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Secure iPad Enclosures

February 29th, 2012

Intelligent Touch have not only designed and manufactured the unique i360 and i370 stands, we have also deconstructed the i370 to offer a secure enclosure for the iPad 2.

The two products offer two different solutions; the i370 stand provides the user with a fully flexible and adjustable stand for the iPad 2, where as the enclosure limits the user flexibility and maintains a solid appearance.

The i370 secure enclosure can still be adapted to a variety of uses, and with the further options of blocking access to the home button of the iPad for users or leaving this open, therefore giving uses the full interactive range of the iPad or allowing them to run only one ‘App’.

Give Intelligent Touch a call to discuss the secure options available.

March 7th Is the Day, the Next Generation iPad will be here

February 29th, 2012

Apple made an announcement yesterday of an “event” taking place on March 7th.

It is the date all Apple and all iPad fans have been waiting for, and the teaser picture sent along with the invite is really something to speculate over. It is clear from the image we are seeing a next generation iPad, so whether it will be the new iPad 3, iPad 2S or any other version of iPad 2, we will have to wait and see.

Of course the image is being torn apart by fans and blog sites across the globe, hoping to see something that someone else hasn’t spotted that may give more clues to what the new tablet will look and behave like. The absence of a “home button” for the iPad has been noted by everyone, so will the next generation iPad include the “smart bezel” that Apple have been working on for the past few years? We have seen the patents being granted earlier this year which would be perfect timing for the new device, though typically they take longer to come to fruition.

Just another week to wait…

Are iPad 3 Shipments on their way to the US?

February 28th, 2012

Apple Pro – the Apple fan blog site – believe they have seen official documentation showing a shipping schedule of items coming from Foxconn with each shipment heading to the US.

Each shipment is expected to arrive no later than 9th March, which would tie in nicely with the expected launch and availability dates for the next generation iPad. The shipments are reported to be under high security – naturally for such a secret Apple release – but not standard for normal Apple product shipments.

The 9th March deadline date is for the shipment to be at 3 of the biggest US airports, which then I imagine will be split and shipped on across the US to Apple Stores ready for launch.

This news comes as Best Buy USA cut the price of the iPad 2 in their stores by $50, along with some of the variations of the iPad 2 on the Best Buy systems being deleted. Are Best Buy ahead of the game?

Us mere mortals will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple.

iPad 2S Stands

February 27th, 2012

Whilst all blog sites and Apple fan sites are preparing for the launch of an iPad 3 next generation device, at Intelligent Touch we are keeping our minds open…

The 2012 iPad release is so far rumoured to be an upgraded version of the current iPad 2, with the addition of a new and better camera and a retina like display. Therefore, we think blog and rumour sites may be surprised if Apple call the latest release iPad 2S or as suspected last year iPad 2HD. This name would make more sense since the device is not a complete redesign, just an upgrade to an existing shell. Many people were caught out last year when the iPhone 5 we all eagerly anticipated turned out to be the iPhone 4S, surely the sites couldn’t get it wrong again!

At Intelligent Touch we will be sure to update you on compatibility for the new tablet and you can be assured of the i360 quality that runs through all our product range.

Apple are working on both A5X and A6 Processors

February 27th, 2012

Photographs of the new A5X chip from Apple circulated at the end of last week, crushing many peoples hopes of seeing a newly designed quad-core processor inside the impending iPad 3. However, analysts have ripped apart the code for the latest release of iOS 5.1 Beta and seen references to two new processing chips.

These new chips – S5L8945X and S5L8950X – thankfully carry over the naming from the previous Apple chips in existence, so we can hopefully predict what the makeup of these chips is going to be… The current A5 chip inside the iPad 2 is titled the S5L8940X, therefore the 45X could refer to the upgraded A5 chip – the A5X, and therefore the new A6 chip would be the S5L8950X.

So why are Apple working on the quad-core chip but not implementing it inside the new iPad 3? (or are they?) If they aren’t putting it inside the iPad 3 it is going to be either because it is not yet ready for wide release, or it infringes on the devices performance. We are all now expecting to see a retina quality display inside the iPad 3 which will clearly be a drain on battery life, so have Apple waited to launch the A6 quad-core chip knowing that this would also potentially drain the battery of the device and not enable Apple to keep the coveted 10 hour life?

We can’t wait to see what is actually inside the iPad 3… with the announcement expected very soon…

Are Apple Putting an In-Built Stand into their Future iPads?

February 24th, 2012

Revealed over at earlier this week were details of a patent application won by Apple showing their designs for a built-in stand for the iPad.

The functions and features of the stand revolve primarily around typing positions for the device, making sure it is held at comfortable angles for the user to type on the touch screen keyboard. We all know that typing on the iPad is not the most comfortable position without a stand or prop of some kind, so here Apple are trying to combat all of this with their own inbuilt stand.

Currently – as we clearly believe – stands for the iPad are a necessity when working with the tablet for a period of time. Not only is typing uncomfortable but to hunch over the top of the device to read the screen, or alternatively hold the iPad for prolonged periods of time becomes uncomfortable, that’s why we developed the i360 stand!

The main thing on people’s lips is have Apple superseded this design with the smart cover? Or is this another separate project they are expecting to launch into future devices? It certainly won’t be included within the next generation iPad expected to launch in March, or so we think from seeing parts circulating the internet. How Apple could fit a stand into the slim profile of the iPad is beyond me, and even if it is potential competition for our own i360 stand I look forward to seeing how it is achieved, if it is true…

Locking iPads on Display

February 22nd, 2012

locking ipads on displayTo use an iPad for a display can be a risky idea. With the iPad being such a desirable item there are lots of people who clearly don’t want to pay the £399 price tag. Unfortunately, for an iPad 2 on a display table it needs to be locked and secure.

Intelligent Touch have developed a range of accessories to make sure that iPad will stay put! Utilising the i360 stand, or the i370 Lockdown stand, or a range of the other accessories combined we know we have the secure solution you need. Aesthetics are always at the forefront of our mind, with the iPad 2 being such a sleek and stylish design we have made sure our range of secure accessories compliment this. You need the display to look good!

Our team are experts in the field, we know our products inside out. Give us a call and explain the situation and we will come up with the best solution for you.

Give us the challenge; we know we will come up with the answer.

iPad 3 Front Panel Surfaces in China

February 22nd, 2012

We have seen so many components for the iPad 3 come to the surface in China but no parts before today of the front of the unit. Well now one has been seen in China and confirms there is not too much of a thickness change.

The new front panel shows that the unit will be barely distinguishable from the iPad 2, maybe marginally thicker but nothing to write home about. It still features a front camera, though no obvious design change here, and still has a circular home button on the device.

Other reports also suggest that the next generation iPad will have an A5X processing chip, rather than the anticipated A6 quad-core processor. I’m not sure what we can expect from the A5X compared to the current processors, but clearly it has been enhanced further than the iPad 2 processing unit.

Now all reports and rumours are leading towards no significant overhaul of the device, do we think this will be an iPad 2S or iPad 2 HD rather than a full name change to iPad 3? Seems like a small step forward, minor enhancements on the old design of iPad 2, so should it be called a completely different design name or stick to an extension of the old device?

More iPad 3 Back Panels Surface in China

February 21st, 2012

The rear panel for the iPad 3 has become the part of the iPad that has most interest around it following recent claims of new replacement components surfacing in China. Many rumours have been circulating since the end of last year guessing what the new designed iPad will look like, and as we get nearer to the estimated launch date, the rumour mills are speeding up.

I don’t doubt that there are replacement parts floating around China. Even with Apple’s strict secrecy policies and their absolute scrutiny for new devices, a certain amount of parts do have to be shipped to create the devices!

The latest is another newly designed back panel, not dissimilar to the last one we saw a few weeks back, but this piece hints at a new curvature of the back panel making the device very marginally thicker than the current iPad 2. If the next generation tablet is going to have the much anticipated retina display screen then it has already been noted by techies across the world that an increase in the thickness is inevitable.

The design also shows a new camera, much similar to the design of the camera in the iPhone 4S. Could we see the 8 megapixel quality coming to the iPad? Does an iPad need a camera capable of those resolutions? I imagine it does to match up to the 2048×1536 pixel resolution screen.

The March 7th date is still looking favourite for the product launch, following the iPad 2 launch last year on March 2nd. The device is then expected to ship a week later for the US customers, and 2-3 weeks later for the UK and Europe.

Secure iPad Mount

February 20th, 2012

ipad secure stand and mount for ipad 2The iPad is a great tool for any event or exhibition, displaying your company’s web page or a catalogue of the products you have to offer. But how you keep your eyes on all your potential customers as well as the high-priced iPad on display?

The i370 Lockdown iPad Stand holds the iPad into a lockable mount. It will look fantastic on display on your exhibition stand, but even better it will keep the iPad safe and secure. The iPad is held into a metal lockable enclosure which is closed with a lock and key and can only be removed from the enclosure with the lock and key. Each key is unique to the lock so no chance of a “one for all” skeleton key for the trained thief.

The Lockdown also comes ideal for the events market with a “home button covered” or “home button exposed” option. For people who only want to run one webpage or app on the iPad and don’t want the customers to have full access to the uses of the iPad, you can restrict the home button of the device so it only runs the page you put it on before you lock the enclosure! Simple! However if you want to give your attendees full access to the use of the iPad you can use the “home button exposed” plate which will mean attendees can change the app or webpage running on the iPad.

The slim-line enclosure and framing around the bezel of the iPad really make the i370 Lockdown secure iPad mount a sleek and stylish piece of equipment.

Call the team today or take a look through the website for more details.

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