iPad Mini Retina to use LG Displays – not Samsung

Posted on May 7th, 2013 | Categories - Uncategorized

More and more people are putting their 2 pence worth in on the predictions for the next generation Apple tablets and what will be happening when.

Latest guesses are from a Richard Shim, who is an analyst at the company DisplaySearch, who is citing that the second version of the Apple iPad Mini will be released with a retina display and those display panels will be sourced from LG, not Samsung.

Samsung and Apple have a fraught relationship and Apple have been said to be slowly pushing Samsung Electronics out of their manufacturing chain to become less reliant upon the company as the two still face ongoing legal battles together. This move would continue to keep Samsung out of the manufacturing chain for the iPad Mini, whilst we still believe Samsung components are used in the manufacture of the fourth generation iPad.

If the retina display is bought to the mini iPad, it will give a 2048×1536 resolution screen to the mini sized tablet, giving a pixel density close to that of the current iPhone 5, for which the screen resolution is unsurpassed by any other device on the market. The iPad Mini already has a better screen resolution than the current iPad 2, as it has the same amount of pixels crammed into the 7.9inch screen size.

Shim ended his predictions by saying that we will see the smaller sized retina tablet in production in June and July of this year, ready for a holiday season launch.

Do you think these predictions are far wrong? Or right?

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