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iPad Metal Stand

September 30th, 2012

The i370 stand from Intelligent Touch is manufactured in a lightweight metal finish to add security and durability to the stand.

Many iPad Stands, when manufactured abroad or in China, are made from cumbersome and heavy steel. Not the i370 stand. Our stand is made from durable polycarbonate, glass filled nylon for additional strength, and aluminium to keep all the properties of the durable metal material but ensure the stand stays lightweight.



The lock for the secure iPad Metal stand is again made from a lightweight metal material which offers great support and security without the detrimental weight for the stand.

Because the stand is manufactured from the lightweight materials this ensures that the full range of movement from the original i360 stand is maintained, offering a full 360degree rotation of the screen, allowing you to easily switch from landscape through to portrait and back again. The stand also offers swivel and tilt functions which allow you to adjust the viewing angles for the iPad.

Take a look at the i370 store pages here to see the lightweight stand.

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Apple Store iPad Stand

September 29th, 2012

The i360 stand from Intelligent Touch is available exclusively online from the Apple Store and direct from the manufacturers at

The Apple Store executives were pleased to see the initial design concepts for the i360 stand back in 2010 and provided invaluable input into the design and functionality of the stand. Of course, the i360 has the Apple product and brand running right through its core, with the chrome detailing and colour range readily reflecting the Apple brand and the colours of the Apple iPad – with the addition of Pink of course!

The i360 stand has received great feedback on the Apple Store online and we have since added the feedback feature to our own website where consumers can leave comments and their feedback for the stand. We have also received great feedback on our own website for the stand and are delighted with the comments from the customers of

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iPad 2 Music Stand

September 28th, 2012

Many musicians are now looking to the iPad tablet for their music, with the range of music apps available and also being able to display sheet music on the iPad it certainly has bought musicians forwards rather than resorting to hard copies of the sheet music.

music stand for ipad 2

The i360 iPad 2 stand is a perfect stand to display the sheet music on the iPad, with the fully adjustable solution for the iPad the stand makes sure that the music will stay perfectly still whilst you play. A quick tap to the screen of the tablet to change the page and the stand will still stay completely still. Yet if you do need to move the angle of the stand the supported movement makes it easy to switch from landscape through to portrait or adjust the angle.

And… with the i360 stands most popular colour being our piano black finish, I’m sure this will fit!

We have supplied many i360 stands to musicians and DJ’s, see what they like about the stands here

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iPad 2 Stand

September 27th, 2012

ipad 2 stands

The Apple iPad 2 Stand from Intelligent Touch is a uniquely designed iPad Stand especially for the Apple iPad 2.

The iPad 2 tablet from Apple, launched in 2011, is the slimmest iPad on the market. Even the New iPad from Apple released in 2012 isn’t as thin as the second generation tablet. Therefore, the slim tablet needs it’s own support to hold the device.

The part of the iPad stand that grips the iPad, the “claw”, has individual design features that cater specifically for the tablet. The protective gripping corners, called TPE grips, are designed so that the iPad can be inserted and removed from the claw an infinite number of times without marking or damaging the iPad.

The claw also provides additional protection for the iPad 2 tablet by way of supportive foam pads on the back of the claw where these help to disperse any “wobble” that may occur when typing or pressing the screen of the tablet.

Take a look at the i360 store pages and you can see the detail of the stand for the iPad 2.

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Apple Cut Display Orders to Samsung

September 26th, 2012

The Korean Times are reporting that Apple have cut their orders of the LCD panels (liquid crystal display) for their iPad and iPhone range from Samsung Display. Is this as a knock on effect from the ongoing patent arguments between the two companies?

Samsung do manufacture a majority of the components inside the Apple Mobile lineup, with the display screens and some of the internal chips and leads coming from the company. The two sides of the company have always stayed separate and Samsung as the supplier to Apple have stayed out of the ongoing patent arguments, however it looks like following this news that Apple are starting to slow down their supplier/customer relationship.

The latest court case between the companies has had a knock on effect across the world and has made major news headlines. This is bound to have had an effect on the end consumers and their opinion of which device they are going to buy, which is why the judge of the case asked for an official public apology to be made.

This case is cropping up across the world where each of the patents lie and we have seen the results of the case vary. We will all be in the picture more once the appeal is seen out in December of this year, but in the meantime, LG are onto a winner as the displays are reportedly being purchased from them.

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So Where Is the iPad Mini?

September 25th, 2012

After all the rumours circulating the internet over the past few weeks about the iPad mini, news seems to have died down and we haven’t seen any more suggested “leaked” components… so is there really an iPad mini coming?

Analyst and research companies such as Bloomberg and the New York Times have jumped on the iPad Mini bandwagon and said that the device will be coming this fall. First, the device was expected to be launched at the same time as the iPhone 5, though as the event became nearer and nearer, these rumours died down and now cite that there will be an October event to launch the new device.

The specs? A smaller screen, 7.85inches is the size in circulation at present, which will match up to the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Will the resolution stick to the current iPad 2 screen size of 1024×768 pixels? It would make sense app-wise to keep the same resolution and of course it will pack more pixels per inch on a smaller display, but certainly won’t be of the retina quality we are all now so used to.

We’d also expect to see both a front and rear facing camera on the device, after all even the iPod Touch has a rear facing camera.

Chips and the internals of the device I believe are all going to be down to what price bracket the tablet falls into. If the Mini iPad is going to be competitively priced alongside the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 I don’t think it will pack the new A6 chip inside.

What do you want to see in an iPad Mini? Or is price the most important thing for you?

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Apple Promise New iOS 6 3D Maps Will Improve

September 24th, 2012

Many Apple Mobile and iPad users have this weekend upgraded their operating system to the new coveted iOS 6. Of course, if you are a user of the original iPad the update is not available for you disappointingly. But, with the problems that some people have had since the update, you may be grateful.

One of the new features available packaged in the iOS 6 launch is the integration of Apple’s new Maps system, no longer supported by Google. Apple took over a mapping company in late 2011 which has lead to their new mapping system, including 3D maps, to be integrated as a native app in the new operating system.

However, the 3D maps in some areas are looking a little “out of shape” as many users have pointed out as they scower the maps of their hometowns and home countries. Of course, the way the 3d maps are created are a mystery, but there are clear inaccuracies in some areas. Apple have responded to this criticism by saying the application will “improve”, I am guessing much in the way that Siri is constantly in development too.

However, there are some more major problems with the system other than the 3D visuals appearing off shape, including some train stations located in the sea, and some major towns actually missing from the maps altogether. This new mapping application is supposed to be able to support turn-by-turn navigation… well as long as you don’t want to go to a train station or Stratford-upon-Avon (the town that is completely missing), I’m sure you’ll be fine!

What do you think of the new 3d maps in iOS 6? I think it looks great on a New iPad display.


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iPad Security Case

September 23rd, 2012

If you are after a security case for the Apple iPad, of any generation, then you need look no further than the i370 enclosure.

The i370 enclosure is a secure metal enclosure that holds all generations of the Apple iPad. Each i370 enclosure is supplied with a protective case for the Apple iPad 2 and New iPad, this is a clear case and protects the iPad and holds it in a secure position whilst inside the metal enclosure.

Each secure case is held shut with a security “T” lock which is supplied with two keys. The case can therefore only be opened by the keyholder making sure that the device stays safe and secure inside the metal case.

The security case can be supplied as a complete stand – either the i370 stand or the i370c stand – which offer a complete solution to secure and display the iPad at varying angles for the user.

The other option – the i370 enclosure – is purely the secure case for the stand and can be fitted flush to a wall or supplied with a tethered lock to be looped around a fixture.

Click here for the store pages of the site.

ipad security case

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iPad Enclosures

September 22nd, 2012

Many enclosures for the iPad can be large and cumbersome and some are very ugly looking. At Intelligent Touch our own design of iPad enclosure has been made with design and aesthetics at the forefront of the mind.

The sleek metal enclosure for the iPad – which is incorporated into both the i370 and the i370c stands – for all generations of the Apple iPad – has a multitude of functions. The metal enclosure will securely hold an iPad 2 or New iPad in the clear protective case that is supplied with the stand, making sure the metal enclosure is a sung fit to the device. The original iPad will also fit into the enclosure, without the protective case.

ipad enclosures

The secure enclosure closes with a security lock at the base, therefore only the keyholder is able to remove the lock and therefore remove the iPad from the enclosure. With such a secure and snug fit for the enclosure we are sure that it will suit your purpose of keeping the iPad secure and safe.

Of course, the enclosure doesn’t have to be incorporated into one of the i370 stands and can be used on its own to securely hold an iPad with the tethered lock. The enclosure is also able to be flush mounted to a wall for a really sleek solution.

Take a look at the store pages of the site here to see the enclosures in both black and white finish.

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iPad Wall Stand

September 21st, 2012

At Intelligent Touch we have recognised the need for mounting iPads and iPad Stands onto the wall. We have two solutions that are designed to be affixed to the wall and hold any generation of the iPad 2.

The i360 and i370 stand have discreet wall mount fixings hidden within the base of the stand and accessed from the underside of the unit. The i360 stand has a keyway fixing in the base therefore the stand can be mounted on the wall and easily removed when needed. It is a secure fixing which will support the weight of the stand and the iPad. The i370 stand has a VESA mount fixing in the base of the stand as well as the keyways which offer a permanent fix to the wall or desk surface. The VESA fixing is a standard universal fixing.

There is also an i370c wall bracket which is designed to be positioned at a lower level where the angle of the stand makes it perfect to be used and operated at this level. The secure VESA fixing to a wall surface again offers a universal fixing for the stand.

See the i360 or i370 store pages here for the wall stand.

ipad wall stand

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