iPad Displays Coming from LG not Samsung

Posted on October 25th, 2012 | Categories - Uncategorized

In a report released from Digitimes this week it has been stated that the orders for the new Apple lineup – including the 4th generation iPad, the new iPad Mini and the Retina 13inch MacBook have come from LG Display, not Samsung.

The two companies have ongoing court battles in many different countries and territories across the world, whereby Apple areĀ suingĀ Samsung for infringing their patents related to the iPad. However, earlier this year it appeared that Samsung where the only company able to supply Apple with the quantity and quality of the retina displays that they needed for the 3rd generation New iPad.

The new displays for the redesigned iMac lineup are also slimmer and therefore coming from LG or AU Optronics (another of Apple’s middle east suppliers of screens). The new technology used to give users a better visual experience by using a plane-switching technology like the full sized iPad. The AU Optronics screens achieve the same results with AHVA technology – which is Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle display, which is great for mobile and tablet users who are on the move.

With more decisions due in court cases this week Samsung and Apple are still going to be in this situation for some time yet, and while the two sides of the business have always stayed separate for Samsung the latest $1bn fine for the company and Apple withdrawing orders I’m sure will hit them hard.

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