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Temple Run 2 – Fastest Growing Mobile Game Ever

January 31st, 2013

The original Temple Run app from Imangi Studios saw great success in the iOS app store when it was launched last year. The simple game idea of swiping left and right and up and down to move the runner and make him jump over obstacles or collect gems has had people hooked since it first hit the iPhone and iPad.

Of course, every gamer loves a good sequel and this is exactly what Imangi Studios have created with Temple Run 2. For those users who have got stuck at a ridiculously tricky part on the original Temple Run title and perhaps gave up can now face a new challenge with the second title in the series. Or, for those lucky few users who made it to the end of the track and saved the runner they can have fun all over again saving him in the second title in the series.

The second title in the Temple Run series has seen huge popularity since its release and has been given the title of the Fastest Downloaded Mobile Game ever – reaching 20 million downloads in its first week of being launched into the App Store, and 50 million downloads in two weeks. And it isn’t just iOS users who love the simple game, it has been top of the Google Play store on Android and the top of the Amazon Marketplace app stores too.

Have you completed it? Would you like to see a Temple Run 3? Answers below!

Secure iPad Stand Reviews

January 30th, 2013

Reviews are important to any buying decision, especially if you are purchasing online. Many people want to know there is a company and confidence behind placing their purchase. How often do you purchase something online without seeing someone else’s opinion on what you are looking to buy?

We recognise that confidence and other people’s feedback is extremely important in any buying decision and are proud to have open and honest reviews of every product on our website for the public to see.

Each comment and review that is submitted is moderated before being published online (only for profanity and spam purposes) and then all comments are displayed live for website visitors to see before they make their choice.

We are proud to have received glowing reviews from our customers both for the product and the service we have provided, helping customers out across the globe.

Take a look at the product pages here to see the glowing reviews of our secure i370 stand.

LG Display Looking for Other Customers aside Apple

January 29th, 2013

According to Brightwire, stock holders of Apple aren’t the only people who are concerned with their recent fall in the stock markets as LG Display, the manufacturer of the screens for iPads and iPhones look to find other clients to bring to the company to cushion any potential downturn in orders from Apple.

Of course, we have all seen the rumours of a low cost iPhone coming to the market along with more and more rumours of new and updated iPad models, but the low cost iPhone rumours seem to have a lot of weight behind them at the moment.

That being said, the company are still facing downturns in their stock and share price even after a record breaking holiday quarter from the company, which is said to be making component manufacturers and suppliers of Apple nervous. LG Display have been manufacturing the screens for iOS devices alongside Samsung and AU Optronics but with recent cuts to Samsung’s orders from Apple production at LG has been ramped up a notch for the company, with LG and AU Optronics being the only suppliers of displays for the iPad Mini.

Now with the doubts in the minds of many where previously people had been turning to Apple for secure orders, LG are looking to protect 25% of their revenue which comes from Apple products or provide more back up in case of any downturn.

What do you think is going on inside Apple HQ? Should we be expecting something drastic?

More Storage for iOS Devices?

January 28th, 2013

Apple’s latest version of iOS 6.1 beta has revealed this weekend with some interesting things hidden in the developer code.

The code for the new iOS developments is where we often see hints for new devices, where products have been given “code-names” within the code for the build of the operating system. As Apple never give official hints and announcements of up and coming devices this is all fans have to go on!

The latest development in the code for iOS 6.1 beta has shown that there may be a 128GB device on its way, in the form of either an iPad or iPhone. The string of code shows the standard 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb models of devices but now shows a 128Gb product – no reference to whether this would be an iPad or iPhone – in the code.

With many of the other tablets on the market now offering the ability to add in external memory to the device, most often from micro SD cards, the need for more storage capacity as standard inside a tablet is growing and growing.

I’m sure a 128Gb iPad would be of more use than a 128Gb iPhone; 128Gb would be a heck of a lot of music for an iPod!

Would you like to see a 128Gb iPad or iPhone? Or both?

Best Stand for iPad

January 27th, 2013

Here at Intelligent Touch, I think we are of course going to be predictable when we say that our own designed and manufactured i360 stand is the best stand available for all generations of the Apple iPad. We are of course biased, but we’d love to see someone challenge the i360 stand for the top spot of the best iPad stand on the market.

The i360 stand is a uniquely designed iPad stand for the iPad 1, iPad 2, and of course the New iPads from Apple. Each stand securely holds the iPad into the i360 stand and allows the iPad to be moved and manipulated into many different viewing positions and angles. The stand has a “claw” which is the main support and hold for the iPad and each generation of iPad has a uniquely designed claw to allow for the new size of the device, it certainly isn’t a “one fits all” stand by any means.

The rotational and swivelling movement of the i360 stand all enhance the offering and make the i360 completely unique, with the range of movement and the ability to position the i360 at any viewing angle or position suitable for you. You dictate the position of the iPad, not the iPad dictating the position to you.


iPad 360 Stand

January 26th, 2013

The i360 stand has 360 degree movement right at it’s core, and is the features of the stand that set it apart from all the other iPad stands on the market.

Of course, the i360 has built in 360 degree rotation, in more than one direction and position! Allowing you to both rotate the screen of the iPad for more than 360 degrees (yes, you can keep turning and turning the screen of the device and it will just keep on going!). The stand also has a 360 degree swivel facility built into the stand at the base, again which doesn’t just stop at just 360 degrees but allows you to continually rotate the stand.

We understand that the continual rotation – beyond 360° – is not a feature that every user will need from the stand, but the inconvenience of trying to move the stand and then having to take it back the other way when you realise it has reached the 360° in that direction is now eliminated, giving you full flexibility.

Take a look at the store pages of the i360 website which feature demonstration videos of the i360 stand.

360 ipad stand

Sheet Music for iPads

January 25th, 2013

The i360 stand has been used for a music stand for iPads for musicians across the UK and the globe for a while now, giving musicians the flexibility to position the screen of the iPad exactly where they want it for ease of reading the screen. Of course, the iPad and the i360 stand look so much more high tech than a traditional music stand too!

Now, Chromatik have caught onto the iPad/music stand craze and have introduced an app to the Apple app store specifically for sheet music for the iPad. It doesn’t just display the music on the screen and allow you to quickly flick through virtual “pages”, the app allows you to annotate, highlight and make changes to the music, all of which get stored on the cloud. The cloud storage feature allows you to sync the music with multiple devices, so the whole orchestra or band can have an iPad and see the changes that have been made to the music! Clever huh?

The Chromatik app is famously used by the American Idol backing band to keep up to date and on top of all the music they need for the next weeks performances and with the huge number of changes I imagine they have, they need the flexibility of having the data stored in the cloud for easy access. The app company also have their own online store of over 100,000 pieces of sheet music available for download to the free app (app is free, sheet music purchases cost).

Of course, the American Idol backing band don’t display the music on the i360 stand, yet!

Apple’s Earnings Call for the 2012 Holiday Quarter

January 24th, 2013

Apple yesterday broke three of their own records with their quarterly earnings report to shareholders. Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer reel out hundreds and hundreds of numbers to the shareholders showing how much profit the company made over the period, but we have picked out the important numbers!

  • 22.9 Million iPads sold (7.5 million more than a year ago quarter)
  • 47 Million iPhones sold (10 million more than a year ago quarter)
  • Apple sold 10 iOS devices per second
  • Over 2 billion iMessages are sent every day

Overall, Apple posted $54.5 billion in revenue which equated to $13.1 billion in profit, and yes that is for the three month quarter alone.

All of these astounding figures now means that Apple have $137.1 billion in cash. I could think of a lot of ways that Apple could spend the $137 billion I’m sure!

More importantly, how will this affect the share price for Apple who have seen a huge drop in their share price in recent months? Are consumers worrying about the ongoing Samsung/Apple debacle? Are consumers wanting Apple to diversify more? The next few days on the stock market will be interesting…

Even Orangutans Can Use iPads

January 23rd, 2013

Apple have always wanted their products to be used by everyone, all generations, all ages, all abilities. This theme is right at the core of all Apple products and is too true if you have ever seen an infant pick up an iPhone or iPad and play with no instruction.

Of course, this latest news from the Smithsonian National Zoo shows that it isn’t just humans who can use the tablets with ease!

Zookeepers at the Smithsonian National Zoo allow the orangutans time to play with the iPads and a variety of different apps on the tablets. Each iPad is loaded with 10 apps for them to choose from, including drawing and painting games, music creating apps and a few different games. We all know that orangutans are clever and near to human characteristics, so it looks like a want for gadgets hasn’t escaped the primates either!

The keepers at the zoo vary the orangutans days as much as possible, differing their food and play times as well as interacting with them, allowing them access to the iPad for a limited time is another way for them to change their routine. Of course, they aren’t allowed alone time with the iPad and are always pictured using the iPad through a wire fence!

Samsung Take on iPad Mini With 8inch Galaxy Note

January 22nd, 2013

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February will see the unveiling of the New Galaxy Note 8″ tablet, which is Samsung’s latest offering to the tablet market set to take on the iPad Mini.

Samsung have had great success with their stylus enabled tablets such as the Galaxy Note 2 and the newer Galaxy Note 10.1 which saw its release in 2012. Samsung were one of the first manufacturers to look at a smaller tablet with their original Galaxy Tab 7.0, and now the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 tablet has also seen similar success. The smaller, more portable, more cost effective tablet was clearly a niche in the market and has seen others follow.

The stylus which is incorporated into the tablet, or as Samsung call it the “S Pen”, slips into a small holding on the note devices so it is completely incorporated into the slim shell of the tablet. The S Pen is pressure sensitive and adapts well to use with some of the painting and drawing applications available in the Google Play Store.

Apple followed many others, including Samsung, Google and the Amazon Kindle Fire into the smaller tablet market place when they launched the iPad Mini back in 2012 and the smaller, cheaper tablet has seen great success.

We look forward to seeing the launch next month.

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