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Apple Plan Stock Buy Back

April 30th, 2013

Announced on the quarterly earnings call last week was the decision for Apple to invest in Apple (may seem a radical way of thinking!). The company with all their oodles of cash reserves in the bank have decided to buy back shares into their own company to increase the share dividend to their investors.

Though even with all the cash reserves in the bank, Apple are borrowing money to fund the buy back. They are reportedly going to borrow between $15 and $20 billion from large banking corporations to enable the buy back to run smoothly. Though the company have more than $145 billion in the bank it is all stored off shore to avoid US taxes, and it seems easier for the company to fund the buy back by borrowing.

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are the lucky banks in talks with Apple to help them fund the buy back, with Cook speaking at the Goldman Sachs conference every year to help maintain a good relationship (and attract a lot of attention for the banking corporation).

Apple investing in Apple means that investors will now see an extra 15% increase on their dividend payments, which will equate to around $3.05 per common share. Of course the program will take a number of years to complete, but Apple investing in Apple can only be a good thing surely?

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Apple Hosting Tech Talks after WWDC Sell Out

April 29th, 2013

After the now infamous sell out of the 2013 Apple WWDC in less than three minutes, Apple are now contacting developers who missed out on their chance to get tickets for the event and offering access to the information from the event through different avenues and platforms.

Apple had already made the decision to make video’s available of the sessions from WWDC for developers so they can see and hear the action even if they can’t get immediately involved. Not only was there a record sell out of the tickets there appears to have also been some problems with ticket ordering and reservations as the system simply overloaded. (Of course, developers are going to know every trick in the book to try and get in first with their ticket!)

Elements of the Apple WWDC conference will also be taken on the road around America in what is being dubbed as “tech talks”, which will invite developers to various cities across the US to learn and hear about elements from the conference.

Apple took the WWDC on tour in a similar way after the launch of iOS 5 at the WWDC in 2011, should we expect iOS 7 to be previewed here and the Tech Talks tours will revolve around the new mobile OS and interface? With Jony Ive now having influence over the design decisions and workings here we are all expecting him to put his stamp on the OS, and eagerly anticipating it too!


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iPad Wall Mounts

April 28th, 2013

This week we have had an abundance of calls into Intelligent Touch for people looking for an iPad Wall Mount. Whether it be to put in a public display or simply for use at home like a digital photograph frame we have had the enquiries and been able to help everyone.

The secure iPad wall mount – the i370 Black or White Wall Mount – offers flexibility of moving the iPad from portrait to landscape mode or anything in between where by the user simply rotates the screen of the device to adjust the viewing position. The Wall Mount has standard VESA fixings to be affixed to a wall and each of the security caps is covered and will be more than difficult to be removed by a thief! The secure enclosure ensures that the iPad stays affixed in a lockable case and can only be opened with the key supplied.

The i360 stand is also available for wall mounting in a home or atmosphere where there is less need for security around the device. The tablet is easily removable from the i360 stand and yet will be sure to stay fixed if mounted at any height or position. The added flexibility with the i360 stand is the adjustment of the viewing angle which can be positioned anything up to 90 degrees, perfect for ensuring you find the correct angle away from any potential glare on the screen.

Take a look at the wall mounts for the iPads, you won’t be disappointed.

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Apple WWDC Sold Out in 3 Minutes

April 27th, 2013

As was expected, as soon as tickets for the Annual Apple WWDC were on sale they were sold, in a record three minutes!

The company announced that their WWDC this year would take place mid-June in the usual location in San Francisco, and some third party sites were even set up to try and help ensure people who were desperate for a place got their seat at the conference this year.

The tickets are open for developers for Apple, either people who are signed to the iOS Developer Program, the iOS Developer Enterprise Program or the Mac Developer program, and each ticket is $1,599! (Not cheap by any standards!) However, judging on the last few years conferences where Apple have previewed the new iOS systems, iOS 6 last year and iOS 5 the year before, they are certainly the place to be to be in the know about new developments at the company. Not forgetting Mac Developers either who have seen some interesting and new updates to the Mac OS in recent years and by the look of the event page are promised a glimpse of the new OS X for Mac.

The new release of iOS 7 is expected to have some significant visual changes now Jony Ive is responsible for the look and feel of the OS. I’m looking forward to seeing his influence update the OS.

The WWDC is also very good timing as Google are expected to launch their new version of the Android OS Key Lime Pie in mid May.

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Nothing new from Apple Until Fall 2013 or 2014

April 26th, 2013

The quarterly earnings call with Tim Cook earlier this week was a landmark for Apple. The CEO and CFO Peter Oppenheimer both had to bring their companies investors confidence back into Apple after they saw their first year on year profit drop in over a decade. Though the company still made $9.5 billion profit, against a hugely successful 2012 for Apple the share price and profits are taking a tumble.

Obviously to restore confidence in the company, Cook perhaps gave away more than in previous phone calls about Apple’s future plans. Of course he didn’t give away more than he had planned to! The call suggested that there will be no new products from Apple until this fall and 2014 – saying:

“Our teams are hard at work… on some amazing new software, hardware and services we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014″.

What products do we think Cook is referring to? Could this be the iWatch or the long awaited update to the Apple TV? Will the iRadio service be the “service” that Apple are going to launch this fall? I’m certainly sure it is more than a rejigged iPad design or a new, slimmer and lighter phone that we’ve been used to seeing.

What do you think Apple have in the pipeline? What do you think we can expect from the company?

We’re excited too Tim and look forward to Apple’s new products and services to come, even if you are going to make us wait a year or more.

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Stands for iPad 4

April 25th, 2013

The new iPad 4 (or 4th generation tablet) from Apple was launched at the end of 2012 and unfortunately for many has made many of the older iPad 2 and 3 accessories not compatible with the new tablet. The new and improved USB connection via the Lightning connector on the iPad (compared to the 30 pin dock connector from previous generations of iPad and iPhones). The iPad 4 also featured a new internal processing chip said to make processing and rendering graphics a lot quicker than the 3rd generation device.

Thankfully for Intelligent Touch, the i360 iPad stand is compatible with the fourth generation tablet from Apple and has been flying off the shelves to lucky iPad 4 owners who want to look after their new tablet. The stand offers users maximum flexibility with their new tablet and enables you to use many of the iPad features whilst the iPad is held in the stand. You’ve paid all that money to have the top of the range tablet, why not have the top of the range stand to complement it?

Take a look at the i360 store pages to see the 4th generation iPad stand.

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Apple Quarterly Year on Year Profits Drop

April 24th, 2013

This news hitting the national headlines in the UK makes you realise what a force Apple is and what an unlikely event this is for them. The company has seen their first year on year quarterly profits drop in a decade.

Though figures for each individual product sale has grown and grown, new products including the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini carry less of a profit margin for the company compared to other products in the line up and therefore overall profits are down.

CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer were both taking part in the quarterly results phone call to investors to give them the news. Oppenheimer was clearly stressing that Apple see the long term health and performance of the company as a higher aim and target than individual quarterly results. He also added that the launch of the first iPod saw apple in the same situation where quarterly profits were down, yet the company innovated the iTunes offering in the same period which allowed them to increase further profits exponentially. Cook added that figures are difficult to judge this year as sales and figures last year were so high.

The important numbers from the call yesterday;
• 11.8 million iPads were sold this quarter a year ago, 19.5 million sold this quarter, a huge increase for the company and more than Apple sold over the holiday quarter in 2012.
• 35.1 million iPhones were sold this quarter a year ago, with 37.4 million sold this quarter. The small overall increase offset against the increased costs for the product have leant towards the profit drop.

With the share price already on a decrease for Apple the company are trying to install confidence back in their investors. Are they busy innovating something like iTunes ready to change the way we think about a product? I hope so.

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iPad 5 Back Shell Appears Online

April 23rd, 2013

The last few weeks have seen more and more parts appearing online said to be for the Apple iPad 5, the fifth generation tablet from Apple which is expected to launch later this year. April was usually the time of year where we expected a refresh in the design however with April passed now and the fourth generation tablet only 6 months old I think it is too soon for another device and we could expect to see a summer/fall launch.

The image of the back shell of the iPad seen online follows the form of the new iPad Mini, with thinner bezel to the sides of the screen. Apple have developed the technology within the touchscreen so the iOS knows the difference between a deliberate press in this area and a grip that may be edging onto the screen of the device. It is said that the iPad will still retain the 9.7inch screen size and the retina resolution.

The new fifth generation iPad is also said to be using IGZO display panels from Sharp which will give a better resolution than a standard LCD screen with huge power savings.

When do you think we will see the fifth generation iPad?

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Apple iPad Expanding Lead Over Other Tablets

April 22nd, 2013

The Apple iPad has been blamed for a huge loss in PC sales across the board, with people choosing to turn to tablets instead of the more traditional PC. Apple has always been at the helm of the tablet market and despite some small lapses where new tablets have made a small gain, it looks now as if Apple are taking back that position and also regaining the small chunks of the market share it potentially lost.

The numbers have been crunched by company Chitika who have analysed tablet web traffic over the past month in the US and Canada. Each of the results shows the iPad having 81.9% of tablet web traffic coming from the Apple iPad. The comparison brings the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy tablets into consideration, which collectively only use 12% of the web traffic. Though the gain Apple has made has been small, with only only 1.4%, it may certainly help some stakeholders in Apple regain some of their confidence that Apple aren’t falling from the top of their tree yet.


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iPad 3 Stands

April 21st, 2013

Stands for the Apple iPad 3 are available at direct from the manufacturers.

The Apple iPad 3, or the “New iPad” released in April 2012 gave the iPad family a retina display and an upgraded camera, allowing users the true high gloss finish from the iPad screen. Until you have used a retina display tablet you think the iPad screen definition is great. Then once you have used a retina tablet you will think the iPad 2 132ppi display is poor!

If you are using a New iPad, treat your tablet with the respect it deserves and house it in the i360 stand. The stylish stand will ensure that your precious tablet stays safe and supported within the stand and will give you the most flexible viewing angles and viewing positions available.

The high gloss black, or the gloss white finish of the iPad stands are our most popular variations and available for all generations of the Apple iPad family.

Click here to see the different i360 stands available in the i360 store pages.

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