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Metro for the iPad, Great with the i360 Stand

March 31st, 2012

The Metro free newspaper is one of the most read newspapers in the UK. The free paper is available at most major train stations throughout the country and has more readers than any other daily paper in the UK.

The Metro is not only popular because it is free, it is also known for unbiased stories and covers all of the main news headlines. Although it is aimed for people on the move – either on a train or bus, the paper is read by many people on lunch breaks who picked up the paper to read later.

The Metro paper is not restricted to trains and buses now. It has been released as a NewsStand app and is available from iTunes. The free subscription to the paper allows any iPad user to download the latest edition of Metro direct to the Newsstand app on the iPad.

Coupled with the Metro app, the i360 stand will hold the iPad in the perfect viewing position allowing you to read the news without having to worry about the physical size of the paper. The iPad can also go on the move with you much like the actual paper, though don’t try and hold the iPad above your head like a rain coat/hood/umbrella!

New iPad Accounts for 8% of iPad Internet Traffic

March 30th, 2012

Considering the total number of iPads sold of the first two generations, that’s a rather phenomenal figure!

The New iPad has thankfully managed to stay in stock across many countries including the US and doesn’t seem to be suffering from the lapses in the supply chain like we all experienced with the iPad 2. this has meant that supply has kept up with demand, and what a huge demand it is.

Now advertising network Chitika are monitoring mobile traffic and traffic from iPads specifically, and analysing how much of the iPad traffic comes from the iPad. on launch weekend the new iPad accounted for almost 5% of all iPad Internet traffic, with this more recently growing to 8%. With the rest if the world focusing their interest on the New iPad the company has decided to update their mobile traffic analysis every 12 hours, so all across the world users can see the spikes in results from the New iPad.

Obviously this number is clearly only going to increase in the coming weeks, but do you think the US is where it will increase fastest or perhaps another country? The US is clearly the biggest overall population wise, but counting on web traffic alone I think if the results were expanded we would see some interesting results.

i360 Stand Video Reviews

March 29th, 2012

This week we are very proud to have received a review on YouTube! The video is from Germany which clearly reiterates to us the interest in the i360 from outside the UK.

The very professionally shot video shows the features of the i360 stand including how users can remove the claw on the device to upgrade for new generations of the iPad. The video also demonstrates how you can rotate the screen of the iPad as well as tilt the screen up to 90 degrees.

The white stand in the video is gleaming, exactly as every stand that goes through our doors. The professionally shot video really picks up the black and chrome features against the gloss white base and claw and completely emphasises the aesthetically pleasing design of the i360 iPad Stand.

Take a look at the video of the i360 here on YouTube.

The Apple App Store Keeps on Growing

March 28th, 2012

Since the launch of the iTunes and the iPhone the App Store has been hugely successful. Now we are 2 years into the iPad era, and 5 years into the iPhone era, the App Store is seeing phenomenal growth.

The App Store now has just over 180,000 dedicated apps for the iPad after the device has been around two years. This is comparable to two years after the iPhone was launched which had 200,000 dedicated apps after the same time period. The figures do prove that developers prefer to design a universal app that us available for both the iPad and the iPhone in one download, many just using the x2 feature to expand the iPhone display to the iPad size. this was always a poor representation of the app and thankfully now the New iPad that has hit the shelves will continue to show this solution as poor.

The Apple iPad app store is also the most expensive mobile app store in the market too. In app purchases through the app store have contributed to this success. Subscription levels for the Apple Newsstand App are very high on the iPad, perhaps this is because the iPad may be more business orientated or is it because the larger screen is easier for users to read the content?

Either way, with the recent arrival of the New iPad the App Store can only get better.

iPad Stand Europe

March 27th, 2012

The i360 iPad Stand always receives great feedback from our international customers, including most of the European countries.

The i360 is so unique and the stand out design of the product really turns heads and grabs attention. You can be sure if the i360 is on your desk someone will be intrigued! The chrome features of the stand really give the product a different perspective and clearly make if stand out from any other stand in the market.

We have recognised the international demand for the i360 and simplified the shipping options for the iPad stand. All European countries (including many others) are catered for in the checkout process of the site. Each delivery is shipped by internationally recognised couriers such as FedEx and DHL to make sure your iPad stand arrives safe and sound.

Please visit the store pages and be sure to chat to our online help if you have any questions about your order.

Your New iPad Lies to You

March 26th, 2012

Well… about the battery status at least!

It was discovered earlier this week that even though your decice’s battery reports a full 100% charge, it could actually be as low as 90% and still need another 1 or 2 hours plugged in to get the maximum charge. This has been most evident with the New iPad but it appears that all iOS devices report a difference.

Why do Apple do this? For your safety of course. The algorithm run by Apple to count and monitor the battery life is set to report as a full charge before the device has reached its fully charged state. This is both for our safety and for the ongoing health of the iPad and the battery and to extend the life of the battery too.

This has all come to light because the battery on the New iPad is huge compared to the battery on the previous generations of the iPad. The high powered battery has to power the new retina display and the A5X chip at the heart of the device, not a simple task!

Predictably Apple will surely update this with the next iOS upgrade. But until then, if you need the most out of your Apple equipment, leave it on charge for a bit longer than the 100% marker.

Are iPads Going to Overtake PC Sales?

March 25th, 2012

It’s a good question that is on a lot of analysts lips, as well as stock brokers!

The iPad and New iPad have sold a phenomenal amount of units this month. With the launch of the New iPad only half way through the month, and Apple on target to sell 12 million units by the end of the month alone we are reminded of their overall market share in comparison to PC’s.

Apple have seen a constant increase year on year for iPad sales, with the second year being 111% up on the previous, and this year predicted to be 156% up on last year it appears demand is only going one way and that is up- on a very steep incline!

Of course we must remember that the tablet market doesn’t really exist without Apple. Many other companies including the worlds most successful PC manufacturers have tried their hand at creating tablets and failed. Apple have succeeded and set a president for the tablet market; their device is the best and you will have to be pretty special to come close or beat them!

So will iPads ever replace or take over PC’s? Ultimately I think there is a very good argument for both to stay and comfortably work alongside each other. Being a designer at heart, I couldn’t imagine drawing or creating models using an iPad; that’s what a Mac is for! However, 5-10 years ago I couldn’t have seen myself sat at home writing emails and working from a device thinner and smaller than my A4 notepad!

Is Your New iPad “Hot Stuff”?

March 24th, 2012

Reports have been flooding in to news sites this week from all across the globe claiming that the New Apple iPad (still referred to by many as the iPad 3) has been getting rather hot with extended use.

In tests run by American blog sites the New iPad was set to run a demanding, high-graphics game for 45 minutes on a wi-fi connection and reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit. They initially said that the new iPad was still comfortable to hold at these temperatures, but soon changed their mind as more and more heated reports were coming in. Some of the reports suggested that the iPad became too hot to charge and people have had to turn the device off and let it rest before putting it on charge.

The simple truth? The New iPad will be hotter than the iPad 2 because it has more processing power and a brighter, higher resolution screen. The new iPad does have a lot going on inside that very slim outer shell. As soon as the iPhone 4S came out there were similar reports of the phone getting hot and in extreme circumstances melting a case surrounding the phone. Apple seemingly fixed the problem with a software update and I’m sure there will be a software update coming soon to allay any potential problems.

In the meantime, it’s bad news if you can’t put your New iPad down…

Use the i360 Stand as a Drum Machine

March 23rd, 2012

The new app launched from Fingerlab puts you in control of a vintage drum machine, turning the iPad into a beat-making, finger-tapping fun and creative machine.

The app is not just made for fun, it does have a specific purpose for professional musicians also who can pick any one of the range of drum machines available in the app, including 64 electronic kits, 19 vintage drum kits and 45 custom made drum kits. Obviously the drum screen layout and workings are perfect for the iPad screen and display size.

The Drum Machine app from Fingerlab will work great combined with the Black i360 iPad Stand. You can position the i360 at any angle to make it comfortable to play the drums. You could even position the iPad stand with the iPad among other music equipment to become part of your kit!

Sony are bringing Music Unlimited to the iPad

March 22nd, 2012

Sony have announced their plans to bring the Music Unlimited service to the iPhone and iPad.

With stiff competition from Spotify and Rhapsody, as well as Apple’s own iTunes music store, how far and how successful do we think the Music Unlimited service will be on the iOS platform?

The current Music Unlimited service is currently only available on Android and Sony’s own PS Vita, but with iOS as the third platform, and more and more in the planning, Sony look to be bringing their service to every available platform.

Sony however are still keeping their music as part of the iTunes store, well to remove it would probably commercial suicide in one sense. For some avid Sony Music fans do you think it would make them switch from their regular iTunes accounts over the Music Unlimited?

The other main consideration for creating the Sony Music app for the iPad is that it would rely on the device having a constant internet connection, could this be a stumbling block and increase already demanding data plans for each device?

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