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Facebook Launch Photo Sync for iOS

November 30th, 2012

Facebook want your photo’s! And they want all of them! (or at least 2GB worth)

Added to the dedicated Facebook App for iOS is a photo sync feature which allows all of your photographs taken on your iOS device (whether it be iPad or iPhone) are uploaded to a private album on Facebook ready for you to share with your friends.

If you take a lot of photographs and don’t share a lot then this feature is definitely not for you. But… if you share a lot or don’t take a lot then this is definitely going to interest you and will be worth spending a few minutes looking into before you go ahead. I know facebook friends who share nearly all their photographs so this will be the first thing on their list to do! The update has been streamed to devices and isn’t appearing as an App Store update, so you should be able to do this straight away.

I think the plan is for this to act much like the iOS Photo Stream where copies of your images get uploaded to a cloud and sync over all your devices; except now all your photographs will sync with your Facebook account.

Let us know if you do sync and what you think!

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iTunes 11 is Released

November 29th, 2012

After much anticipation and even waiting an extra month for the release, iTunes 11 has finally been released for users and it can either be updated or installed as a new program from Apple. iTunes 11 is said to be completely redesigned from the ground up and features many new additions that users have been asking for.

Included in the list of new features are:

  • Edge to Edge design (no sidebars), making the iTunes Store and pages appear much like the iOS applications
  • Integration with iCloud for better data synchronisation across devices
  • Play movies or music directly from the iCloud while online, or download a copy to play offline or sync to a device
  • “Up Next” display showing the next song to be played
  • New redesigned Mini-Player which includes album artwork, up next and allows you to search for something new
  • Playback syncing, which remembers your place in movie or tv show and starts from that point when you resume playback, even on a different device

What do you think of the new iTunes? Are you pleased with the updates? Any bugs with the new features?

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iPad Mini Suffers Supply Problems Without Samsung

November 27th, 2012

Digitimes are reporting that Apple are facing supply chain delays due to switching part of their iPad Mini manufacturing away from Samsung and back into LG Display and AU Optronics.

The Cupertino company are moving a lot of their manufacturing and part sourcing away from Samsung Electronics as the two companies still face many ongoing court battles across the globe, and with no resolution in sight between the companies Apple are clearly trying to distance themselves from Samsung as and where they can.

AU Optronics and LG Displays are the two display manufacturers in place who are now producing the slim and high tech displays for the iPad Mini manufacturing, though as we are now in the holiday season and the iPad Mini is facing unprecedented demand on the high street shipping times for the product has increased beyond measure from the Apple Store online.

If you were hoping to order an iPad Mini for a loved one this Christmas, get your order in quick!

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Coming to iOS on 6th December

November 26th, 2012

One of the most played games in the world has been announced that it is coming to the iOS and Android platforms on December 6th.

The Grand Theft Auto series of games bought a craze across the globe that had been previously unseen with any games release, causing a frenzy of buying and online chatrooms talking about the game. This latest release of Grand Theft Auto Vice City – said by many to be the best game from the original Grand Theft Auto series – is being released on the 10th Anniversary of the original game.

Though the game is going to be much the same as the original, there are some updates to make gameplay easier, including improved targeting and firing and a fully customisable layout, which will be a great advantage for mobile users trying to make the most of the small display.

Of course, I’m sure your killing spree will look great on the retina screen of the new iPad too!

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Apple Fire Samsung as iPad Battery Maker

November 24th, 2012

Apple appear to be wanting to distance themselves from the Korean tech company who previous to this news announcement used to supply many components for the iPad and iPhones to Apple. But, as the two companies enter long legal battles across the world over patents for both the iPad and the iPhone against the Samsung Galaxy range of devices it appears now Apple are looking to source components elsewhere.

Samsung have long been the supplier of the power packs/batteries that are contained in the iPad and some of Apple’s MacBook computers. With both of the batteries known for their long life and quick charging Apple have worked well with Samsung to get the result they have wanted for their products.

Apple have already cut Samsung from the supply of their displays and the flash memory which is contained in their tablets and mobiles, but with this latest move to stop them supplying the batteries for the devices the only thing remaining is the processing chips. Samsung supply the A4, A5, A5X and A6 processors that reside in the full range of mobile devices, with the A5X and A6 processors being inside the latest iPads and iPhones. Though Apple won’t want to move the manufacture and supply of these parts, it is certainly something that Samsung can hold Apple over and are working to that effect by looking to increase the price of these components by 20% next year.

How long will it be before Samsung are completely out of the Apple supply chain?

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iPad Mini and 4th Generation iPad are Added to Patent Infringement Case from Samsung

November 23rd, 2012

The ongoing patent wars between Samsung and Apple take another turn this week as both of the companies look to add other more recent devices to their cases.

Some of the cases across the globe have already been bought before a judge, some are taking their time to be decided upon, some have had cases registered with the courts for longer than you can care to remember! But this latest fight sees Samsung successfully adding the iPhone 5 to their complaints against Apple, and now they are going after the 4th Generation iPad, the New iPad Mini and the iPod Touch. As the earlier generation models of these devices are already in the case it is likely that this will be successful and these will be added to the ongoing trials.

If course, Apple have already countered with their fight back and have successfully added the new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to their fight, along with the Android operating system Jelly Bean 4.1 , both of which will hurt Samsung even more if any sales ban is imposed on these products.

Reports suggest we will be waiting a good while for a result on this one, perhaps even into Summer next year.


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Apple Stocks Surge as Analysts Claim Stock Price is Cheap

November 21st, 2012

Opposite to the constant increase in Apple stocks, the last two months have seen Apple stock prices take a dive of nearly 25%. The slump in shares has followed one of Apple’s most profitable quarters ever on record, which clearly doesn’t add up. Of course, Apple are also now entering the holiday quarter which always sees the company post amazing figures and profits over the period, so why still the downturn in shares?

Well Brian White of Topeka this morning decided he would tell everyone how “insane” the sell off of Apple stock is and that it is even more “insane” as they are coming up to their holiday quarter, and with the recent launch of the iPad Mini expecting sales to again be at a record high for this quarter. Sure enough, since this claim Apple’s share price has increased by 5% and is still on an upward incline at the time of writing this. Many other stock analysts are also on the same wavelength and telling investors the stock is cheap at the moment.

Surely Apple will be back to their top form of share prices soon.

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Secure iPad Displays

November 11th, 2012

Displaying the iPad in a public area is sure to be a concern to many; such an expensive and precious device on display for all to see. Yes it is part of the attraction for people to engage with your content that it is such a desirable tablet, but you want it to stay your iPad!

This is where the i370 secure range of stands should be at the forefront of your mind when looking at displays for iPads. Each of the secure i370 stands available have a different range of assets and attributes making them suitable for your exhibition stand or display to hold your Apple iPad tablet secure and safe.

The lockable metal enclosure features heavily at the forefront of each of the designs and held secure with a lock and key each of the enclosures holds the iPad tight and secure in the metal frame, which is then in turn secured to a stand or adjustable bracket.

Give the team a call on 01952580220 to discuss how and where you need to secure iPads and we will have the solution for you.

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Handwriting App for the iPad

November 9th, 2012

One thing that many people are still loving the iPad for is drawing and writing and painting pictures (of sorts of course!). But have you considered using a handwriting app for the iPad instead of the Notes to take notes and make lists etc?

My Notes app is full of lists of things I want to remember and important things to jot down… but it would be so much quirkier to be able to write these onto the display of the iPad (don’t you just get fed up of typing all the time?)

This new application for the iPad allows you to split the display screen of the device and half shows close up lines for you to write in between, which then gets scaled down to smaller lines and shown on the opposite side of the display. You can edit and sync your notes to your computer and other registered devices for the ultimate in portability (again, something that the built in Notes application lacks!)

Handwriting your notes now seems so much better!

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Apple Lightning Accessory Suppliers Must Confirm to New Code of Conduct

November 8th, 2012

At the Apple conference this week in Shenzen, China, Apple have told their third party accessory manufacturers that they must meet their supplier code of conduct in order to sell products officially certified as “Made for iPad”, or “Made for iPhone”.

This official certification for Apple suppliers will only be given to them once they comply to the code of conduct. This has previously only been the case for partners in Apple’s supply chain and some of their component suppliers, but now all Apple products that need to be officially licensed will need to adhere to these working conditions.

The code of conduct covers both environmental issues and worker issues. Of course Apple have famously been in the news recently for worker rights challenges at their manufacturing partner’s plant in Chinam, Foxconn. Many workers here have been complaining of the working conditions which Apple have been investigating.

Lightning connector cables now include an authentication chip which Apple are hoping will cut down on accessories from unauthorised manufacturers though many cables are already starting to flood the market from these other suppliers but at poor quality and poor rates of success with working on the devices.

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