Siri Voice Recognition Powered by Nuance

Posted on June 3rd, 2013 | Categories - Apple News

The All Things D Conference in America always brings some interesting information to light. This time the CEO of Nuance Paul Ricci wa being interviewed, and as soon as the Q&A started he revealed details of his companies relationship with Apple.

Ricci was questioned on whether it’s his companies fault that the iPhone doesn’t understand a users voice (of course people always bite back given the opportunity at a conference like this!). Ricci remained calm and answered that they do power the voice side of Siri but have nothing to go with Google or google integration.

Nuance are well known for their voice recognition systems across the globe and their companies integration into Apple will keep them well at the helm of the market. I personally don’t have (many) problems with Siri on my iPhone, though I do know of a lot of friends and colleagues who struggle to get their Siri virtual assistant to recognise their voice.

Ricci was also questioned at the conference whether Siri was based in the cloud or on your Apple device, which he said it was a hybrid. Some of Siri’s capabilities and functionality is stored on your Siri powered device, but some of the features are stored in the cloud which is where Siri can receive constant updates rather than an iOS update to enhance it’s features.

Do you use Siri on your smartphone or tablet? Or do you find other Voice Activated services better? Is Galaxy on the Samsung phones any easier to use and recognise your voice? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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