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iPad Holder

November 30th, 2011

ipad holderThe i360 stand isn’t just an “iPad Holder”; yes the i360 will hold your iPad or iPad 2, but it is so much more besides.

The i360 iPad Stand is suitable for all environments, whether it be to hold an iPad on an office desk or table, or to hold your iPad in the home in your living room or in the kitchen. The iPad is such a versatile device and the i360 perfectly complements this versatility.

To hold your iPad in place, the i360 has protective gripping corners made from a special rubber which are designed to not scratch your iPad no matter how many times you put it into the stand. The rubber is on the other hand tough, and holds in place so the iPad will not fall out. Believe us, we have tried, even “slapping” the back of the iPad will not push it past the protective grips.

The underside of the i360 has an inbuilt wall mount feature, with keyways in the base for you to mount the i360 horizontally or vertically on a wall, allowing the iPad to be held securely at any height. This is particularly great for use in the kitchen to hold your iPad away from the surfaces and any potential hazards. Or, this can be used in different rooms in the house turning the iPad into a digital photo frame.

The i360’s capabilities really need to be seen to be believed, take a look at our youtube video here with a demonstration of the stand.

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Apple Granted Patent for Next Generation Dock with Power Management

November 30th, 2011

Apple know that once someone has one device of theirs, chances are they are going to purchase another, and another, and another. Because of this leaning trend, Apple have filed and been granted a patent for a next generation dock with power management.

The dock will be connected to one mains outlet and then be able to have more computing devices and accessories attached to it. The next generation dock will also have power management chips on board, so it can power up larger devices such as a monitor, and still be able to power smaller devices safely. The management chips will be intelligent enough to draw power to one device, and supply another with enough power to run the accessory but not charge the internal battery.

The patent also reveals some interesting ideas that may lead to future plans by Apple. Namely, docking a monitor on the next generation dock… The images to accompany the patent also show a tablet device with multiple charging ports – could Apple be integrating this into future iPad designs or are they just future-proofing themselves?

Interesting patent Apple, thanks for the translation from


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iPad Desk Stand

November 30th, 2011

ipad desk standAs iPads become more and more popular for use in the office, desk stands are more and more in demand. The i360 Stand has been designed to be a perfect desk stand for the iPad with many features of the stand leaning towards this exact use.

Fluorescent lights give out horrible reflections in any office environment, so when using the i360 stand on a desk, the i360 stand has been designed to you can tilt the screen to any angle up to 90degrees, and once you have positioned the stand at the perfect angle it will stay put until you choose to move it. You can also freely rotate the screen of the iPad through landscape to portrait, the screen will rotate continuously if you want it to.

The base of the i360 has non-slip feet, so if you are typing away using your iPad in the desk stand you can guarantee it won’t move out of place, with the base perfectly weighted to not be heavy, and stable enough to not move under normal use.

When typing on many other iPad stands the iPad can “wobble” with each press on the screen. The i360 is made of many different materials each chosen for their stable properties, to make sure the desk stand doesn’t “wobble” whilst you are writing an important email or message.

Take a look at the i360 product pages to see the full list of features of the i360.

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iPad 3 and iPhone 5 referenced in latest iOS 5.1 update

November 29th, 2011

The update isn’t available to the masses yet, just iOS 5.1 Beta for developers to allow them to test apps running with the latest update, and for the update to be openly tested in the real world, by a limited audience.

As soon as these updates get released to developers, each part of the programming code is taken apart and scrutinised to try and find any “hints” of upcoming devices. Last week we saw a reference to mysterious J2 and J3 devices, but this time there is a reference to iPad3. The string actually shows an iPad2,3 , an iPad3,2 and an iPad3,3… but no other references to screen resolution or speed capabilities which sometimes show up in developer codes.

Apple fans will be happy to see that there is also a reference to iPhone5,1 within the programming string, which as everyone expected to see the device earlier this year has lead people to believe was it ever coming…. Yes is the answer. But like the iPad3 we don’t know when…

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Black Friday Apple Sales Were HUGE

November 29th, 2011

Black Friday in the US is a huge, huge day for shoppers around the country to kick-start their Christmas shopping. Companies who aren’t in the retail sector even give their staff the day off to go and spend, spend, spend!

Apple’s discounts were leaked online the day before the sales started so if anyone was planning on buying an Apple gift this Christmas, Black Friday was the day to shop. And they did shop.

The sales statistics that have emerged from Black Friday are phenomenal. Apple themselves sold 1.5 iPads per second… amounting to 89 tablets every minute! With some stores opening at midnight or even 4am, that’s a lot of sales! And these sales reports are only for US Apple stores, not taking into account what I expect were huge numbers of sales through the Apple Store Online.

Looks like Santa will be delivering a lot of iPads this year!

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Best Stand for iPad

November 28th, 2011

best stand for ipadIf you’re looking for a stand for your iPad, there is such a huge range you can get easily lost in the decision making process. Some merely hold the iPad in one position, some hold the iPad in two positions.

If you’re looking for the best stand for your iPad or iPad 2, then the i360 Multi Position stand from Intelligent Touch has to be the stand you are after.

The stand allows you to position the iPad at any angle and in any viewing position. You can tilt the screen up to 90° to stop any unsightly reflections or lights on the screen whilst you are watching a movie to allow you to find the best position possible for you and the iPad and stand. The screen and iPad itself can also rotate through 360° whilst still in the stand, so you can play the best games for the iPad, including driving games, with ease.

The best thing about the i360 stand is the colour options. The stand comes in high gloss black, high gloss white, or pink, to make sure it will suit every possible room in the home or office.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here and see the range available to you.

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iPadRobot Design Appears At US Patent Office

November 28th, 2011

It isn’t an Apple Patent, nor a rivalling HTC/Samsung/HP patent either, but one from a company called “iRobot” (though hasn’t that name already been taken?).

The robot shows how an iPad will be used as the “head” of the device, with it both showing people the operator and using the camera to allow the operator to see the people around the robot. The initial patent has been filed for the robot to be utilised within the medical industry to work alongside doctors. The filed patent shows a doctor by a patient’s bedside with a specialist able to be present via the iPad robot. Obviously wireless signals in hospitals are at risk of interfering with medical equipment, but cleverly iRobot have chosen to work with an iPad tablet as Apple are currently working on transmitting wireless signal that is safe for use throughout hospitals.

Taking the medical profession out of the equation, the opportunities for the robot to be used are never ending. Recently an iPad robot was used so a child who was home-bound could go to school and interact with classmates. The idea was very much in its infancy at the time but is definitely open for the future.

The image sourced from shows the actual robot from iRobot as applied for in the patent application.



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Sharp Are Providing Displays for iPad 3

November 28th, 2011

Lots of reports have been circulating about the manufacturers of the supposed “retina” display for the iPad 2, however this weekend it appears the Wall Street Journal have confirmed the reports with their own sources. The report reveals that Sharp are already manufacturing displays for the iPhone 4S and Apple are adding them as a provider for the iPad 3.

Whether the next-generation iPad is going to have a retina display has been under a lot of question in Apple Forums, with individuals questioning both the battery power and the thickness of the display meaning any potential improved display panels would sacrifice one or both of the coveted features for the iPad – the radically thin design, or the excellent battery life the device provides.

The WSJ report suggests that Sharp and Apple have been working together on the display for the next-gen iPad and have overcome these potential problems creating a thinner, retina display for the device.

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Apps for the Whole Family at Christmas

November 25th, 2011

With so many iPads expected to end up underneath Christmas tree’s this year, why not preload them with apps ready for all the family to play. App store developers always know that Christmas is the time for multiplayer games, which can be played on various iOS devices. So if dad has had an iPad 2, and son has had an iPhone you can still play together!

Among the favourite apps available are “Words with Friends”, a free app from the App store which allows players to take turns in playing a game of scrabble (or “words”). This app also works across different iOS devices, where you can play with family, friends, or even random opponents. Add your own “festive” theme to the game and you will really feel in the spirit of Christmas!

The developers of Words with Friends have also created Chess and Hanging (Hangman), which again can be played on the same or separate iOS devices, and with the simple but pleasing graphics are easy for even granny and granddad to play!

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Stand for iPad 2

November 25th, 2011

The i360 Stand for iPad 2 allows you to get the most out of your iPad, whether it be for use in the home or office or in a retail environment.

One of the main features of the iPad is the gyroscope, which is perfectly complimented by the functions of the i360 – making sure you can use the iPad to its full potential. The combination of the 360° rotation of the screen and the 90° tilting actions mean that when gaming with the i360 Stand for iPad 2 you can really get into the game, without the thought of the stand being restrictive in any way.

The stand also holds the iPad securely, even upside down! So if you want to put the i360 on a wall in the kitchen, or on a desk in an office, you can be sure that the iPad will stay securely in place.

Take a look at the i360 store pages HERE and choose the stand for you.

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