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iPad Locking Case

August 31st, 2012

locking case for ipad
Locking cases for an iPad need to be secure. Not flimsy plastic like some of the cases on the market today. You want to be able to put confidence in the material and the locking mechanism and know that if the iPad is left unattended it will stay locked where you left it!

The i370 enclosure, the locking case for the iPad from Intelligent Touch, is manufactured from aluminium which makes sure the case is tough and sturdy and yet still lightweight. This means that the case will work on its own, simply as an enclosure for the iPad that can be tethered to a surface, or the case works incredibly well affixed to the top of the i360 stand to make the i370 lcokdown stand for all generations of the Apple iPad.

The locking mechanism is again a secure and sturdy metal lock with an outer casing that adds extra strength to the lock. Each lock is individually keyed, meaning there are no other keys that will open this secure lock. We can supply master keys to companies or individuals who wish to purchase more than one stand and want each one to operate from one key. Or we do have an option of putting “keyed alike” locks to the metal cases for the iPad for customers who may require this.

To understand our secure systems more please feel free to give us a call on 01952580220.

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iPad Apps for Kids

August 30th, 2012

As the iPad is becoming more and more a tablet for use for the whole family, the range of apps in the Apple App Store is constantly diversifying. Apps for kids are this week featured in the Apple store homepage, so we thought we would run through our favourites too!

Peppa Pig is a favourite for many children, with the TV shows running constantly and books all over the house, you can now get Peppa Pig stories straight onto the iPad with the Peppa Pig Me Books app. Brand new stories get added to the app available for download, and the stories can even be read from the tablet to your kids! Or, you can record your stories into the app to be played back.

Of course, the iPad is also for fun, and the range of fun games that are easy for children to simply pick up and play has grown too! Lego bricks were always one of the favourite things in my house to play with, now you can play lego games on the iPad with titles such as Lego Duplo Jams, which is an app for children aged 2-5 to play and interact with the touchscreen tablet. The app also incorporates playful songs which are available for a separate free download through iTunes.

Many children find Maths to be a nightmare, finding it difficult and un-interesting. Have you thought of letting your child play a maths app to help them improve their skills? There are apps for all ages and abilities in maths for kids or young adults to build confidence when working with numbers, and of course playing on an iPad only adds to the enjoyment!

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Is Your iPad Causing you Sleep Deprivation?

August 29th, 2012

With the huge range of portable devices on the market now it means that anywhere and everywhere you go you can be online. As great as this new innovation is, it can be detrimental in some circumstances… mainly on sleep!

With many companies and people choosing to use their own tablets and smartphones for work purposes – now being named “bring your own device” – it has meant that more and more people are working when outside of the office. Simply picking up and replying to emails from home and various other work tasks have added up to an average 7 extra hours work outside of office hours for Americans per week, with some adding an extra 20 hours to the working week (nearly an extra 3 days work!).

All of this extra work means that if you choose to take your iPad or smartphone to bed (like most people who take them to bed and put on charge overnight) you are likely to be listening out for emails and notifications to come in which will be disrupting your sleep, not allowing you to fully switch off and relax from the working day.

The other side to the sleep deprivation – aside from working on your tablet – is gaming. Many find it relaxing to play a few games before bed, but a couple of games can end up with 2 or 3 hours gaming which should be spend sleeping! And some games are less than relaxing, not allowing your body time to switch off from the day.

Is this just the way society is now changing with technology or do we need to do something to change it?

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iPad Mini Event in October?

August 28th, 2012

As the world is expecting an announcement on the iPad Mini from Apple on September 12th, along with the new iPhone announcement, AllThingsD throw a spanner into the works to announce that the iPad Mini will be announced in October.

Of course, AllThingsD do have a good track record with Apple announcements and appear to be very “close” to the information coming from the Cupertino Campus. But… we are still none the wiser with reports from Apple on whether they will be making an iPad mini, never mind when it will be released!

Apple always keep this kind of information very close to their chest and are well known for being one of the most secretive tech companies in the world, so for us to hear no news of an iPad mini or another iPad coming from San Francisco is no different to any other product launch from the company. However, with every other tech company in the world (it seems) beginning to take on Apple in the tablet market, you would think the company would make waves, or some small noise, that they will be planning to fight the competition with a smaller, lower priced device. As many people are also looking to the fall to start planning their Christmas purchases, Apple need to get their announcement in quick before people plum for a tablet from someone else.

When do you think we will hear the announcement? September 12th is only a couple of weeks away now…

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Apple Shares Soar Post Victory Over Samsung

August 27th, 2012

Apple stocks have sharply increased in the last few days following their victory over Samsung in a US court. The stocks of the company are now pushing up to $680 a share, following their previous market high just 4 days before of $674 a share. Apple are also now the most valuable public company of all time with a market cap of $619 billion, surpassing Microsoft with their previous market cap of $618 billion.

The companies victory over Samsung in court is said to be the main reason for the share hike for the company, where they have been awarded $1 billion in damages from Samsung. Of course, the Korean technology company Samsung are appealing the decision made by the courts and jury and the appeal process will play out over the next few weeks. But in the meantime it sees Apple celebrating the decision, and clearly their investors are both resting easy and celebrating too.

Investors are looking to pile their cash into Apple before the launch of the iPhone 5 which is expected on 12th September 2012. We are also expecting an announcement regarding the new iPad Mini at this time too ready for the Christmas quarter of sales to begin for both devices. Another busy quarter is expected for Apple, with share prices now only going to head one way…. up!

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iPad Security Mount

August 26th, 2012

iPad Security mounts come in all different shapes, sizes, designs, colours… But here at Intelligent Touch we have approached the design of our iPad security mounts from a different perspective.

We like our products to look good, which of course I’m sure you do too after investing in the sleek design of the iPad, therefore a secure mount for the iPad needs to look just as sleek and appealing! Well from looking at many of the cumbersome products on the market that call themselves iPad security mounts you may think that the aesthetics of the product have gone out the window! Certainly not here at Intelligent Touch.

We want people to know when they look at a tablet in our security mount that they are looking at an iPad. We are proud to manufacture products that work with Apple and have Apple approval, and I’m sure users love to know that they are using Apple products too. The sleek look and feel of the mounts for the iPad will definitely keep your i Pads secure and safe and still maintain a great look about the products and the stands.

Still not satisfied? Take a look at the i370 store pages for more details.

security mount for all generations of apple ipad

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Best iPad Holder

August 25th, 2012

ipad holder the best


People are always looking for “the best” in something. Not wanting to trawl through every item that is on the market, quite understandably so, you want to cut out all the rubbish and find the best that you can. Well… if that is what you are looking for, and you need an iPad holder, the best iPad holder you will find is going to be the i360 iPad stand from Intelligent Touch.

Of course, you don’t just have to take my word for the i360 stand being the best i Pad holder on the market, you can listen to our customers too who are able to review each of the iPad stands on our website at . Against each product is a section for people to give the product 1-5 stars and submit a review of what they think of the product. All of the reports do get sent to an area for approval (simply so we can cut out any spam), but they ALL get honestly published on the website.

Do you already own an i360 stand? Or think you have the best iPad stand on the market? Then give us your feedback below or your reviews on our website! Speak up about your experience with the product and let others see what you think too!

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iPad Stand Dock

August 24th, 2012

Are you looking for a docking stand for your iPad? Want something a bit different to the average iPad docking station? The i360 iPad stand is a unique and dynamic stand like no other, and has open access to all of the ports on the tablet so you can still plug in to your computer/stereo/speakers etc.

The original and adaptable dock stand for the Apple iPad, the i360 stand, is a great flexible stand that is perfect to position next to a computer if you still like to update your iPad through wires. Though now with the new iOS and with the iPad being able to be activated (more…)

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iPad 2 Stands

August 23rd, 2012

ipad stands for apple ipad 2

With the Apple iPad 2 tablet remaining on sale long after the introduction of the New iPad, sales for iPad 2 stands have remained high, yet some manufacturers have been dropping them from their stores? Certainly not here at Intelligent Touch, where our iPad 2 stand is also compatible with the New iPad or iPad 3.

Each of the claws for the i360 stands are dedicated to each generation of the iPad. The original i360 stand for the first generation of the Apple iPad has a larger claw than the other generations, as the iPad is clearly larger and heavier than the iPad 2 or i Pad 3, therefore the ipad stands for these tablets are different!

The minimal size difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 means that the current i360 ipad 2 stands are more than fit for purpose for the New Apple iPad; in fact, they are a superb fit. The 0.6mm difference in depth of the device is hardly noticable to the eye and the i360 stand accommodates for this small difference in the stands with no lapse in security or safety of your tablet when held in the iPad stands.

Take a look at the store pages and you can see the design of the claw – which makes sure your iPad is held safely in the stands.

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Apple Resellers Told to Triple iPad Display Space for September 12th

August 22nd, 2012

In more confirmation received today from Apple resellers across Europe, stores have been told by Apple to triple their display space allocated towards iPads, with a deadline for the moves hinted at being September 12th, the rumoured day for an announcement. Of course, all of the news is speculation, but that is all Apple fans ever have to get excited about as Apple are famed for keeping their secrets and announcements under wraps until a week before the event.

The Apple iPad Mini (or smaller version of the current iPad), is the suggested reasoning behind the new move. Surely updating the operating system to iOS 6 (which we do definitely know is coming soon) would not warrant a 3 fold increase on display space for the device? Sure there are great new features coming to the tablet including 3D maps and Facebook integration, but would Apple really demand that much table space from their resellers for just an iOS update?

We have had no confirmation from Apple, at all, as to whether they are launching an iPad Mini or smaller version of the existing iPad, but leaked parts from China where the iPads are manufactured suggest a new smaller iPad device is on the cards. It would also help Apple to establish themselves in the lower end of the market where there is clearly a demand for a lower priced tablet.

Either way, September 12th is only a couple of weeks away…

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