Google Launch 3D Maps for Desktop Computers

Posted on May 23rd, 2013 | Categories - Apple News

Everyone who is anyone with a small amount of knowledge about tech will know the troubles Apple faced when launching their own native Maps application within iOS 6. The 3D flyover views of buildings and roads were completely screwed up in some of the major US cities, with renderings of trees becoming blobs and even a bridge and roads being dropped into the river below!

Now Google are launching their own 3D “fly through cities” view with 3D buildings, they have faced the same problems as Apple did upon the launch.

The new application works through Google Maps and Google Earth and combines the imagery and visualisations from both, with the new addition of 3D views of buildings and cities. Though the 3D views are suffering the same problems in seemingly the same areas and landmarks as Apple faced, the company will obviously make improvements to their program and imagery over the coming months to rectify the problems.

It does show how impressive Apple Maps really is, despite all the problems they have had, to get the more accurate and better quality graphics than Google on a portable tablet device really is an achievement in itself. Google are yet to bring their 3D visualisations to the mobile platform, but as an addition into the new Key Lime Pie interface I’m sure it would be a success.

I hope all the people who talked down about Apple Maps now do the same to Google with their mistakes!

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