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New 128Gb iPad 4 Aims to Drive Profits

February 1st, 2013

After many users spotted references to a 128Gb iPad hidden deep within the depths of the new iOS 6.1 operating system release, we were waiting for an update from Apple as to when this was likely to happen. Apple haven’t kept users waiting long and have already made the announcement of a 128Gb device just days after the code was spotted.

The 128Gb model has been both criticised and welcomed by users across the globe. Many are turned off and away from the larger storage capacity of the new tablet by the price tag, but for many users who use and will need the extra storage capability it is a small price to pay. Of course there are many different cloud based and online storage companies who offer competitive deals for users, but instant offline access to large files is great for many professional and business users.

Even in the official press release for the new announcement Apple have quoted some of the range of Apps available from the Apple App Store that are hungry on memory and the files associated with these are large too. Autocad and the large 3D CAD files that this needs will easily fill up the standard 32 and 64Gb hard drives in the lower spec iPads. Also as video editing and music editing become more and more popular applications being used on the tablet more and more people are going to need the additional storage capacity.

Many of the new tablets on the market offer SSD slots for external memory to be added and taken away at will. This is where Apple look to keep their profits to themselves by ensuring high demand users purchase the high spec tablet direct from them and don’t upgrade afterwards, sticking with the ethos that runs throughout Apple Inc.

How long would it take you to fill a 128Gb iPad?

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More Storage for iOS Devices?

January 28th, 2013

Apple’s latest version of iOS 6.1 beta has revealed this weekend with some interesting things hidden in the developer code.

The code for the new iOS developments is where we often see hints for new devices, where products have been given “code-names” within the code for the build of the operating system. As Apple never give official hints and announcements of up and coming devices this is all fans have to go on!

The latest development in the code for iOS 6.1 beta has shown that there may be a 128GB device on its way, in the form of either an iPad or iPhone. The string of code shows the standard 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb models of devices but now shows a 128Gb product – no reference to whether this would be an iPad or iPhone – in the code.

With many of the other tablets on the market now offering the ability to add in external memory to the device, most often from micro SD cards, the need for more storage capacity as standard inside a tablet is growing and growing.

I’m sure a 128Gb iPad would be of more use than a 128Gb iPhone; 128Gb would be a heck of a lot of music for an iPod!

Would you like to see a 128Gb iPad or iPhone? Or both?

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