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Apple US Summer Camp Teaching Kids to Become Film Makers

June 23rd, 2013

Apple have been running Summer Camp workshops at their retail stores in the US for years where each of the children are taught different skills in movies and making movies in the stores.

The Camp sessions last 2 days at the stores and the 8-12 year oldsa re taught more than just how to edit and make movies with Apple’s apps, they’re taught storyboarding techniques as well as having hands on time with filming the video themselves. All the videos are shot in and around the Apple stores, and all get premièred at the Apple Camp Film Festival at the end of the training days.

Each of the attendees to the workshops are asked to take their own mac, along with earphones and a camera. All of the software that the children will need in the two days is provided for them, but taking your own mac and camera along with the cost of the training is going to be pricey for any parent, and places sell out very quickly!

I’m sure this is a summer camp most children would love to take part in.

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WWDC App Now Available in iOS App Store

June 4th, 2013

The “companion” app for the WWDC conference next week has been released into the App Store yesterday. Last years WWDC saw an app to accompany the events so one has been expected for a while and is a great tool for both the attendees to the conference and those who can’t make it and missed out on tickets (which is A LOT!)

The app gives developers – both at the conference or at home – to follow the events of each day. The app shows the WWDC schedule, news from the event, and will also have daily video’s of the sessions for registered developers to watch who couldn’t make the live event. I’m sure for developers who wanted to be at the event and can’t make it the app will be such a useful tool of information (and is certainly a cheaper alternative as the event is quite pricey!)

The WWDC is said to be going “on tour” after the main conference for those developers who missed out on grabbing a ticket for the event in the 3 minutes that they took to sell out! I’m sure there will be a whole host of information on a dedicated app for this too enabling people to track the “tour” and see the agendas and updates for the events on the road too.

The App will no doubt be receiving a huge number of downloads from the store this week as we get ready to build up to the conference starting live on Monday.

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Siri Voice Recognition Powered by Nuance

June 3rd, 2013

The All Things D Conference in America always brings some interesting information to light. This time the CEO of Nuance Paul Ricci wa being interviewed, and as soon as the Q&A started he revealed details of his companies relationship with Apple.

Ricci was questioned on whether it’s his companies fault that the iPhone doesn’t understand a users voice (of course people always bite back given the opportunity at a conference like this!). Ricci remained calm and answered that they do power the voice side of Siri but have nothing to go with Google or google integration.

Nuance are well known for their voice recognition systems across the globe and their companies integration into Apple will keep them well at the helm of the market. I personally don’t have (many) problems with Siri on my iPhone, though I do know of a lot of friends and colleagues who struggle to get their Siri virtual assistant to recognise their voice.

Ricci was also questioned at the conference whether Siri was based in the cloud or on your Apple device, which he said it was a hybrid. Some of Siri’s capabilities and functionality is stored on your Siri powered device, but some of the features are stored in the cloud which is where Siri can receive constant updates rather than an iOS update to enhance it’s features.

Do you use Siri on your smartphone or tablet? Or do you find other Voice Activated services better? Is Galaxy on the Samsung phones any easier to use and recognise your voice? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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