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Designer Stands for iPads

March 31st, 2013

The i360 is a truly designer stand for the iPad.

We have made real contemporary design tweaks to the look and feel of the i360 stand which reflect Apple’s design ethos and the look and feel of Apple products.

With the chrome detailing of the i360 stand, both with the chrome feature on the base of the stand and the main rotational ring on the stand, these tweaks and looks of the product really give the i360 iPad stand a designer feel, much like the chrome look and feel from the sides of the Apple iPhone 3 and 3GS.

The high gloss finish of the base and the “claw” attachment also give the product a real premium look, again similar to the gloss finishes from the iPhone line up of products and now the coloured iPad Mini product line up.

Each of the i360 iPad stands are available for the first, second, third and fourth generation iPads from Apple and will be continually adapted and changed for future generations.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here for more information on the designer iPad stand from Intelligent Touch.

Will Apple iRadio Launch This Summer?

March 30th, 2013

Apple are said to be pushing out all the stops ready to launch their online music streaming service this summer.

Apple have been long rumoured to be releasing a music streaming service much like Spotify, where users can listen to unlimited songs and albums for a small fee, or be subject to advertising for free users.

Further to talks with some of the major record companies including Universal and Warner, negotiations on pricing for songs has now been agreed according to the New York Times at almost half the price Pandora (another online music service) pay per hundred tracks. Apple do have the weight of iTunes behind them which will obviously a good thing whereby negotiations for pricing are concerned!

Many industry insiders have spoken out in America and said that Apple iRadio is coming and that “there is no doubt about it anymore.”

Apple doesn’t usually agree with advertising or pushing advertising onto their consumers so it will be interesting to see how they handle the free aspect of their service if it is similar to the current offering from Spotify.

It is likely that this will be a US only service upon the initial launch as negotiations for the records in different countries are all different and will all take time. I do look forward to trying this out if and when it hits UK shores.

Apple Cutting iPad Mini Shipments – is there a Next Gen Device on the way?

March 28th, 2013

New rumours have come from the far east this week claiming that Apple have cut orders and shipments for the current iPad Mini model, does this suggest that there is a next generation model on the way?

According to the DigiTimes and their sources in the far east Apple could be cutting the orders and shipments for components by up to 20% in April and continue through the quarter. If this reduction is correct, it will mean that Apple will be shipping as little as 10 million completed iPad mini units over the quarter.

No reasons were given by the sources for the reduction in the shipments but it has been hinting that Apple are slowing down production ready for a next generation mini tablet. Other people have speculated that the cut is due to the increase in competition from other companies such as Amazon with the smaller 7 inch tablets.

We saw reports earlier in March that the third quarter this year will see a next generation iPad Mini featuring a retina display, the latest news of supply chain reduction could be leading towards this. site ranked 8th Most Visited website in US

March 27th, 2013

Comscore – a worldwide company leader in measuring online business analytics have this week released figures showing the top visited websites in the US, including traffic from mobiles.

Previously all the figures released from Comscore hadn’t counted mobile traffic, but now this has been included the top websites have seen some jumps up and down.

The website was ranked at position 11 counting the total number of unique visitors to the site, but now that mobile traffic is taken into consideration the company have jumped up to 8th position, with 54% more unique viewers coming from the mobile devices.

Google is clearly at the top of the list of websites, closely followed by Yahoo, Microsoft and then Facebook. The total number of unique views/visitors for Apple stands at 115,920,000 visitors across all devices, with mobile traffic making up a huge sum of their total.

Of course, people who own an iPad or iPhone are going to choose to visit on their mobile device aren’t they? This also doesn’t count the number of people who go to the Apple Store direct through the mobile application which is going to add a great number of shoppers to their results.

Amazon are the only other online shop to feature higher than Apple in the rankings, not bad going by the California tech company!

iPad Security Solutions

March 25th, 2013

If you are planning on using an iPad for display or use in a public area then the physical security of the device is going to be of utmost importance.

There are many different security products on the market, but take a look at the secure solutions available online from for complete peace of mind when your iPad is on display.

The i370 lockdown stand is a complete stand to display and hold the iPad whilst it is in use; you are able to position the iPad in any number of viewing positions and angles whilst held in the stand and you can rotate and move the device to get the perfect viewing angle, whilst not compromising the security of the tablet in any way.

There are also secured tether solutions available from Intelligent Touch here on which enable the iPad to be tethered to a surface or permanent fixture, depending on the location of where you want to use the iPad on display it may not be practical to use the secure i370 stand, which is where the tethers offer the next level of security for you.

Please give our sales team a call on 01952580220 to help with your requirement and make sure your equipment stays secure.

New Warcraft Game Coming to iPad

March 24th, 2013

Blizzard – the application developers behind some of the top RPG’s including Starcraft and Diablo are releasing their first iPad game, themed alongside World of Warcraft.

The new game from Blizzard is called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and is a free game. Players will use the nine classes from World of Warcraft and build a hero and then duel with cards. The cards are being made available through in app purchases or from progression through the game, enabling users to put together their own decks of cards and create new cards.

The app is initially being brought to the Mac and PC platforms and then will be opened up for use on the iPad. Blizzard are currently looking for users to beta-test the application on the iOS platform with all in app purchases being credited back to the testing users as game credits and fresh cards.

I’m sure this game will get a huge following the same as the original World of Warcraft titles. Whether this game will really take off as much on the iOS platform is yet to be seen, but Blizzard have surely done their research and know they have a market here waiting to be tapped into.

Are you an RPG gamer? Looking forward to this title coming to the iPad?

iPhone Camera App Helps the Blind See Objects

March 23rd, 2013

The new iPhone application titled Tap Tap is a camera app designed for blind people. The application links with the assistive tools on the iPhone including the voice over feature and works with the camera of the smart phone to tell you what your picture is of.

If you take a photograph with the application pointing it at a remote control, it will tell you the name of the picture and then say “remote control”, take a picture of an iPhone (yes, you have to have two in your household) and it will say “Apple iPhone”.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind have produced a write up on the application on their website which describes how one user took a photograph of a bottle of E45 moisturiser and the application voiced over “E45 lotion”.

Though I’m sure many blind people have come to terms and developed ways of coping around these situations there are certainly uses that this will be great for. Of course bottles and tins can be the same size and shape so if you could take a photograph of the bottle and be told what the contents is working in the kitchen will be completely revolutionised.

I’m sure the app will be great for not just blind but also visually impaired people who cannot perhaps distinguish detail on bottles or close up information.

Have you had a go with the Tap Tap application? What do you think?

Apple Win Patent for Augmented Reality

March 21st, 2013

Apple have this week won a patent for augmented reality technology to be overlaid on top of a live video feed, following in the footsteps of Google and Nokia with their innovations in this field.

The example cited in the patent application indicates a live video feed of a computer circuit board, with the video feed being taken by the camera on the device. On top of the video feed would be annotations labelling different parts of the circuit board and describing the parts. The information could be from a website or local network or online library of information. Users would also be able to create their own annotations onto the live video feed and share these with others. The big scope is where users are able to share their display with someone, this would enable the other user to perhaps indicate some parts on the circuit board that weren’t labelled and then the user can add these annotations in.

This is similar to a Google Goggles project that I recently learn’t about (no, not Google Glass), where points of interest are pointed out on maps or live image feeds from cameras. This augmented reality does have real potential for the Apple maps application in a similar way to the Google Application.

I hope Apple are bringing this solution to market and not just stopping others from developing the system.


Samsung are in the Smart Watch Race According to Bloomberg

March 20th, 2013

Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile division has confirmed that the company are looking into and creating a smart watch. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Lee is quoted to have said “we’ve been preparing for the watch product for so long… We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them”.

No details came from Lee as to expected dates for release or even price points, or any features of the products, all secret information that Apple would be dying to hear if they really are making a smart watch.

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Apple have over 100 designers working on their smart watch project, though we have seen no leaked images or components that we have begun to expect from Apple and the Chinese manufacturing ring. Of course, the rumours we have seen say that Apple are going to launch the smart watch later this year, and with the news that Samsung are now in the smart watch race too I’m sure the company will be putting all their reserves into the project.

The Apple smart watch is expected to work alongside the current iOS smartphone and tablet line up of products allowing you to read messages and see incoming calls on your wrist device. Personally I’m not sure how much of this I would actually use on my wrist compared to my phone, though with phone screens getting bigger maybe this is what the “smaller” replacement will look like?

Though I know I am not the only one who is excited to see the two smart watches from these companies, I do hope they can keep this one all wrapped up with patents and stay out of court!

New Facebook Updates Come to iOS

March 19th, 2013

Facebook have this week released an update to the iOS Application for iPad and iPhone.

The new update contains a few performance updates in the system helping the app to run smoother, but this most recent upgrade to the app includes extra features for iOS, allowing users to update their cover photo from their mobile device. This functionality has been missing from the iOS application since its launch and the functionality for the new timeline version of the news feed still hasn’t seen the update for the mobile devices until today.

Group messaging in Facebook has also been streamlined making it much easier to send and receive and create group messages, along with updates to group messaging and search features in your inbox. You can now search your inbox more easily to find conversations and messages more easily.

Facebook will continually update and develop their iOS application and as more and more users get smartphones, theiOS application is only going to become more and more popular.

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