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Rotating iPad Stand

June 30th, 2012

Want a rotating iPad Stand? In essence you wouldn’t think you are asking for much, but looking at all of the iPad stands on the market currently, you might think you were! However – do not dismay – the i360 stand is THE ROTATING STAND you need.

Not only does the i360 iPad 2 stand rotate between portrait and landscape viewing of the screen of the iPad, it will ENDLESSLY rotate! So you can continually spin the screen of the New iPad round and round and round. (more…)

iPad Secure Stand

June 29th, 2012

Do you need a secure stand for an iPad? Looking to use an iPad on display but want to make sure it stays where you left it? You need the i370 Lockdown Stand for iPad 2 and New iPad.

The Apple iPad since it’s launch has always been a highly desirable item, even for those not willing to pay for it! Yet the range of apps available for the device make it perfect for use in all different environments and circumstances; for POS in retail, to show your company website at an exhibition, for displaying your product catalogue on the shop floor, the list is endless. (more…)

iPad 2 Stand – the i360 Stand

June 28th, 2012

ipad 2 stand - the i360 stand

Since the introduction of the New Apple iPad, the second generation tablet – the iPad 2 – has remained on sale and seen great results. Not all consumers need or want the retina display tablet for the additional cost and are more than satisfied using the functionality of the Apple iPad 2.

The iPad 2 at launch was a real step forward in manufacturing and design; to have a tablet device only 9mm thick (more…)

iPad Soars in Education in America

June 27th, 2012

Apple are successfully breaking into the Education Sector in America as this week the San Diego Unified School District have announced they are purchasing approx. 26,000 iPads for use in schools across their district.

As soon as the iBooks app was updated (to iBooks 2), Apple had firmly set their stance in the education sector by adding additional compatibility and features to the app for textbooks, including highlighting specific text areas, interaction with the images in the ebooks etc. This San Diego district have chosen to invest in Apple’s second generation device to bring all of those features to the students in their schools.

The purchase of the iPad 2′s is being funded by a program called “Proposition S”, who are there to bring up to date technology into classrooms. And the $15 million investment from the program will certainly bring up to date technology to these students, and also ever expanding and ever growing technology as Apple continue to develop both the apps and the operating systems on the device. The tablets are currently set to be used by both 5th and 8th grade students, with some high school students also being able to use the iPads.

Apple are of course hopeful of more purchases from this sector, and the CFO of Apple Peter Oppenheimer notes that as America enter the buying season for schools he hopes that more districts and schools will be opting for the iPad for their classrooms.

Apple Receives Fine for Australian 4G Claim

June 26th, 2012

Last week Apple received their fine of $2.29 million for falsely advertising the New iPad and it’s 4G capability in Australia, but how will this news affect other countries where the New iPad is being sold as 4G capable?

The case was started very shortly after the release of the New iPad in Australia, where the company claimed, marketed and sold the New iPad as “iPad with Wifi + 4G”. However the New iPad cannot connect to the current 4G LTE network currently in Australia therefore misleading consumers to buy the third generation tablet. The company have not argued the fine and the delay has merely been whilst the judge considered the number of purchases and refunds on the device. The judge ruled that apple deliberately misled the public and contravened the consumer law in Australia.

How will this affect other countries and mobile carriers? Apple are now marketing the New 4G capable iPad as “Wifi + Cellular” in all countries outside of the USA. Even if there was a 4G capable network in the UK the likelihood that the current device would work on this network is slim to none also, therefore rendering the “4G” claims as obsolete.

Even with the device only running at 3G speeds, it’s still a great tablet!

Is the iPad Stopping People Buying Notebooks?

June 25th, 2012

As sales of the Apple iPad in both its second and third generation continue to grow, PC makers are remaining “optimistic” over their sales increasing in the second half of 2012.

The iPad has long been thought of by many as a secondary item to a laptop, but with the release of iOS 5 allowing activation of the tablet device over a Wifi network the iPad has gradually been eating into the market share of notebooks. The ever expanding range of apps for the iPad mean that as the developers allow, the iPad has become a replacement for the small notebook laptop.

It has been argued that tablet devices focus on entertainment rather than working and learning, however Apple are rapidly trying to quash that mindset with their recent advertising campaigns and developments in education. The launch of the updated iBooks app with the fantastic text book support features ensure that the iPad will be at the forefront of education, and with new productivity apps being produced every day the firm stance the iPad had in the market place is growing ever sturdier.

PC and notebook makers are fighting back and remaining “optimistic” though as the launch of the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor and Windows 8 will hopefully give a new dimension and experience to notebook and PC users. The current slump in the market is down to the global recession – according to the Chairman of Wistron Simon Lin. He believes the iPad is in a completely new market and as soon as the recession is in a slow upwards turn and with the release of Ivy Bridge processors and Windows 8 notebook sales will recover and pick up.

iPad Holder Stand

June 24th, 2012

What would you look for in an iPad Holder Stand? Well obviously the stand needs to hold the iPad securely and safely, and also be sturdy and robust. This is exactly what you get from the i360 iPad stand from Intelligent Touch.

The i360 stand has a unique gripping claw which securely holds the iPad in position. (more…)

iPad Stand for Bed

June 23rd, 2012

Watching movies on your iPad in bed or catching up on TV shows using your iPad when lying in bed is becoming more and more popular. No longer are TV sets in the bedroom the thing to have.¬†Couples are enjoying the flexibility that the iPad can give them, where your partner can use the iPad and headphones to watch a completely different show or film to you and you don’t have to be disturbed!

The only thing that may interrupt your sleep is your partner trying to get comfortable whilst watching the iPad in bed. If you’re watching a film at over two hours long it is very difficult to hold the iPad in a comfortable position for that length of time! This is where you need to treat your partner to an i360 iPad Stand as a gift. The i360 stand will securely hold the iPad 2 or New iPad into its gripping claw which is then held onto the sturdy base. The unique positioning and movement available from the iPad stand makes it perfect for use in bed as you can get the perfect angle you need, no fighting with pillows to try and position yourself for the iPad, just position the iPad to you instead!

We have created youtube video’s showing the individual movements available from the i360 stand which you can see here, you will see why the stand is perfect for use in bed.

Stand for iPad

June 22nd, 2012

Here at we do exactly what it says on the tin РiPad Stands. We are proud to be the manufacturers and distributors of our very own i360 iPad Stand that is approved as a 3rd Party Accessory by Apple Store UK.

The i360 Stand for the iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad is a truly unique product (more…)

iPad Monitor Stand

June 21st, 2012

Do you often use your iPad as an additional monitor for your MacBook? With the great new extended display apps available for the iPad (very cost effective – or some even free!) this is a great solution for people who have a “Mac Office”.

The iPad can be used as a second monitor display for your MacBook, which is great for you to be able to keep emails open on one screen and work in other office or design programs on the other screen! If you’ve never used a second display for your computer, try it! You will wonder what you have been missing out on.

To get the perfect position for the iPad is difficult though, do you want it at the same height as your Macbook? Similar height? Which orientation do you prefer it in? Well the i360 stand will solve all of this for you. You can easily switch the iPad between landscape and portrait mode by simply rotating the screen of the device. The New iPad is securely held within the claw of the i360 iPad Stand so you don’t ahve to worry about the angle dropping or moving whilst you are working.

The stand will also allow you to tilt the screen of the iPad up to 90degrees, so you can angle the screen perfectly for your sitting position, much like angling the screen on your MacBook!

Take a look at the i360 store pages here, you won’t be disappointed.


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