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Will September 12th See the iPad Mini Unveiling?

July 31st, 2012

Rumours are all over the internet this morning with a “confirmed” date of September 12th for an Apple Event.

The report and rumour originally came from AllThingsD, who have a close relationship with Apple and the heads of the business. However, none would be as loose-lipped to tell of such an event so early. The report has now been backed up by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, as well as The Verge, The New York Times and Bloomberg.

What devices will September 12th see? This time of year is always associated with the launch of the new iPhone, namely we are expecting to see the iPhone 5 this year. But also, with the iPad Mini being talked about all across the internet on blog sites will Apple launch this tablet in a bid to quash any potential competition for smaller tablets? Even though Steve Jobs himself said anything smaller than the iPad screen is neither a tablet nor a phone and would struggle for a marketplace, both Google and Amazon have successfully launched the cheaper, 7″ alternatives to the iPad.

September 12th is a way off yet, though I’m sure this date will be talked about for a while!


A New Tablet? An iPad Rival? From Soulja Boy?

July 30th, 2012

Yes, you did read the title of the post correctly.

US Rapper Soulja Boy has worked with tech company Tokova to develop a 7inch tablet device, titled the “Tiger Shark Soulja Boy Edition”.

The ridiculously named tablet is running the latest Android operating system (again, the naming of the Android Operating systems still confuses me… Ice Cream Sandwich? Jelly Bean?) which you would hope would make the tablet more affordable than the Apple/Jobs/Ive designed device. However, the retail price for the tablet is $599, which happens to be the same price as an iPad. Would you rather have a 7″ tablet from Soulja Boy? Or a 9.7″ tablet from Apple?

The simple design of the device does look similar to the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tablets? Do we think there may be another court case for copying on the horizon, or do you think Apple and Samsung may not bother such a small company with such a small projected number of sales (!).

Security for iPad

July 29th, 2012

iPad security is the top of the list for business who are using the coveted Apple tablet. Not only do you want your device to stay safe, you also need to know that the staff using the tablet will not be put in jeopardy and that the data on the device will stay secure and safe also.

This is where the i370 stand will suit your needs.

If you are using the iPad in a retail or exhibition environment and can have the iPad mounted onto a fixed surface, then the i370 stand will do the rest for you. The stand has the capability to cover the home button of the iPad so users cannot switch apps on the device, meaning it needn’t be supervised if staffing is short in supply. The secure metal enclosure will keep your tablet and data and staff safe.

Keeping the tablet to just one app is great for nearly all users, but occasionally the exhibitors may want to change the app running on the device. Have you thought of enabling the multi touch gestures on the iPad? Where by you can 5-finger swipe between the current running apps on the tablet without needing access to the home button.

Security for the iPad, iPad 2 and New Apple iPad – here at Intelligent Touch.

iPad Mounts

July 27th, 2012

Are you looking to mount an iPad on a wall? Or fix to a desk? Or even mount in a retail environment? If so, then you have come to the right place. The store from Intelligent Touch has a wide range of iPad mounts available for all generations of the Apple tablet, including the New iPad (or a some call it the iPad 3).

The i360 stand comes with standard “keyway” mounts in the base, meaning you can affix the iPad held securely in the stand to any flat surface. The base of the stand can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode, and you can of course rotate the main arm structure and iPad itself to any orientation or angle in between the set 90° positions.

We also have a secure wall mount for use in a busy retail environment where the iPad is held in a fixed angled position. Unlike all the other secure wall stands the i370 allows you to rotate the screen of the iPad through 360 degrees to easily switch between portrait and landscape viewing mode for the device. This is such a great feature and the free flowing rotation of the stand is truly unique.

Click here to see the i300 range of mounts for yourself.


APPLE’s CFO Says Rumours are Affecting Sales

July 26th, 2012

Apple started saying this at the end of last year with the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S episode in September. Many blog sites previous to the launch had been predicting Apple to launch the iPhone 5 whereas some had still maintained it would be an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. Those who were right clearly gave themselves a pat on the back, but also gained more respect from Apple. (more…)

Apple Q3 Earnings Report – There’s No Stopping Them

July 25th, 2012

Yesterday Apple released their earnings report for the third quarter, with again phenomenal figures for the quarter and year on year growth surpassing expectations!

As always, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an earnings call to the company confirming the continual increase in their year on year results. (more…)

The 2002 iPad Prototype Revealed

July 24th, 2012

Images of what has been called the “035 iPad Prototype” have surfaced all across websites this weekend as images of their early tablet designs surface from court papers on the design patents.

The ongoing court battles between Samsung and Apple are revealing lots of information about the companies, with this latest information of the 1 inch thick prototype iPad – the 035 – from 2002, yet Steve Jobs himself denied that Apple were working on a tablet device but a year later.

The reasons Apple weren’t working on a tablet from Steve himself; because tablet computers were for “a bunch of rich guys who can afford their third computers”. Fairly enough, at the time the technology needed for the “iPad” was very new and very expensive and it is only since the technology has become such more available in the 8 years since the initial designs and the launch of the tablet that the company can now produce a cost effective tablet.

The two companies tech battles see them arguing for sales bans and patents across the globe, with the UK judge ruling that Apple need to advertise the Galaxy Tab on the Apple UK website.

Will the two companies ever rest? As Samsung are part of the supply chain for the iPad at least if they can’t make their own tablet successful they should be happy their parts are still selling?

Qantas Now Using iPads for In-Flight Entertainment

July 23rd, 2012

Earlier this week it was announced that Qantas Airlines are swapping all 1,300 Blackberry phones used by their staff to iPhones – maybe for the “Find My Friends” app – so they can keep track on all their employees across the world.

The Apple program within the company has now been expanded dramatically as the company are starting to roll out iPads for use across their fleet of 23 Boeing 767 planes. Each plane has between 229 and 254 seats meaning the total purchase of iPads for the planes will be in excess of 5000.

Qantas are the first company to roll out iPads across their flights to all passengers, regardless of the class they are travelling in. Each seat across both economy and business class will have access to an iPad which is linked to the airlines QStreaming service. This is powered by Panasonic and offers passengers access to a huge on-demand program service. The company also note that they are the first to adopt the streaming service over a Wi-Fi connection.

Qantas ran a pilot scheme for the iPads earlier this year, trialing the system on some of their planes and some flights. The trial was clearly successful and the roll out will begin in the fourth quarter of this year. Along with the company rolling out an additional 2,200 iPads as a replacement for the pilot fight bags and manuals, looks like a great uptake for Apple!

iPad Stand for Bed

July 22nd, 2012

If you love watching movies or playing games on your iPad in bed then you will know how uncomfortable it can be after a length of time. Trying to find a comfortable position to last the 2 hours of a film is near impossible, craning your neck or your back and fighting with the pillows to get in a good position, all for it to only last a few minutes! (more…)

iPad Wall Holder

July 21st, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we are very aware of the need to declutter environments, whether it be at home or the office, people are wanting to free up desk and table space to give a more open feel to their environment.

In the workplace, flat space on a work surface is always scarce, therefore the i300 range of stands are perfect for use in these (more…)

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