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Are You Getting “iPad Shoulder”?

January 31st, 2012

ipad stand to prevent getting ipad shoulderNew research coming from Harvard School of Public Health shows that people with Tablet Computers such as the iPad could be getting a condition now called “iPad Shoulder”.

This is a pain in the back of the neck and top of the shoulders that is caused from holding the device in awkward positions for prolonged periods of time. Most people use the iPad on their lap or at a low angle causing pressure on the joints in the back of the neck by continuously looking downwards.

The key to avoiding iPad Shoulder – avoid staying in the same position for too long.

Or – the i360 stand could solve your problems. The Harvard School recommend that you keep the iPad in a neither vertical nor lay flat position, the ideal is somewhere in the middle. The i360 allows you to tilt the screen from vertical to flat with a range of 90 degrees, so the iPad can stay at the “in between” angle suggested to avoid iPad shoulder. What’s more – the i360 also incorporates many more ranges of movement to ensure you get the perfect viewing position every time.

Drawing and Painting on the iPad

January 30th, 2012

personalised ipad standThere are such an array of tools and apps now available for users to draw and paint using an iPad. With the touch screen device you can use your fingertip as the paintbrush or the pencil and really get to grips with your creation.

An app like Draw Pad Pro – available for free from the Apple App Store, gives users the ability to create a virtual sketchbook with all the flexibility you could want from a drawing app. Or, for the more professional users apps such as Inspire Pro gives users complete flexibility and advanced editing tricks and filters to create masterpieces right on the iPad.

So – how about using the i360 stand to hold the iPad whilst you create your masterpieces? The flexibility of movement with the i360 means it could be the easel for your iPad, holding the screen in any comfortable angle for you to paint and draw. Artists rarely work with a canvas lay flat in front of them, so why should you when you paint on the iPad?

You can even create a special design for the base of the i360 stand and customise your own stand, just call the sales team on 01952 580220 who will tell you how this can be done! This is usually a feature only used for our corporate clients, but why should artists and creative people miss out?


Apple File Patent for “Smart Magnetic Fluids” – Allowing you to feel keys as you type on an iPad

January 30th, 2012

To me it sounds like this is straight out of a sci-fi movie, but at some point we are going to reach that technology (hopefully!). OK so the hover-board from Back to the Future hasn’t arrived yet, but maybe feeling the keys on an iPad could arrive sooner…

I’m sure to see this in action would be a complete feat of engineering and amazement for everyone to see. Apple have filed a patent (reported at, whereby they are suggesting employing a system of magnets and ferrofluids to provide feedback when you type on the touchscreen of an iPad. This would also combine proximity sensors into the feedback loop, so the sensor detects a finger approaching the surface which activates a coded magnet beneath the finger under the surface of the touchscreen which draws the ferrofluids to this area. The surface of the device under this area would then bulge or rise so that once a key is touched, it would give the feeling of being pressed.

Apple know that typing on the touchscreen – especially for elongated periods of time can be difficult – therefore they have already been looking into ways of providing a “feedback” to the user of the feeling that a key has been pressed. Apple have previously filed a patent for “acoustic pulse recognition”, again to provide users with the sense a key has been pressed.

I’m sure this isn’t the last patent we will see arising to solve this problem either. Hopefully this isn’t just another dummy patent filed by Apple and we will see something along these lines coming to a future device.

Dutch Court Rules Against Apple in Design Related Case

January 27th, 2012

Earlier this week the Dutch Court involved in one of the battles between Apple and Samsung has ruled in favour of Samsung, leaving Apple disappointed not to get a sales ban of the Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands.

The report released by FOSS Patents details the on goings in the court, revealing that the judge has agreed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t infringe any design rights on the device and is different enough from the iPad for the two tablets to go on sale alongside each other, with the Galaxy Tab proving no threat to Apple.

Here the judge has got it right. The Galaxy Tab simply doesn’t compete with the iPad. Tim Cook CEO of Apple isn’t worried about the “limited function” tablets affecting iPad sales and simply states that they haven’t affect sales, and after Apple’s most recent quarterly earnings report it is easy to see they have had no affect at all.

The FOSS Patents reporter quite rightly points out that a line needs to be drawn to clarify where Apple’s protection ends and where the freedom to compete with each other begins, not just for the sake of Apple and Samsung, but for all the other tablet and smart phone manufacturers. Even if this line is drawn though, I can’t see a future for Apple or Samsung where they are not arguing over patents and intellectual property rights.

Black iPad Stand

January 27th, 2012

black ipad standThe High Gloss Black iPad stand from Intelligent Touch is the best-selling iPad Stand on

The combination of the high gloss black appearance with the chrome detailing we have brought into the design really give the stand a “designer” feel. Its sleek overall appearance is a reflection of the movement, very sleek and completely controlled in every degree.

You can control movement of the iPad when housed within the black iPad stand in every direction. The 360 degree rotation of the screen allows you to easily switch from portrait to landscape and everything in between, or even continuously rotate the screen if you were playing a game. You can also tilt the iPad up to 90 degrees, making sure you can get the perfect viewing angle of the screen every time no matter what position you are in. The third range of movement is a 360 degree “swivel”, allowing you to swing the iPad round on its axis to share the screen with an audience or colleague. The stylish black iPad stand on an office desk is perfect for the 360 degree swivel to make sure all your colleagues can see the screen as can you.

The high resolution images of the i360 stand are in the store pages, have a look at the design features here too.

Apple are Reshaping Batteries to fit Thinner iOS Devices

January 27th, 2012

In a patent application revealed at, Apple are revealing their intentions to redesign batteries to be thinner to allow for future, thinner devices.

The pictorial from Patently Apple shows a tablet shaped device, but with the iPad 2 already at 8mm thick, how do Apple plan to make this thinner? Apple could be planning to pack out the already thin iPad and iPhone shape cases with more and more processors and memory, constantly increasing the speed of the device. It also means they could pack in more batteries, perhaps having 2 per device to solve any potential problems with battery life.

The second part of the patent reveals how Apple have also put in a patent application for a device’s battery (iPhone or iPad) to be hidden behind the bezel of the device, therefore leaving the main central section of the device to house all the processors and memory chips. This would also seamlessly link to Apple’s “Smart Bezel” project where the bezel of the device will become an interactive space also, but react in a much different way to the main screen area.

All interesting applications and details released, but I don’t think we will see any of these new innovations coming to the iPad 3 this spring. Apple tend to make sure all their patents are signed and sealed before the device begins production and if the iPad 3 is to be launched in March/April, manufacture should be well underway by now.

iPad Desktop Stand

January 26th, 2012

ipad desktop standSearching for a desktop stand for your iPad or iPad 2? Want something that looks stylish yet is very functional? Need something suitable for your office or at home?

Then look no further than the i360 Multi Position iPad Stand from Intelligent Touch!

The i360 has many features to make it the best iPad 2 Desktop Stand. It has a 90 degree tilt movement built in, meaning you can tilt the screen of the iPad to any comfortable viewing angle. For avid gamers the stand will also allow you to continually rotate the screen, so if you are getting carried away playing a racing game or any app which needs you to switch the orientation of the iPad, this desktop stand will be great for you!

The i360 is weighted to make sure that it will not topple or wobble when the iPad is in use. Whether it be the heavier iPad 1 or the newer and lighter iPad 2, you can rest assured that when tilting or rotating the iPad within the stand it will not move.

The high gloss black unit will look smart in any office, or for something a bit different our gloss white stand is really eye catching and looks fabulous in the office or at home.

The stand is made from a combination of materials, all picked for their individual properties which when combined make the stand far superior to all the competition.

Take a look at the i360 store pages and see the full list of features of the stand.

iPad Sales Not Affected by Kindle Fire

January 26th, 2012

Clearly after Apple’s quarterly earnings report Apple are at the helm of their game, and certainly showing no signs of moving. However after the launch of the Kindle Fire, seen as the iPAds biggest tablet competitor, consumers had begun to wonder how this may affect the iPad.

In the quarterly earnings report conference call, Tim Cook himself said that these “limited function tablets” has had no impact on iPad sales whatsoever, and that the iPad is in a completely different category to these devices.

He is quoted to have said “People who want an iPad won’t settle for a limited function tablet”, and in saying this has completely hit the nail on the head. The iPad has a massive number of dedicated apps available, compared to the limited number of generic Android apps available. The iPad has its own market and doesn’t want to compete with the masses of “other” tablets coming into the general market place. The iPad has a high price tag, but it is a first class item and can easily demand that price tag.

Tim Cook also stated that Apple are continuing to “innovate like crazy” to make sure they keep ahead in the market. We always look forward to Apple’s keynote speeches, wondering what the next thing we will all go crazy for will be!

Apple’s Record Breaking Q.1. Financial Results

January 26th, 2012

If anyone ever doubted Tim Cook at the helm of Apple then I believe these financial results will put their minds at ease. The company has recorded earnings of $46.33 billion, with net profit of $13.06 billion. And that is just for ¼ of a year!

To add to the results that just previous to this quarter Apple released the iPhone 4S instead of the much anticipated iPhone 5 which left most Apple fans upset. Then the sad loss of Steve Jobs was just previous to the start of this quarter, giving the company not the best start in the results table.

The records show the company has sold 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads, 15.4 million iPods and 5.2 million Mac’s. All of the sales are massive increases from the year-ago quarter sales and show that Apple has great momentum for the upcoming months. Tim Cook also notes that Apple have some amazing new products in the pipeline.

All Wall Street Analysts were incredibly wrong in their sales predictions for the company, expecting a total revenue of just $39.23 billion, Apple have surpassed that figure by nearly 7 billion!

Congratulations Apple!

Locking iPad Stand for Reception

January 25th, 2012

locking ipad stand for a reception counterWith the vast range of apps available now for the iPad its uses are becoming unrestricted.

Have you ever thought of having an iPad in your reception area as a visitors book for reception? Combining the range of available apps from the app store with the native Apple apps such as the contact book, the apps working in conjunction with each other provide the perfect solution.

Now, the next step, combine the iPad, the apps, and a lockable stand for the full solution. Of course you can’t just leave an iPad 2 in reception hoping your visitors will put it back or leave it in the same place, or even that it won’t go “walking” unattended. The i370 Lockdown stand from Intelligent Touch provides a secure stand for the iPad which locks the iPad 2 into position, making sure it will stay in position.

The stand can be fixed down to a reception counter, and the iPad is held securely in place within the stand. So secure that the only way to get the iPad out of the metal stand is with the key, of which two are supplied with the stand. The keys are all unique to the locks, so no chance of someone being able to have a key to match the lock for your stand.

The i370 Lockdown, a secure solution for displaying the iPad.

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