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Is Microsoft Office Coming to the iPad on November 10th?

May 31st, 2012

The date has been confirmed by The Daily and links neatly into the report released earlier last week that Microsoft Office for iPad will launch in November.

The company reports that Microsoft have already completed their creation and build of the suite and that it is currently with the Metro compliance team to assess the design language. Once this stage of the app has been completed it will then be passed to the Apple App Store approval team for approval and release into the iOS App Store. The question does arise though as to why the app is created now and yet only due for release in November 2012? Though now a launch date has been leaked the likelihood of Microsoft releasing the app on this date would now be highly unlikely.

The impending release of the Microsoft Office suite for iPad will not include Outlook, this is being slimmed down and is due for a separate release onto the device. At the moment the Office suite for iOS is expected to include Word, Excel and Powerpoint, following some leaked screen shots showing Office running on the iPad. Microsoft however have said that these screen shots are untrue.

All will be revealed – hopefully – in November when the App is released.

Tim Cook Speaks at the D10 Conference

May 30th, 2012

Tim Cook has conducted his first interview since being appointed as CEO of Apple Inc. yesterday at the tenth All Things Digital Conference.

The interview took place in Rancho Palos Verdes in California, with Cook appearing on stage alongside journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. Steve Jobs appeared at these conferences over his time as CEO of Apple, most famously in 2007 when he faced off against the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Cook gave a real overview into what is happening at Apple currently, of course no mentions of new or upcoming products but he did hint at a product release for the World Wide District Conference (WWDC) on June 11th.

When asked about the iPad Tim Cook re-iterated that the iPad is not meant to replace the computer or the Mac. He stated that “the tablet is different”, and also adding that Apple didn’t invent the tablet market, “we (they) invented the modern tablet”. And that is clearly what they have done. A simple info-graphic posted last year online showed the difference in the tablet pre and post the iPad, and it is so clear that Apple’s design and influence has taken hold of the whole market and shaped it into what it is today, for the better.

Cook also bravely addressed the ongoing patent battles between Apple and many other tech manufacturers and developers, citing that he thinks patents are a huge “pain in the ass”. He likened the patent situation to a painting, stating that Apple don’t want to spend time and care on creating the painting for someone else to come along and put their name to it. He also added that Apple have not sued anyone over “standards-essential” patents that they own, like the ability to connect to a 3G network, because both he and the company agree it would be “fundamentally wrong” to do that.

These conferences are great for Apple fans across the world to get an insight into the mind of the CEO and the company, thank you AllThingsD.

Samsung Fight Back Claiming their 4G Galaxy Tab is NOT in Direct Competition with the iPad 2

May 29th, 2012

Yes… you read that correctly. Samsung are fighting back against the impending sales ban on their Galaxy Tab by stating that the 4G capable device is not in direct competition with the Apple iPad 2, because it is 4G enabled.

The battle is for the US market and a potential US-wide sales ban, so Samsung should have thought long and hard about this one! However somehow forgetting that the 4G/3G networks are backwards compatible and anyone who purchases a 4G tablet can use it on a 3G network – never mind thinking about the Wi-Fi capabilities of the devices, or even the offline capabilities!

The judge has indicated that she believes “Samsung are a reckless infringer and that the Galaxy Tab should be shut down sooner rather than later”.

Both the CEO’s of Apple and Samsung met last week for court-appointed settlement talks, to try and bring the dispute that is taking place in ten countries to a conclusion. The ten countries have over 30 cases between Apple and Samsung, all with Samsung appearing at the raw end of the deal.

Will it ever stop? I don’t think so, but what do you think?

Dual Dock Connector iPad Prototype Surfaces on eBay

May 28th, 2012

But… it is an old prototype – even before the original, first generation iPad.

The prototype has two dock connector ports, one in a landscape position and one in a portrait position, initially to make charging and docking the iPad easier. It does look quite ugly though, which is probably why Apple decided against the full production models of the iPad like this. Having two dock connectors on a New iPad or even an iPad 2 would be even more obsolete now with the introduction of iOS 5 and the iCloud, people rarely “dock” or connect the iPad to a computer for syncing now with these online services and online set up.

The listing on eBay shows that it is an iPad prototype and has prototype identification numbers printed on the outer, but no printed “iPad” name. Was this prototype even made before they decided on the name “iPad”? The device is in working order apart from an unresponsive touchscreen and it is running Apple’s Switchboard testing software, which in itself I’m sure developers would love to get their hands on.

The auction is currently listed for a short time frame – probably so Apple’s lawyers can’t get onto this and end it prematurely! But with the current $4,800 price tag and a Buy It Now price of $10,000 it is a very expensive iPad indeed!

iPad Stand Reviews

May 27th, 2012

Do you like to read reviews of products before you buy something? You and the rest of the population, including us! We know how buying something over the internet can still feel risky at times so at Intelligent Touch we do everything we can to help reassure you about your purchase.

All of the Intelligent Touch products for sale here on have a section for reviews; good, honest reviews from our customers are key to our business and we are lucky enough to receive fantastic feedback on both the products and the service we provide.

The most recent review of the i370 Locking iPad Stand was from Jamie – who purchased two of the i370 units and needed them in time for a certain event. His review reads:

“Safe, secure, ideal for showing an iPad in one location as you can secure it to a wall with screws. Excellent buy. Service from was amazing, constantly updated about my order and delivered within a few days! Highly recommended!”

If you have purchased an i360 stand from us at please feel free to post your own review on the product for other users to see. Each review gets submitted for moderation (only so we can make sure the language is appropriate – I promise the honest reviews are submitted!) and you can see it on the site the same day and help other users to experience the i360 or i370 stands like you are.

iPad Adjustable Stand

May 26th, 2012

Too many of the iPad stands currently on the market are a “one fits all” stand, where you are stuck using the iPad in one position throughout the stands life. These stands are too restricting and this is certainly not the case with the i360 New iPad Stand.

We believe that the stand you use to house the iPad should be as flexible and adjustable as the iPad itself and this is exactly what we have created with the i360. 360 is in the name and nature of the product; the 360° rotation of the screen being one of the most talked about features, (more…)

iPad Typing Stand

May 25th, 2012

What is important for me when I’m typing on an iPad? Firstly, I have to use a stand to type as to lie the iPad flat on a desk – much like typing on a completely flat computer keyboard, is very uncomfortable.

Many stands have been designed and claim to be “typing stands” for the iPad – but have you ever tried actually typing on one? Have you seen the “jelly-wobble” feedback that you get when you press on the screen of the iPad? Some of the stands wobble that much you might mistake yourself for actually being on a ship with the rocking motion that brings!
To type on an iPad stand you need to make sure that the device doesn’t wobble or move when you are writing.

This is where the i360 comes into it’s element. It is not a flat typing stand. Nor is it a “wobbly” stand. The i360 has been designed for the weight to be perfectly counteracted when you are pressing on the screen. If you have typing fingers like a herd of elephants then you will always get a wobble from a stand (maybe even breakage!), but the i360 will ensure that any normal typing on the screen is absorbed into the specially designed and shaped supporting arms, and the wobble gets dispersed through the rest of the stand so doesn’t feedback to the screen.

You can angle the screen of the i360 to be anything between 0 and 90 degrees, so you can find the perfect angle where you can see the screen and type at the same time. The transition between landscape and portrait mode is also very, very easy. So if you read the screen in portrait mode, decide you want to type on the large keyboard in landscape mode, you simply rotate the screen around to the position you need.

Take a look at the i360 store pages and the image gallery here.

iPad Metal Stand

May 24th, 2012

Using metal for an aesthetic product can often be a deterrent for many people. Here at Intelligent Touch we like to see all sides to a product and have used metal and all its strengths to create a solution for a lockable, secure iPad Stand to house the iPad 2 and New iPad.

So you think metal is clunky? Unattractive? The i370 will prove you wrong. (more…)

Apple File to Ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 In the US

May 23rd, 2012

Just when we think the legal battles between Apple and Samsung are quietening down Apple decide to heat up the war… again.

Apple’s latest battle is going to cause problems for the 10.1 tablet manufacturer; they want a US wide sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Again, the cause for the sales ban is because Samsung are accused of “copying” the design features of the Apple iPad and putting each one into their tablet design. It has also been previously agreed that the design of the Galaxy Tab does infringe some of Apple’s patents, so it is quite likely that the ban will come into force.

Apple have given Samsung 4 days to respond to the injunction, with the two companies CEO’s due to meet yesterday to “talk” about the companies.

Samsung are part of the supply chain for the Apple iPad and a key part too, would this sales ban bring the other divisions of the company into unrest? Apple have been successful in getting sales bans against the tablet in other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, but a ban in America will see Samsung severely hurt.

This is all due to be decided by the end of the week.

Illustrating the London 2012 Olympic Games – From an iPad

May 22nd, 2012

This is exactly what British Artist Tim Vyner is doing this year at the London 2012 Games.

Tim Vyner famously illustrated the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 using watercolours, taking a sketchbook, paints and paper with him to every event he wanted to record. This clearly was not easy, with security being so high at each venue he was very often questioned and in some cases not allowed past security. As security will be so tight here at the London Olympics Tim has decided to take a trusted tablet with him instead to use to illustrate the games.

The range of drawing and painting apps now available on the iPad is vast, where you can easily pick different colours and effects for the paintings rather than carrying around lots of equipment!

Tim Vyner has now been picked to be the official Olympic Artist for the Times Online, posting each of his illustrations direct to their website which will have full coverage of the Olympic games. This area of their website is only available to subscribers of the Times Online. Tim is also following a succession of other artists to make famous paintings using the Apple device, including infamous British Artist David Hockney who has held several “iPad” drawing exhibitions, and also Jorge Colombo, who uses the Brushes App on the iPhone to paint cityscapes.

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