is perfect for Little Princess fans of all ages. Girls will love to help little princess dress up, wash Scruff and Puss in the bath, match card pairs and play “Bunny Bop”.

The i360 Pink iPad Stand will also help to keep your princess entertained. It is designed to keep the iPad secure and will adapt to any viewing angle or playing position to keep the iPad safe through the gameplay. It certainly won’t be put down!


iPhone 5 set for September Release, iPad 3 to follow later this year?

July 28th, 2011

Ok yet another rumour circulating for release dates, though the iPhone 5 part of this report is really starting to come to a head now. They are all still unverified, so no official statements yet.

This report has come from China Times (via MacRumours), saying that the iPhone 5 is set for release during the second week of September. This report does co-inside with Apple taking on extra UK and US staff during this period, so we know they are set for something big around this time. Plus, when releasing second/third/fourth generation devices, we know Apple don’t hang around and keep people waiting between the announcement and release.

iOS 5 is set for release in September, which is iPod design refresh time too, so to throw an iPhone 5 into the mix may be a bit too much attention away from the iPod, or do Apple see it as exactly the right time?

The iPad part of the rumour is a bit too far stretched at the moment, though please prove me wrong. I am still thinking and believing that it is too soon for Apple to be announcing and making an iPad 3 when iPad 2 shipments are only just catching up to demand. Surely they will wait until iPad 2 has had a bit more mileage before outing the device.

I think we will be waiting a while yet for Apple to officially make an announcement, about a date, about another date, about a device.


CEO of Electronic Arts says the iPad is their “Fastest Growing Platform”

July 28th, 2011

Gaming on the iPad

The CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello, in speaking with Industry Gamers, declared that consoles are no longer the dominant force in the gaming world.

When the iPad was introduced some 18 months ago everyone saw the potential of the device, but I believe none actually predicted its popularity among people of all ages. Among its many uses, the portability of the device makes it ideal for gaming which is something all the major consoles cannot compete with.

John Riccitiello confirms that in 2000 consoles were 80% of the industry, and now they are just 40% of the industry, with the iPad taking up most of the share. EA are putting new software out for the iPad every 90 days, which is something not even thinkable for the major consoles.

With the iPad 2’s A5 processor it enables more and more complex games to be offered on the platform, and with them easily available from the App Store and at very competitive prices, the console market cannot match this at the moment.

Though I’m sure there will always be a place for consoles in the gaming market, I think they will have to go some way to make sure the iPad doesn’t dwindle their market share even more. Or maybe they should bring out a tablet and a game store too and give the iPad a true run for its money in the gaming department?

Use the Black i360 iPad Stand with your iPad Music Apps

July 27th, 2011

Classical Guitar App For iPad

In house, we’ve named the i360 Black iPad Stand our Piano Black stand… and that certainly compliments the array of music apps available for the iPad.

There are more and more music apps being released daily for the iPad, but one of our favourites is Classical Guitar, mainly because the app is so simple to use, even the most tone-deaf person can get a good sounding tune out of it.

You can choose the selection of chords to have on the screen with one hand, and the other strums the strings. Even the upstrokes and the down strokes sound distinctly different when using the app just like they would on a real guitar, which I’m sure will keep even the most experienced musician happy.

The app does get complicated for first time users, with fingers and thumbs everywhere! That’s why the i360 iPad Stand is ideal to hold the iPad while you concentrate on your music!

iPad 2 user asks “How do I insert a CD into the iPad 2?”

July 27th, 2011

Support Forum - cd into iPAd 2

No one is sure if it was a joke or a real post onto the Apple Support Forums, but none the less it has to be one of the most viewed threads on the forum at the moment.

The first reply to the post was “Keep Trying”, someone clearly saw the humour of the situation and was more than happy to keep the illusion going. There are also lots of suggestions that you need to fold/cut up the CD’s so they fit into the 30 pin plug socket on the bottom of the iPads (if you are a real iPad newbie this won’t work, please don’t destroy your CD’s!).

The poster maintained the “act” by even suggesting that Apple need to release a fix for the problem, despite all the replies to the thread stating that it is not possible.

Thank you Michael K.W. for a light-hearted read.

Apple shares closed above $400

July 27th, 2011

Apple shares yesterday hit a real milestone, closing at $403.61, the first time the company has closed above $400.

Apple’s stock value has been on a real upward incline since 2004, and since the launch of the first iPad in January 2010, the stock has only increased. After Apple’s staggering quarterly earnings report last week including the sale of 20 million iPhones and 9 million iPads, there really is no other way for the stock to go!

Currently Apple is worth $374.18 billion, which makes it the second most valuable company in the world after ExxonMobil. Apple has some way to go to beat the lead ExxonMobil have, a good $41 billion. I’m sure the gap will be dwindling down after the launch of the next iPhone, iPod and iPad.

View and use the new NatWest iPad App using the i360 Stand

July 26th, 2011

NatWest Mobile Banking App

The new mobile banking App from NatWest has recently been introduced to the iPad and is a really easy and quick way to keep an eye on your cash flow. The App allows you to keep track of all your account balances, transfer money and find cash points, all whilst feeling secure over your login details and passwords.

The Natwest iPad App is ideal for use with the i360 Black iPad Stand, keeping your money and your iPad secure! The iPad stand makes it even easier for you to operate and manage your accounts comfortably, and the black finish will suit any environment, home or work.

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