Pentagon Ready for Apple Devices in Two Weeks

Posted on May 5th, 2013 | Categories - Uncategorized

We have been reading reports online about the US Military turning to Apple devices for deployment across their field teams. They have tested a number of devices and though already use Blackberry and Playbook tablets in the field, they clearly are not fulfilling all their needs as they have now turned to the iPad.

The Apple tablet is undergoing some changes for use by the Pentagon as security is clearly a paramount issue for them that needs to be addressed, standard iOS security just won’t do. The next two weeks will see the iPad being finalised in the field tests and the STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) for the device will be finished and finalised allowing the Apple iPad tablet to be deployed.

Apple MacBooks and the standard range of Mac desktops have never passed the STIG checks and been issued with the implementation guide and therefore are not permitted for use by US Military personnel and the Pentagon. The STIG approval for the Apple iPad and iPhones will mean that the Apple devices can be purchased and used by the military.

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