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Curved Glass May Delay the Apple iWatch

February 28th, 2013

We have heard none stop rumours about the Apple iWatch since the patent release a few weeks ago… I’m still unsure whether they are planning on stopping the market from creating something by owning the patents themselves or really are investing in a new smart watch. Either way, the rumour mill has been hotting up and down as people look to discredit the news as well as enhance it!

Corning – the manufacturer of the Gorilla Glass that is seen on the iPhone and iPad line up – including the New iPad – have passed comment that their curved glass will not be ready for launch onto the iWatch.

Their new development, the glass called Willow Glass with the ability to be wrapped around a structure or object is not yet ready for wide release and they expect it not to be ready for another three years, which if Apple are planning on using the new technology for their iWatch would hold back the watch for another three years.

Corning and Apple have refused to comment to many sources on their involvement with each other on developing the Willow Glass… so what do you think? Are they working together or have Apple turned to someone else for the glass for the iWatch?

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iPad Stand Lock

February 26th, 2013

Locks for iPad stands. Definitely needed in today’s society where people don’t always like to pay for what is theirs.

The i370 iPad stand locks allow you to publicly display the iPad and not worry about security as the stand is held with a secure iPad lock.

We have many variations of a locking stand for the iPad, where you can have the ability to either fix the stand to a surface (i.e. table or desktop) or tether the stand to a fixture (i.e. table leg). Each of these options gives you maximum flexibility when using the iPad stand in any environment.

The tethered iPad locking solution allows you to attach the stand via a looped armoured cable to a fixture, either a table leg or other secure fitting and you have the flexibility of being able to move the stand up to 1.8 metres away from the tether point.

For the ultimate in security you can look to the i370 secure base and lock, which once the stand is fixed to a surface (either a table, desk or shelf) will stay as secure as that surface is! So certainly no worrying about whether the iPad will stay safe and secure in the lockable enclosure.

Want more reassurance? Call our sales team on 01952580220 for more information.

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Swivel iPad Stand

February 25th, 2013


Want a swivelling iPad Stand? Want a stand with more than just an average portrait or landscape viewing position? Then the i360 iPad stand is the stand for you.

The i360 stand has rotation and swivel functionality built in at the core of the stand and in more than one direction. You can swivel the base of the stand 360°, so adjusting the viewing angle and position of the iPad to your seating position. This is also really useful if you want to fix the base of the stand to a surface as you can adjust the viewing angle of the iPad to any position and angle.

The i360 stand also has a swivel/rotation facility built into the top section of the stand which gives you flexibility in positioning the iPad in a portrait or landscape position. It allows you to easily transition the orientation of the iPad by a simple rotation, and all the time keeping the iPad securely held in the stand.

Want to know more? Give the sales team a call on 01952580220.

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Apple and New York Police Work Together to Stop Thieves

February 24th, 2013

The New York Police Department are working strongly with Apple to track down thieves who are stealing and reselling stolen iPhones and iPads.

The NYPD pass the IMEI number (the International Mobile Equipment Identity number) onto Apple who can then see if it is an active device and locate it, even if it has switched to a different network carrier.

The department don’t just track devices across New York either and have recovered devices that have been stolen and resold and made their way to the Dominican Republic.

The new group are aiming at tracking down thieves who are serial thieves and steal and resell large numbers of devices, though the odd individual iPhone or iPad to be tracked down is still a great success for the two parties.

Apple product thefts in New York accounted for 14% of all major crime reported in the city so this is a great targetted campaign to try and reduce this.

I’d love to see network providers and the West Mercia police work together to bring such a solution to the UK to help stop theft, with more and more Apple devices being sold on the black market every day.

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iPad 5 and 2nd Gen iPad Mini images leaked online

February 23rd, 2013

Or supposedly leaked online!

Last week saw the release of some images of new iPad components, suggesting they are the new components for the next generation designs of the iPad Mini and the iPad 5.

One case manufacturer has even begun manufacturing cases for the iPad 5 on the basis of the photographs and information they’ve received leading them to know the sizes and dimensions of the next generation full size iPad. They believe the bezel on the screen at the sides will be reduced like the design of the iPad mini, reducing the bezel to a few mm either side of the tablet rather than the large bezel currently seen on all generations of the larger iPad tablet.

Apple have even published patents for smart bezels on devices, so reducing the size of the bezel down to a few millimeters is going to stop this patent from becoming true.

The next generation iPad mini photographs that have been released show the back casing for the iPad mini with a slightly thicker shell, leading fans to believe that the mini iPad will have a retina screen on the second generation model. The upgrade from the iPad 2 to the iPad 3 saw a similar growth in depth of the tablet to allow for the retina display screen too, and it is a likely upgrade for the smaller tablet.

Of course, nothing is ever final until Apple make their announcement and there are always lots of rumours circulating before a new launch… which we choose to believe is up to us.

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Judge Koh Gets Stern in Samsung v Apple Case

February 22nd, 2013

Judge Lucy Koh is probably the most famous Judge in San Jose now, after being the unlucky judge presiding over the Apple vs Samsumg case in the US.

She has already had to sit through one case which has now gone to appeal, and despite telling both companies their actions and intentions are not only bad for each company but bad for the industry in general, they just keep on going.

The trial that took place last year is scheduled to be heard in the appeal court in 2014, with new cases between the two companies growing every day.

Judge Koh has asked both Samsung and Apple to stick to 25 patents and 25 products that the two companies feel are their best cases and they feel have been the most damaging. Samsung are claiming that Apple have infringed their patents with all of the iOS line up including the iPad and the iPhones, and Apple claim that Samsung have infringed their patents with the Galaxy Note line up of products.

Judge Koh has simply said that both companies need to “streamline” their arguments to what they feel is their best case, and after the two companies have been fighting for what seems like years they should know the answer, instead of both companies arguing over every little thing to see what sticks.

Next year will see some more decisions, but hopefully in the meantime Apple and Samsung can play nice. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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Apple’s Patent Applications Detail New Wearable Tech

February 21st, 2013

So are they making a smart watch after all?

We know that Apple like to file patents to companies to show their interest in products and their focus that if they own the patent they own the future rights to the technology, stopping the competition until Apple have decided if they want to venture into that area of development. Of course, many of the patent applications that we see being published (some before they are granted) are usually a good time span after they have been originally filed, some times up to a number of years after the original application and the date the papers were presented, so items may already be well in development.

Last week saw many stories circulating the Internet for an Apple iWatch, or Apple Smart watch, hinting that the company are developing wearable technology and integrating a curved screen into a device to be worn around the wrist. Then, earlier this week we were told that Apple aren’t creating such a product and we are all getting excited over nothing. But… now the United States Patent and Trademark Office have shown us details of a patent filed with them back in August 2011 detailing a wearable “slap bracelet” with a full length flexible touch screen display.

Now doesn’t that sound interesting…

Please don’t keep us waiting for this one Apple, Smart Watches are all anyone is talking about at the moment and we love to see Apple lead where others try and follow.

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Apple Maps App Still Improving

February 20th, 2013

With new recent job advertisements posted on Apple’s corporate site it is clear that Apple are still catching up with their Maps application and looking to eliminate all the errors users have spotted and reported.

This week has seen seven jobs advertised on the companies website for software engineers to improve the existing application. One particular advertisement focuses on improving the “flyover” feature which shows the 3D terrain of countries.

Apple also recruited for their Maps team a few weeks ago, clearly adding to their commitment to continually improve the service and catch up to where the application should be, amongst the main maps rivals Google and Nokia – who Apple themselves told users to resort to using their Maps applications whilst the native Apple Maps iOS 6 App was brought up to standard.

The native Maps Application has been praised for many aspects, but most talk and feedback has been largly the opposite, touting the inaccuracies in the actual maps and therefore the new turn by turn navigation also being wildly inaccurate. The rendering of the 3D flyover data has also been under scrutiny where the company have seen bridges fall into lakes and completely incorrect road divisions and islands.

Personally I’ve used the maps application around my county a handful of times to reassure me where I’m going, but I always look at the road signs too ensuring I don’t end up somewhere completely different!

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Sir Jony Ive Receives Gold Blue Peter Badge

February 19th, 2013

Sir Jony Ive, the mastermind behind the design of Apple products including the iPod, iPhone, MacBook and iPad line up at the Cupertino campus in USA has been awarded with a Gold Blue Peter Badge for his inspiring designs and all he has achieved.

Barney Harwood was the lucky Blue Peter presenter who flew to Apple HQ to interview and present Sir Ive with his gold badge, and at the same time showing him lunch box designs from children who had entered a Blue Peter Competition. Ive recalled memories from watching Blue Peter where they turned everyday household rubbish – referring to a “detergent bottle” specifically, into something that is different and usable, and this is something that has stayed with Ive throughout his successful career.

Jony Ive looked genuinely touched when Harwood showed him the Gold Blue Peter badge, who then in turn gave the Blue Peter presenter “one he’d made earlier”, a large Blue Peter Shield CNC cut from a solid piece of aluminium.

Congrats Sir Ive, I’m sure through all of your achievements a Blue Peter Gold Badge is near the top!

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DJ Accessories for the iPad

February 18th, 2013

DJing on the iPad is becoming more and more popular. Many popular DJ’s are choosing to put their expensive mixing kit to one side and looking to the more portable iPad for their main control desk instead. Now this has been made even easier with the Spin2 mixing desk designed to work directly with the popular djay and vjay app from Algoriddim.

The new mixing desk has been developed between Vestax and Algoriddim (the company behind the apps) and has touch sensitive jog wheels to help with mixing. All of these features were previously available on screen in the app but now have a physical controller for those DJ’s who prefer to feel the music. The desk is somewhat simpler than the average dj mixing desk so is sure to help all those amateur DJ’s who are getting started to not get too confused with the controls.

The i360 stand has also been adopted by many DJ’s who are touring with their kit and use the iPad to mix, the “no wobble” stand certainly comes into its own when it is packed between amps and huge speakers blasting lots of bass at a crowd! The simple and easy manoeuvrability of the stand gives you the ultimate in flexibility and movement whilst keeping your iPad safe.

The mixing desk comes at a hefty price tag, currently selling in US Apple Stores for $350. Compare this to the cost of the app and you are in for some expensive kit, but I’m sure a couple of gigs could earn that back?

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