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Are Apple Building Top Secret Computer Chips in Oregon?

December 30th, 2012

People are always quick to jump to conclusions over Apple’s behind the scenes developments and investments. Well this is the only way we know how to get behind the scenes information on what is happening with the company.

The most recent news to “leak” out of the Apple HQ is that they are building a “top secret” computer chip factory in the US, initially the thoughts were that this was to be in New York but now it appears that this may be centered in Orgeon. Of course there are NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) tied to all aspects of the projects so nothing official has been said by anyone, but the state of Oregon’s economic development agency – Business Oregon – have confirmed that they are working for a project under the codename Azalea.

The rumours are that the chips are for Apple’s mobile line up, including the A5X and the A6 chips that are seen inside the latest generation models of the iPad and the iPhones, but could Apple start to build other chips here too that are to be included in the iMac and Mac Pro line up? The centre will cost a lot of money to get up and running and developed, surely Apple would want it to cater for all of their needs for all of their line up?

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FaceBook App Ads Become Less Annoying

December 27th, 2012

Ok, so I think all advertising unless you are expecting it can be annoying. I hate Facebook ads in my news feed and on parts of the pages, but I understand they are essential in continuing the service and paying for something that I get for free, so accept it.

But, sometimes when you see an app that you might like advertised on Facebook, click it to see what you think and check it out a bit more before a download, then you get thrown out of what you were looking at in Facebook and straight into the App Store: I find nothing more annoying. Like seeing an advert on a webpage on a computer, if I click it I still want to be able to see what I was looking at originally, and the advert separately.

Facebook have finally recognised this and now for paid advertisements for apps from within the Facebook application you are taken to a pop-up window or screen which is from the App Store. This screen will let you directly download the app to your device without leaving the main application.

Thank you Facebook, what a great update, I just wish others will follow suit now with their applications and advertisements. I think this will be healthier for advertisers as well as consumers, I am more likely to click and download this way.

What do you think? Do you prefer to be taken to the App Store to download or are you too more likely to click this way?

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Australian Universities issuing 11,000 iPads to students and faculty

December 26th, 2012

The University of Western Sydney in Australia is the university where the lucky students are being issued iPads as part of the curriculum next year.

The University plan to issue 11,000 iPads to the students and members of teaching staff “to support learning and teaching innovations across the curriculum and in informal learning environments”. The iPads will help the students with more flexible learning programmes, and as we have seen at home here in the UK pupils and students enjoy using the new developing technology as a learning tool. iPads will allow the students to take their learning away from the classroom environment and be more flexible when working across other parts of the University campus i.e. libraries, study halls etc.

Each of the classes will have custom designed apps for the students to follow the course including following along during lectures and interacting with the learning. Of course the iPads have the new iBooks application which have allowed text books to now become interactive on the iPad and take learning to a whole new level.

Similar programs have been adopted across the UK and the USA where schools and academies have adopted iPads to be used in the classrooms, but this is possibly the largest implementation of iPads we have seen to date.

I’m sure the students are looking forward to the day they get their iPad.

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Merry Christmas from

December 25th, 2012

We have had a very successful year this last year and would like to thank all our customers for their business. has seen the successful launch of the i370 stand this year and are taking this stand from strength to strength with more updates and enhancements to come.

I hope if you had an i360 stand under the tree this year, or an iPad, you are more than pleased with the gift.

Merry Christmas, and happy new year to all our customers and we look forward to seeing you again in 2013.

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Apple and Samsung Case Under Scrutiny Again in the US

December 23rd, 2012

This time it isn’t the “rounded rectangle” patent that is under question!

Samsung and Apple are now re-looking at the patent concerned with the “pinch to zoom” functionality that is present in 21 Samsung devices currently on the market. Though this has been previously dealt with and settled in court the case is now being looked at by Judge Koh who is taking everything into consideration as both companies are asking for sales bans on devices that infringe each others patents. Apple now have an opportunity to appeal the decision as part of ongoing proceedings.

Of course, the Samsung and Apple battle is getting messy in the US, and the two companies don’t look like they will be reaching a resolution any time soon. The case has currently resulted in Samsung being ordered to pay $1bn to Apple in damages, however this is under appeal now and is the reason why Samsung are appealing the case and the results.

And it goes on…

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More Users Update to iOS 6 Since Google Maps Release

December 21st, 2012

Since the iOS 6 operating system was launched a few months back, people have been slow to update from the previous iOS 5 operating system. iOS 6 faced a lot of challenges upon its launch mostly including the native Maps application launched by Apple as a replacement to the Google Maps service that was included in all the iOS releases.

However, since Google launched their Google Maps application into the Apple App Store for iOS 6, people are now willing to update to the new operating system. The week since the launch of the Google Maps application has seen a 30% bump in people upgrading to the iOS 6 operating system.

Google also announced that in the first two days of their maps application being available to be downloaded from the App Store the application has received over 10 million downloads. The Google Maps application brings back favourite features that people have been used to including Street View and instructions and directions using public transport.

Do you prefer Google Maps or iOS Maps? Are there still major flaws in the native Maps application? We’re interested to hear your thoughts!

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Our Favourite Christmas iPad Apps

December 20th, 2012

Apple Developers have really caught the Christmas bug this year and there are hundreds of applications in the App Store dedicated to Christmas! There are apps to countdown to Christmas, apps to play in Santa’s village in the north pole and of course the Santa Tracker!

We’ve saved you some work and compiled a list of our favourite christmas apps for you to download!

Santa Tracker

This is fun for both children and adults (ok, big kids!), who can watch Santa’s journey around the globe on christmas eve. The app shows you how long it is until santa takes off from his north pole workshops and you can follow him around the globe right to your chimney! The app also allows you to send texts to santa so you can make sure he has the present you asked for on his sleigh, or to check if you’ve been good this year and will be receiving a present!


Christmas Tale HD

The Christmas Tale application is a great interactive book application for children, allowing you to play games and puzzles and read christmas stories. This app was voted the best multimedia book for 2011 and is definitely worth a download on Christmas Eve to make you feel very festive!


Christmas Snow Globes from Coca-Cola

Of course, Coca-Cola are now infamous with Christmas, and the Coca-Cola advert for many is the first sign that Christmas is coming. Coca-Cola know this and have developed a Christmas Snow-Globe application where you can put your christmas wishes inside a coca-cola snow globe and share them with your family and friends on Facebook.


Santa in the City

This is a great christmas game for all the family where you take the reigns of Santa’s sleigh and flight the sleigh through a 3d city, collecting letters from children in time for Christmas. There is a fabulous christmas sound track to go along with the game to really get you feeling festive this year, and of course, the app contains an all important countdown to christmas so you can see how long you have burned playing the game waiting for santa to arrive!


Sleeps to Christmas – Christmas Countdown

As we are drawing ever closer to Christmas this app becomes more and more important (and is perfect for bribery for children to be good!). The app is of course a christmas countdown, allowing you to count down the time in days, hours and minutes until Santa arrives. The graphics on the screen are really beautiful and with Christmas music playing in the background it will certainly get you in the mood.

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Samsung Drops Request to Ban Apple Products in Europe

December 19th, 2012

In the latest report released by The Verge, it appears Samsung have withdrawn their request to ban Apple products in Europe that were judged to have broken several of Samsung’s patents relating to wireless technology.

Of course, both Samsung and Apple are engaged in court battles and intellectual property court cases across the globe, with the most well known currently taking place in the US. This latest move from the European teams is said to be to “protect consumer choice”, yet I’m sure it has something to do with Apple wanting to ban 11 Samsung devices in the US for their infringements against Apple’s “rounded rectangle” patents.

Samsung are still pursuing for compensation against Apple for the infringements on their intellectual property, but are not pursuing for a sales ban on the Apple devices. Apple are arguing back with the “FRAND” rule, and that Samsung are not being fair, reasonable and non discriminatory in their ownership of the intellectual property.

Of course, this is all getting very messy between the two huge tech companies, who at the moment are seemingly unrivalled in their marketplace of smart phones and tablets and don’t look to be moving from the top of their game.

Who will win? Can you ever see an end to these court cases?

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Skylanders Arrives for iOS Devices

December 18th, 2012

The increasingly popular Skylanders game originally launched in 2011 has been blasted onto the iOS app store and is now available with a mobile portal of power that will connect to your iOS device via bluetooth connectivity.

The specific Skylanders App for the App store – titled Skylanders Battlegrounds – is a completely different game to the one available for the mainstream consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The Battlegrounds game is more of a strategy game for users and allows the Skylanders characters to be entered into the Battle game.

Each Skylanders character purchased comes with a code to be used in the online Battleground game, however this latest offering is a portal of power specifically Bluetooth enabled for mobile devices including the iPad and iPhone. As the App is restricted to the Apple App Store at the moment, it is only for iOS devices, though I’m sure it won’t be long until the app is enabled for Android based devices.

Skylanders are expected to be a big hit this Christmas and I’m sure the mobile version will see huge popularity too.

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Apple Stocks Drop to $500

December 17th, 2012

After we have been used to a constant upwards spiral for Apple stocks over the summer, recent months have seen the share price for the company take dives, now nearing their February price of $500 per share. The companies share prices hit a high of $702 per share in September, but are now as low as $500 per share, and since the September high shares have been on an opposing spiral to what Apple have been used to and accustomed to.

Many of the major stakeholders in Apple, including long term staff members, have been selling their stocks to avoid potential extra taxes next year due to changes in the American Taxation system. Reports are also saying that the demand for their products may be dropping… with one of Apple’s main countries to supply being China yet on the release of the iPhone 5 there were no where near the lines and queues that we have been used to seeing for product launches in the country.

Are Apple finally starting to lose their stake in the smart phone market? I know myself many are turning to other named Android based smartphones as the standard one device per year rule from Apple is leaving them waiting and wanting something different.

Are you sticking with Apple? Or are you ready to try a Galaxy Tab?

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