iPad Gets Lodged in Car Bumper

Posted on April 11th, 2013 | Categories - Uncategorized

Yes… true story that is all over the news in America today, and the iPad has been returned to it’s rightful owner too!

A lady from Georgia in America arrived home to be asked by her father why there was an iPad lodged in her car bumper, to which she had no knowledge of it being there. Fortunately, the iPad had hit the bumper and not any other part of the car as it came flying towards the driver, Alexa Crisa’s car on Friday.

Another driver had left his iPad on the roof of his car as he drove away, and once he had pulled onto the main street and accelerated the iPad took off and found Crisa’s car. I think passers by would be thankful that the iPad ended up in the car, as from looking at some of the pictures of the impact it could have been disastrous had it hit a pedestrian.

Once the iPad had been dislodged from the car – by using a hammer – the only way it would come out, Crisa was able to turn on the iPad and find contact details for the owner. The iPad has now been returned to it’s rightful owner and is still functioning after it’s long trip, just with a broken screen.

Moral of the story – don’t leave your iPad on top of your car!

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