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Google Launch 3D Maps for Desktop Computers

May 23rd, 2013

Everyone who is anyone with a small amount of knowledge about tech will know the troubles Apple faced when launching their own native Maps application within iOS 6. The 3D flyover views of buildings and roads were completely screwed up in some of the major US cities, with renderings of trees becoming blobs and even a bridge and roads being dropped into the river below!

Now Google are launching their own 3D “fly through cities” view with 3D buildings, they have faced the same problems as Apple did upon the launch.

The new application works through Google Maps and Google Earth and combines the imagery and visualisations from both, with the new addition of 3D views of buildings and cities. Though the 3D views are suffering the same problems in seemingly the same areas and landmarks as Apple faced, the company will obviously make improvements to their program and imagery over the coming months to rectify the problems.

It does show how impressive Apple Maps really is, despite all the problems they have had, to get the more accurate and better quality graphics than Google on a portable tablet device really is an achievement in itself. Google are yet to bring their 3D visualisations to the mobile platform, but as an addition into the new Key Lime Pie interface I’m sure it would be a success.

I hope all the people who talked down about Apple Maps now do the same to Google with their mistakes!

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$610k for Tea (or Coffee) with Tim Cook

May 16th, 2013

Apple Inc have always been close to charities since Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company and this appears to be a trait that Tim Cook has taken on too.

He has agreed to give up half an hour of his time for a personal meeting or coffee with the lucky winner of an online auction over at Charity Buzz, with the meeting taking place in the Apple Inc headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The online auction was expected to raise $50,000, with initial bids coming in at $5,000 for the coffee break with one of the worlds most recognised CEO’s. However, the auction quickly rocketed up to $560,000 in two days, way beyond anyone’s expectations of what the auction would fetch! The bidding finally closed at $610,000 for up to an hour of time with Cook, with all proceeds going towards the RFK Centre for Justice and Human Rights.

And, the $610,000 doesn’t include any travel expenses or lodgings for the lucky winner, whom it hasn’t been announced yet who this is, but if they have to travel they’re looking at an even more expensive tea-break with the CEO!

How much would you pay for coffee with Tim Cook? Or even your favourite company executive?

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Locking Stand for iPad 3

May 9th, 2013

The third generation iPad tablet with the retina display is one of the “must have” items of 2012 and 2013. The Apple tablets are favoured by many people across many different business sectors as being the most reliable and functional tablet compared to the others on the market at the moment. Of course, the Apple iPad tablet tops all the polls for use and it appears that nothing will take away its pedestal.

To use the iPad in a public arena, unattended, you most certainly need a form of a locking device or stand to be able to hold the device secure. The Apple iPad 3 lockdown stand from Intelligent Touch does just that, allowing you to use all the features and functionality of the iPad tablet whilst still held in the secure locking stand.

What’s more, the lockdown stand can also cover the home button of the Apple iPad to keep the iPad running just one app for you, whether this be your specific app or a certain function of the tablet that you want to promote and not allow others to access the camera or music on the device.

Take a look at the i370 stand here for the full list of features and product images.

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Apple Working on a Smart Audio Splitter

May 8th, 2013

Well audio splitters are nothing new, people have been using them for a long time in different environments for different applications, including school children listening to music on the bus on the way home and they can now plug in their own earphones instead of squashing together to sheare on set.

But.. Apple’s latest patent application shows insight into what looks to be a great new accessory to hit the market in the form of a smart audio splitter which will allow the two users to independently control their audio settings along with some global changes to the device.

The accessory (by the looks of the application drawings) will connect through the new lightning connector as well as the headphone jack on the bottom of the devices (could this mean a potential move of the headphone jack on tablets too?). The connection through both of the inputs/outputs will mean that the device and the accessory can work in conjunction with each other and have independent controls for different elements. i.e. users will be able to click the headphones connected to the adaptor to perform various functions on the device.

Do you think this has a real, business-world application? Or do you see it as just a gimmick?

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iPad Mini Retina to use LG Displays – not Samsung

May 7th, 2013

More and more people are putting their 2 pence worth in on the predictions for the next generation Apple tablets and what will be happening when.

Latest guesses are from a Richard Shim, who is an analyst at the company DisplaySearch, who is citing that the second version of the Apple iPad Mini will be released with a retina display and those display panels will be sourced from LG, not Samsung.

Samsung and Apple have a fraught relationship and Apple have been said to be slowly pushing Samsung Electronics out of their manufacturing chain to become less reliant upon the company as the two still face ongoing legal battles together. This move would continue to keep Samsung out of the manufacturing chain for the iPad Mini, whilst we still believe Samsung components are used in the manufacture of the fourth generation iPad.

If the retina display is bought to the mini iPad, it will give a 2048×1536 resolution screen to the mini sized tablet, giving a pixel density close to that of the current iPhone 5, for which the screen resolution is unsurpassed by any other device on the market. The iPad Mini already has a better screen resolution than the current iPad 2, as it has the same amount of pixels crammed into the 7.9inch screen size.

Shim ended his predictions by saying that we will see the smaller sized retina tablet in production in June and July of this year, ready for a holiday season launch.

Do you think these predictions are far wrong? Or right?

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Apple Shares Said to be “on a Rebound”

May 6th, 2013

Apple shares look to be back on an upward increase since mid-April. Before then the company had seen a downward slope since September last year when the shares peaked at $700 and faced a decline which saw them hit their low point at below $400 per share.

What is the reason for the change in events? Many reasons are being cited as the turn around for Apple, but one investor is claiming that the WWDC will be a new turnaround platform for all Apple investors and consumers to get excited about Apple again.

The company has faced the share price fall since the release of an updated device into nearly every product line which came with their September launch. The new MacBooks, iPads, Mac Mini’s were all launched on the same day at the same event and therefore consumers are waiting to see what and when will launch next, with all expected to be waiting until next year for an update into each product line.

With the WWDC tickets selling out in a record time, less than three minutes, we are expecting Apple to launch something great at the WWDC, ontop of the news that the highlights from the WWDC will go on tour across America to major cities, they must be releasing something big.

Is this the something big Tim Cook referenced that they were working on?

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Pentagon Ready for Apple Devices in Two Weeks

May 5th, 2013

We have been reading reports online about the US Military turning to Apple devices for deployment across their field teams. They have tested a number of devices and though already use Blackberry and Playbook tablets in the field, they clearly are not fulfilling all their needs as they have now turned to the iPad.

The Apple tablet is undergoing some changes for use by the Pentagon as security is clearly a paramount issue for them that needs to be addressed, standard iOS security just won’t do. The next two weeks will see the iPad being finalised in the field tests and the STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) for the device will be finished and finalised allowing the Apple iPad tablet to be deployed.

Apple MacBooks and the standard range of Mac desktops have never passed the STIG checks and been issued with the implementation guide and therefore are not permitted for use by US Military personnel and the Pentagon. The STIG approval for the Apple iPad and iPhones will mean that the Apple devices can be purchased and used by the military.

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App Store About to Hit 50 Billion Downloads

May 3rd, 2013

The Apple App Store are on a countdown today and are about to reach 50 billion app downloads.

Last year Apple ran a competition for the 25 billionth app download from the store with a prize of a $10,000 iTunes gift card! That would surely go a long, long way to filling your computer hard drive with songs and films!

The lucky 50 billionth app download will also receive a $10,000 App Store gift card, and the next 50 app downloads after the prize 50 billionth will also receive App store gift cards to the total of $500 each.

There is also no purchase or download necessary to enter the competition, as you can enter online via a form on Apple’s website. Of course, you should really have an iOS enabled device to be able to appreciate the gift you are receiving!

And… for those of you thinking that you will download every free app in the store when the numbers start getting towards the total, think again. Only 25 entries per person per day are counted.

One winner somewhere is going to have enough music and films for life from this competition!

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iPad Security Locks

May 2nd, 2013

Security for an Apple iPad tablet when being used in the public arena has to be of utmost importance to any user. We have recognised the need for security for the Apple iPad, and good security solutions, not something that can be simply and easily removed, and have developed the i370 secure stand and accessories for the Apple iPad.

The most secure options we have are the i370 lockdown stand and the i370c lockdown stands or wall mount brackets. Each of the stands has the secure T locking mechanism which is a stainless steel lock with the kensington style T fixing to ensure the enclosure stays closed/shut. The lockable stand can be affixed to any surface with the secure VESA fixings in the base of the stand.

The wall mounted stand – the i370c – is again a secure fixture with the iPad held in a secure metal enclosure which is secured shut with the stainless steel T lock.

The range of movement available from the i370 stands is not hampered by the securing facility and we have ensured that the adjustments and rotation to give people the completely unique viewing positions are all still available.

Take a look at the i370 secure stand pages to see the locking iPad security solutions.

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Stands for the Apple iPad

May 1st, 2013

With a huge array of stands available for the Apple iPad it is no wonder people get confused with which one to buy, which will be the easiest to use, which gives you the most flexibility with your tablet? Well of course I am going to say that the i360 iPad stand is the best iPad stand on the market, but I am not alone in my thoughts and I am sure that you will see why too.

The i360 stand surely has to be the most flexible, offering 360° rotation of the screen, 360° rotation at the base of the stand (so the base stays put and the iPad moves around it), and up to 90° tilt to allow you to angle the screen perfectly to avoid any glare, you really couldn’t find a position that the iPad and the i360 stand cannot achieve. Even upside down the iPad is securely held by the four gripping corners of the “claw” to ensure the iPad stays safe.

The stand is also very easy to use, with simple movements to adjust any of the positions of the stand. Any chosen position is held by the stand under the weight of the iPad and normal use, but a push a bit harder or firmer will move the iPad into another position easily and smoothly, whilst still holding the iPad secure.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here to see the images of the stand, you won’t be disappointed.

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