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Apple Delay iTunes Launch into November

October 31st, 2012

Well it is hardly surprising that iTunes 11 will now not launch in October as Apple had previously announced, as today is the last day and there is still no official news from Apple HQ.

AllThingsD have reported that the launch has been pushed back in Apple’s eagerness to “get it right”, clearly rather than have the terrible reviews that they received from launching the native maps application too early! I think that will act as a huge learning curve for Apple (if the company does need to learn anything at all), and all future releases will be thoroughly tested and vetted before a worldwide launch!

The delay in launching iTunes 11 may also be down to Scott Forstall leaving the company, or Scott Forstall leaving the company may be down to the delay in iTunes 11. Either way, Eddy Cue who is now heading up the role at Apple will have a very busy first few weeks in the job!

iTunes 11 is said to be a complete redesign and rebuild of the interface with many new and improved features including a better layout, more integration with iCloud services, a better mini player, full screen support and faster and better overall performance.

Don’t make us wait too long for the launch Apple…

Staffing Changes at Apple HQ May Indicate Better Designed Apps Are Coming

October 30th, 2012

There were lots of changes announced yesterday at the top of the Apple tree. Tim Cook is still heading up the company as CEO, but the people underneath have been moved and fired in a shake up post the disaster of Apple Maps for iOS 6.

All of the reports have come from the New York Times, announcing that Scott Forstall who was the senior vice president of iOS Software will be leaving the company next year and in the meantime will serve as an advisor to Tim Cook. The other Apple executive on the way out is John Browett who was the head of Apple’s retail division.

Both of the executives have many speculated reasons for their leaving Apple. The main reason cited behind Forstall leaving is clearly the iOS 6 Maps that failed to meet expectations for many users. It is being reported that Forstall refused to sign the apology letter that Apple were forced to make for the native maps application where they recommended other third party applications for users to turn to whilst their iOS 6 maps application was being completed.

This obviously leaves a gap at the top of the tree that none other than Jony Ive is going to fill. His current responsibility is to oversee the industrial design of the Apple products and he has famously designed the iMac, iPod and all of our favourite Apple accessories that we know and love. He will now oversee the human interface side of the applications, therefore making sure the design of them matches the aesthetics of the device itself.

To me, this is a great move by Apple to make everything flow together and be more cohesive.

What do you think?

Apple Design New Fast Charging iPad Plugs

October 29th, 2012

If you are the owner of an iPad 3, 3rd generation iPad or New iPad (some of the names for the device at the moment!), then you will hate the time it takes to charge up the tablet. Of course, the gorgeous high gloss retina display means that the tablet has a rather large battery hidden inside which takes a long time to charge.

Well, Apple have heard people’s cries on how long it takes and how frustrating it is and have now created a 12W “Power Brick” to allow people to charge their Apple iPad 3 faster than before. Of course, the new accessory is compatible with both the 3rd and 4th generation models of the iPad as both have the retina display and the large battery packs.

The current mains adaptor/charger that ships with the iPads is a 10 watt adaptor, with the new Power Brick being 12 watts it certainly brings power to the iPad faster than ever before. But, will this make the iPad hot? On the launch of the iPad 3/New iPad people were complaining about the heat coming off the device, now with charging the tablet quicker will it get hotter?

I certainly hope not…

iPad Stand for Christmas Present

October 28th, 2012

If the lucky someone in your life is getting a new 4th generation iPad for Christmas then the ideal gift to accompany an iPad is the luxury i360 iPad stand for the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

The i360 stand is the ultimate in iPad stands, with truly multi-position features allowing you to position the iPad exactly how you want in the stand. You can put the iPad into portrait viewing, or landscape mode, or anything in between if you want to be different, and switching between the two is easy, you just rotate the iPad round!

The i360 iPad stand will make a great present underneath the Christmas tree for anyone looking for a great gift for an Apple fan, or anyone who has recently been given or bought an iPad. The design of the i360 stand is completely themed to Apple products and has chrome detailing on all versions of the stand, including the gloss black and white versions. Or, if that special someone is a lady or girl then you might like to consider the gloss pink stand just to be different!

All the i360 range of products are here.


Rotating Stand for iPads

October 27th, 2012

If you want a stand for an iPad then having a stand that also rotates is a great add on flexibility for anyone. The rotating aspect of the i360 stand works in two different aspects, allowing you to rotate the screen of the iPad from portrait to landscape and to change the viewing direction of the stand.

The first rotational aspect is the screen, where by you can continuously rotate the screen of the tablet from landscape, through to portrait and back again making switching the iPad between portrait and landscape mode simple and easy. This movement also activates the internal gyroscope on the iPad which will assist if you are playing a driving game or a racing game where you can use the iPad as a steering wheel and drive your way around the course!

The second feature of the iPad allows the stand to rotate and change viewing direction, so you can have the screen of the iPad aligned with the long or short side of the base. More than that though, if you wish to have the base of the stand fixed to a surface you can and still adjust the viewing angle and direction using the rotational functions in the base of the stand.

The demonstration video’s here show you the full facilities and features offered by the stand.

Stand for iPad 4

October 26th, 2012

stand for 4th generation apple ipad

On the week that Apple have announced the 4th generation iPad, we have updated all our website listings to reflect that the current stand compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and New iPad is also suitable for the iPad 4 (or the 4th generation model).

The 4th generation iPad is exactly the same size as the current New iPad or iPad 3, and therefore accessories and additions for the 4th generation model are all the same as the New iPad.

The 9.4mm thick device has been updated with a new A6X Intel processing chip making the device faster, along with a new Facetime HD camera and being updated with the new Lightning port. Otherwise, the new iPad tablet remains unchanged from the 2012 New Apple iPad.

The stand for the 4th generation Apple iPad tablet is again unchanged from the iPad 2 and New iPad model and we’re sure will see the same great sales success as we have seen with the current multi position stands for the iPad.

iPad Displays Coming from LG not Samsung

October 25th, 2012

In a report released from Digitimes this week it has been stated that the orders for the new Apple lineup – including the 4th generation iPad, the new iPad Mini and the Retina 13inch MacBook have come from LG Display, not Samsung.

The two companies have ongoing court battles in many different countries and territories across the world, whereby Apple are suing Samsung for infringing their patents related to the iPad. However, earlier this year it appeared that Samsung where the only company able to supply Apple with the quantity and quality of the retina displays that they needed for the 3rd generation New iPad.

The new displays for the redesigned iMac lineup are also slimmer and therefore coming from LG or AU Optronics (another of Apple’s middle east suppliers of screens). The new technology used to give users a better visual experience by using a plane-switching technology like the full sized iPad. The AU Optronics screens achieve the same results with AHVA technology – which is Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle display, which is great for mobile and tablet users who are on the move.

With more decisions due in court cases this week Samsung and Apple are still going to be in this situation for some time yet, and while the two sides of the business have always stayed separate for Samsung the latest $1bn fine for the company and Apple withdrawing orders I’m sure will hit them hard.

Apple Announce New iPads – including iPad Mini and iPad 4

October 24th, 2012

Yesterday’s announcement from Apple showed us a whole plethora of new products, mainly including the iPad Mini announcement – which Apple made all the guests and following press wait right until the end of the announcement for.

Apple firstly introduced new iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Mini’s into their updated lines for 2012, with all models due to be released before the end of the year and available in varying different hard drive capacities and different internal Intel chips.

The iPad announcement was what all the invited guests had been waiting for, and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The iPad Mini has now officially been announced, with a 7.9inch screen the device is easily held in your hand and available in both black and white versions. The display is the same resolution as the current iPad 2 – 1024×768, so all current apps that are optimised for use on the iPad are now optimised for this smaller model (it is the same resolution as the iPad 2).

The updated version of the iPad – the 4th generation model – has been given a new lightning connector and is powered by an A6X chip, making the device faster than the current New iPad (iPad 3/3rd generation model).

What to Expect from Apple’s Media Event Today

October 23rd, 2012

Today Apple are holding the media event where we are expecting them to show us “a little more”, as they announced last week… but what exactly are we expecting to see tonight?

The main talk is how Apple will be announcing a new smaller tablet, sized at 7.85 inches, which is said to be called the iPad Mini or iPad Air (iPad Mini being the favoured name among Internet sites). The new smaller tablet is said to be competing with the other smaller sized tablets that have hit the market recently including the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, and the iPad Mini is said to have a smaller price point to be able to compete with these smaller tablets. Of course, whether Apple will say they are entering the tablet market to compete with the smaller, lower priced tablets is different.

The announcement is also said to be centred around education, with the release of iBooks 2 and the more interactive side of textbooks available on each tablet Apple are now creating a smaller, more affordable tablet for students and colleges alike to be able to take advantage of this technology.

Some sites ar expecting to see a 13inch Retina MacBook launched today, to continue the “little more” theme, though this is less likely.

Also expected is the debut of the completely new iTunes 11, which is said to be completely redesigned.

The event will take place at 5pm BST, 10am EST.


Apple Open Largest Apple Store in Asia

October 22nd, 2012

This weekend Apple opened their largest Apple Store in Asia at the Wangfujing district in China. Consumers started queueing for the Apple store long into the night before the store opened, wanting to be the first through the doors for the largest store in the country.

As we all know the Chinese love Apple Stores, and also Apple are keen to make their footprint in the country to make sure that consumers stick to the genuine article rather than turning to the hundreds of imitation products that circulate around the continent.

The store has a huge floor-space and has set itself as the flagship store in the country and continent. The 4 storeys of the store also boast two 360° genius bars ready with Apple employees to help all of the new consumers with their Apple products.

To assist in running a store of this size, Apple are employing 300 people to run and support the store in the shopping centre and the company are keen to show their commitment to developing in the rapidly growing market.

I’m not sure you’d see the British queueing outside an Apple Store in the winter? Though if Apple do launch a new product tomorrow we will find out!



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