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Lockable iPad Stand? The i360 Lockdown is what you are looking for!

August 31st, 2011

We are right on the verge of launching the i360 Lockdown stand for iPad 2 and are getting ready to shout about it!

The i360 Stand was originally designed for use in the high profile events marketplace, of which it is already proving hugely popular. Now we have extended the range with offering the i360 Lockdown, the secure iPad Stand which make sure the iPad stays put within the stand.

When you want to display the iPad stand in an unsupervised environment, the Lockdown iPad Stand will not only hold the iPad securely, it can also be fixed down to a surface so the stand and the iPad will stay secure and not wander off!

If you have a requirement for the Lockdown facility, or would like more information, please call us on +44 1952 580220 .

Apple Removes Financial Times app from the App Store

August 31st, 2011

financial times appApple changed their rules regarding “in-app subscriptions” earlier this year, meaning that any subscriptions of this type needed to be controlled from within the iOS app and not via an external provider.

The Financial Times, like all other iOS apps and developers, were told of a 30th June deadline to comply with the new rules Apple had set, or run the risk of the app being pulled from the App Store. The app has now been pulled as the Financial Times did not make the necessary changes to their app in time, nor did they have any intention of making changes to the app conditions.

The Financial times insist their reasoning for not complying to the new guidelines was an issue with Apple over control of subscriber data and not the 30% cut Apple now make through the “in-app” purchases. However, this may hit the Financial Times more than they think because as many as 10,000 users subscriptions to the digital paper were via an iPad, and since the launch of the iPad the company has seen digital subscriptions to the publication nearly double.

Maybe they should have complied? What do you think?

Shopping Trolleys with an integrated iPad?

August 31st, 2011

Sounds a bit bizarre but they are actually on trial at a Sainsburys supermarket here in the UK.

The high-tech trolley will be equipped with a tilting iPad holder and speakers, and the front bumper of the trolley fitted with a proximity sensor to alert any shopper too engrossed in the iPad that they are about to collide with another customer. The trolleys also have an on-board battery and solar panel to make sure the iPad stays charged. Unfortunately, the trolleys don’t come ready equipped with the iPads, you have to provide that part yourself.

The trolleys have been developed by the TV broadcaster Sky to advertise their Sky Go service, where iPad users can watch live sport or news on the tablet device whilst on the move.

Whist the iPad trolley is only on trial in the Cromwell Road branch of Sainsburys in Kensington, the supermarket could look to roll this out across other stores if it is successful.

Would an iPad trolley make you shop at your local Sainsburys?

Back to School with an iPad and the i360 Stand

August 30th, 2011

We are always onto children about their good posture when working and sitting at the computer, and working on the iPad should be no exception. With the vast array of iPad apps tailored as study tools, including Penultimate, iHomework and Notability, coupled with the i360 stand it will make sure every student is successful this term. There is even an app showing the dissection of a frog!

The i360 stand can be positioned perfectly for the correct viewing and typing angle to suit every user and can be adjusted endless amounts of times. However, the angle won’t collapse through the pressure of typing, it will stay put. It really must be seen to be believed.

Take a look at the new videos on the i360 product pages highlighting the features of the i360 stand.

i360 stand store pages







Apple do chase down counterfeit suppliers of iPods, iPhones

August 30th, 2011

In a report from CNN, WikiLeaks have leaked electronic memo’s detailing that Apple organised a security task force in 2008 to address the growing problem of counterfeit iPhones and iPods in China.

Normally Apple deny getting involved with such acts as this, but the leaked memo puts Apple at the heart of organising the security task force to stop the sale of counterfeit goods in China and bring a stop to the trend. Unfortunately, Apple were slow to take up the act and this has resulted in more and more counterfeit goods hitting the market.

Not only are China faced with counterfeit goods, they are also faced with fake Apple Stores, which although they do sell authentic Apple goods and carry many characteristics likening them to the real Apple Stores, they are still unofficial and not licenced. Of the 5 “fake” Apple Stores in China, 2 have been closed down by the Chinese government for not having business permits, but the other three remain.

Apple has 4 stores in China, of which they are the highest trafficked and top earning stores in the world. No wonder Apple don’t want any competition from street retailers and fake stores selling their goods or counterfeit goods.

Amazon to launch iPad Rival Tablet – to sell for $299

August 30th, 2011

New Amazon Kindle TabletRumours about this tablet have been circulating for a good while, with much anticipation of what the tablet will be like, cost etc.

The New York Post appear to have this information, or some of it, writing last week that: “Amazon is poised to enter the tablet fray with an Android powered tablet in late September or October”. Amazon have a good reputation for new media, after all they do hold a lot in their own website. This will make sure their new tablet is compatible with amazon music, films and kindle books.

This really does bring about the question what do people want from a tablet device? Apple of course have the monopoly on the App Stores (at the moment), but if all you want is web browsing, music, films and books, then the Amazon Tablet is surely going to be the one you pick. Not because it rivals Apple, but because it does everything you need it to at a much lower and more obtainable price point.

If you want a huge range of apps, then surely and with no doubt the iPad will be your choice. But, if the Amazon tablet takes off, then maybe developers will start to design for platforms other than iOS, and the overall balance can really start to tip.


Who is Tim Cook?

August 26th, 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Steve JobsThis is the question on a lot of people’s lips over the last few days. The icon Steve Jobs has stepped down, and Tim Cook is now set as his replacement. What a lot of people don’t know is that since Steve Jobs has been taking extended medical leave, Tim has been at the helm of Apple for the past year.

Tim Cook started off at IBM, with his dedication to the company and the business meaning Tim often worked over the Christmas and New year holidays to meet orders. After moving through more computer companies he was poached by Steve Jobs in 1998 and became Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

The Apple supply chain is now remarkably different to 10-15 years ago, and that largly thanks to Tim. The company now “partners” major manufacturers rather than keeping the manufacturing in house, and heavy investment into the manufacturers keeps them loyal. Apple create revolutionary products, and because the manufacturing chain and suppliers are effectively “locked” into Apple no competitor can create or copy the technology (many try, none succeed quite like Apple do).

We know Apple will be safe with Tim Cook, and with Steve Jobs DNA still at the heart of the company we are sure they can still succeed. And after the initial drop in the stock market, it looks like they believe Tim can succeed too with the shares now starting to recover.

Now Tim will be at the helm of Apple for the launch of the new devices, so we are looking forward to seeing Tim launch the iPhone 5 this year, and the iPad 3 next year.

Ideal Birthday Present – the i360 Stand

August 25th, 2011

If you are looking for a birthday present for that special someone then the i360 stand could be it!

Designed for the iPad 1 or iPad 2 (and can be upgraded to iPad 3 once released) the i360 stand will make the ideal present for both a gadget fan and an Apple fan. The stand is of premium quality and has unique functionality to make sure it does everything you could ever want from an iPad Stand.

The versatile movement including the tilt, swivel, and continuous rotation of the stand really does make it one of if not the most versatile stand available today. It has open access to the dock connector port of the iPad, meaning it can be an iPad docking station too if required.

Not only a great iPad accessory we are very proud to say it is an Apple Approved 3rd Party Accessory too.

ideal birthday present for gadget fan





Apple win yet another legal battle with Samsung, this time against the Galaxy Phones

August 25th, 2011

apple iphone vs galaxy phoneApple seem to keep hitting Samsung where it hurts, this time they are halting sales of Galaxy Phones from a specified date.

Apple won the preliminary injunction against Samsung in a Dutch court on Wednesday. This will pause sales of the phone in the Netherlands, but could potentially affect sales across the whole of the EU as the distribution of the phones originates from the Netherlands. The court order will stop the sales of the phones around mid-October, which coincidentally clashes with the potential launch dates for the iPhone 5.

The changes Samsung need to make to enable the device to go back on sale aren’t as major as they could have been, involving changes to the image gallery software of the Galaxy Phone, but it is still a set back for the company who just seem to keep getting knocked down time and time again.

Do you think Apple are fair to keep continuing the patent war?

The Day Has Come… Steve Has Resigned.

August 25th, 2011

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of AppleThankfully he is still staying at Apple and moving to Chairman of the Board. But Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple.

I’m sure every Apple fan is saddened at the news. But, in being an Apple fan I am also a fan of Steve Jobs, and his work, and the revolutionary designs that he has helped Apple create. We know that Steve’s fingerprints are on every Apple product that is on the market today. He built the company back up from its near ruin piece by piece and has seen it become the most valuable company in the world. What a fitting note to end your reign on.

Tim Cook who was the COO of Apple will now become CEO. It is understood that he has been the acting CEO of Apple for some time whilst Steve has been on sick leave. If Steve thinks he can do the job, we must believe in him too. Unfortunately the stock markets don’t believe so and Apple stocks have seen a considerable overnight drop, lets hope that they come back up soon with the release of a new device…

There are many fitting tributes to Steve in the Apple Forums, some commenting and hoping that his ill health has not forced him to make this decision. If it has, lets hope that the potentially less demanding role will give Steve the much needed rest and relaxation to get better.

He will be missed.

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