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Draw Something Craze Sweeps the Nation

April 30th, 2012

Draw Something, the relatively new app from OMGPOP has been getting the UK addicted to drawing with their friends! The app has a very simple interface allowing you to draw with players from all over the world, including those closer to home too – or even in the same house as you!

The rules of the game are simple; you have to draw or illustrate one of three words given to you for your opponent to guess. Each word has a different amount of coins allocated to it depending on how difficult the word could be to draw. It is simply a virtual game of pictionary! The coins that are earnt throughout the game can be spent on bombs and colours to help with drawing and guessing the pictures. The app seamlessly links into Facebook and other social networking sites to allow you to draw and connect with your friends.

The app has been optimised for both the iPad and the iPhone displays, though it has to be said that drawing on the iPad is a lot easier than on the iPhone! Maybe even put the iPad on the i360 stand? The stand works really well as an easel for your drawings!

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The iPad is Making Customers Switch to Apple

April 28th, 2012

Off the back of reports that “the iPad” is potentially going to become an accepted term for a general “tablet computer”, it turns out this particular tablet computer is making customers turn to the Apple brand.

One in four iPad purchases in the USA are the first introduction to an Apple product in that household. Though one in five households in the USA already own an Apple product, of the remaining percentage, the New Apple iPad is making them turn to Apple. In a country where the mac computer is accepted just as much or more than the traditional microsoft windows based platform, for the iPad to be the chosen product for customers to venture into Apple products is a great leap forwards.

Everything is on the rise for the unstoppable Cupertino company, as Apple stocks and value soars in the stock market and the company just keep going from strength to strength. The main products for the company at the moment are clearly the iPad and the iPhone. Following on from other recent reports, it proves that once people have bought into Apple products and the Apple brand it just keeps on going!

Are Apple unstoppable? I hope so.

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iPad Reading Stand

April 27th, 2012

We all know that the Kindle is the market leader in eBook readers at the moment, but the iPad is certainly hot on its heels. With the recent introduction of the New iPad, the ultra high resolution retina display is easy for the eyes to read and see clearly. The Kindle App for the iPad and iPhone available from the App Store will keep all of your downloaded books to either the Kindle or the iPad and have them readily available on any of your devices.

We all like getting cosy with a good book and a hot drink, and maybe a biscuit too (well, that’s my choice). You can do exactly the same with the iPad. The eBooks are often a lot cheaper than the real paperback or hardback versions too, and you can read reviews of every book from the store before you download, what more could you want?

The i360 stand is perfect for using with the iPad when you’re reading. You can angle the screen of the iPad to any angle you want from 0 to 90°, the screen will be held in any position in between to give you the perfect viewing angle. You can also rotate the screen, again so that can be angled to your perfect position for reading. eBooks are a real step forwards, so leap forwards in the technology too and invest in the i360 stand, you won’t be disappointed.

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iPad Desktop Stand

April 26th, 2012

You could not find a more perfect desktop stand for the iPad than an i360 Stand.

If you are using the iPad stand for a desk there are certain functions you will need as a minimum from the device:

1) Non slip feet: for glossy or highly polished desk surfaces the i360 has non slip rubber feet to make sure the stand stays put during use.

2) Ability to change viewing angle: most stands have a set degree angle that the screen will need to be viewed at. The i360 is a few steps ahead and has the ability to hold any viewing angle from 0° to 90°, so if your perfect angle to view the screen is at 72° then this is the position that will be held by the iPad (you can’t actually measure the angle though).

3) Portrait or landscape viewing: the i360 caters for not only portrait or landscape in the easy rotating transition, but everything in between!

4) Stable base: with its uniquely shaped base (mirroring the shape of the original iPad) the i360 has a perfect weight balancing system to make sure that it won’t tip over on the desk or move about during use.

Cold you find a more perfect desktop stand for any generation of the Apple iPad? I don’t think so.

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Record Profits for Apple’s 2012 Q2 Earnings Report

April 25th, 2012

Apple posted their quarterly earnings report yesterday for 2012 Q2, and even the analysts haven’t predicted figures and profits quite this high! (even the analysts who changed their minds and increased their guesses are still wrong!)

The tech giant’s quarterly revenue total is $39.2 billion, with net profit standing at $11.6 billion. This quarter saw the release of the New iPad and the device had three weeks total sales within the quarter, of which the launch weekend of the device saw sales of 3 million units alone!

The sales figures are:

iPad – 11.8 million

iPhone – 35.1 million

Macs – 4 million

iPods – 7.7 million

The last two quarters have seen drops in sales of the iPod year on year, but the device has only had minor upgrades and changes when the product refresh time of year has come about, and with the rest of the Apple range catching up and having all the functionality of the iPod, I think sales will continue to drop in this area as the other areas increase. Who needs an iPod when you can have an iPhone that does exactly the same thing and more?

Tim Cook promised that across teh year we are going to see “a lot more innovation that only Apple can deliver”. Thanks Tim, we can’t wait to see it.

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Are There Still Issues with the Production of the Retina Display?

April 24th, 2012

The retina display of the New Apple iPad is the most talked about new feature on the new iPad. Never mind the ultra-high quality camera or the new super-fast A5X processor, the retina display is where it is at. However, it has been reported by AppleInsider that Apple are continuing to have issues with the supply chain for the new display panels.

The high-spec panels are currently sourced from Samsung (yes, the company who is in constant court battles with Apple), and with Samsung being the sole supplier of the panels for all of the iPads so far. It is thought that LG have been asked to produce the retina panels for the iPad and are beginning to do so for the second quarter of 2012. Sharp are also closely linked to the retina display and have said to be looking to be producing the displays at a good output rate ready for Apple in the fall of 2012.

With Sharp expecting to work with Apple on the new Apple TV/iPanel project as well – is this why they aren’t currently up-to-speed on producing the display panels for any existing projects? Are they busy working on other projects for Apple “behind the scenes”?

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Men Prefer iPads than Women?

April 23rd, 2012

Well for all the women out there I guess this comes as no surprise; I’m sure there are more people than just me who at times are a “games console widow”.

This latest poll conducted by RoxyPalace online casino reveals that 11% of men would prefer Apple’s New iPad to a new woman in their life. Does that mean they are not happy with the woman they are with and would happily trade her in for the precious tablet instead? Or does it mean that men really do want a New iPad so much they will give their right arm – with their partner on it – to have the device.

Speaking as a “games console widow”, Apple are only making the situation worse for many women who are often sidelined for their men to spend time playing the huge range of apps on the iPad, let alone playing apps on the new glossy retina display of the new iPad. They say shiny things always distract women; well men are definitely distracted by the retina display!

3% of men said they would “ditch” their current partner to get their hands on Apple’s New iPad, but after saying that I’m sure they won’t be getting their hands on any women any time soon!

I wonder what the results would have been if the question was asked back the other way?

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iPad Secure Stand

April 21st, 2012

Secure stands for the iPad don’t come any more secure than the i370 Lockdown stand for all generations of the Apple iPad.

The i370 is a lockable iPad stand, holding the iPad in a metal enclosure which securely encases the iPad so it cannot be taken out of the stand. The stand itself will then fix securely to a surface using a VESA mounting facility hidden within the base of the stand. (more…)

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iPad Music Stand

April 20th, 2012


A search for music apps in the Apple App Store will bring up 11187 apps, all optimised for use on the Apple iPad. Whether it be the New Apple iPad, or the first or second generation versions of the device the tablet is definitely a must-have piece of kit for musicians. The apps range from simple pieces of software where you can listen to music by streaming or picking selected songs from your iTunes library, right through to apps where you can create and produce music.

Apps like Music Studio and Music Studio Lite from Alexander Gross incorporate the full music making experience. The lite version of the app has a keyboard and 11 other instruments built in for you to play (there are 65 instruments in the full version). The music or melodies that have been created can then be mixed on a 127 track sequencer to give you a real studio experience, right from your own home and at a fraction of the cost, even free with the lite version.

If you simply like to use Safari on the iPad to view sheet music and tabs for playing instruments, then this is where the i360 stand will come into its own for you. The stand has such a varied array of positions, and each position will be held by the stand. You can tilt the screen of the iPad (whether it be portrait or landscape or in between) up to a full 90 degrees, so taking the iPad from a flat position to a vertical position. Each position in between flat and vertical will still be held by the stand, so if the perfect angle for you to see the screen whilst playing your guitar is 57 degrees, then this is where the i360 stand will hold you music, and nothing else.

The stand is so versatile it really must be experienced to be believed. If you are using the i360 iPad Stand for music, you won’t be disappointed.

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iPad Stand Review

April 19th, 2012

We are very lucky to have had lots of different people from different industries and walks of life to have reviewed the i360 stand.

Josh at (now provided the i360 with a glowing review in September 2011. He road tested the white i360 stand and was “very impressed” with the functionality, stability and the stand itself. He commented “… we feel the design fits well with the Apple ethos, and allows for exceptional practicality and a level of customisation that puts it ahead of its rivals. Of all the iPad stands we have come across, this is our favourite by far.”
Click here to read Josh’s review at

Because of the individuality and stylish design of the i360 we have also been privileged to have James from trial the i360 stand. James used the stand as part of his DJing equipment along with an iPad app from Algoriddim specifically designed for DJ’s. The stand not only looked great incorporated in his equipment set up, but it performed perfectly and gave James exactly the amount of flexibility combined with the sturdiness he needs from the iPad Stand. As you can imagine at a gig things can get crowded and rowdy and bumped around, but with his iPad held securely in the i360 stand James didn’t have to worry.
See the video James created featuring the i360 stand here.

We have also added a review section to the site here at – meaning each product can be given reviews from our customers, giving you confidence when you place an order. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your i360 and our lovely customers want to shout about how happy they are!

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