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Swivel Stands for iPads

January 20th, 2013

Swivelling stands for iPads – allowing you to rotate and swivel the iPad into many different viewing positions and angles – available here at

I’d like to say that the i360 stand was the original swivelling stand for the iPad; before the i360 many of the iPad stands on the market merely held the iPad in static positions, either portrait or landscape and at fixed viewing angles, or no other viewing angles at all! The i360 stand was the first to incorporate a swivelling motion directly into the heart and core of the stand and has allowed users to adopt a unique way of using the iPad for many different tasks.

The main swivelling motion is at the base of the iPad stand where the bearing system in the base allows you to swivel the main arm of the stand holding the iPad. You can move this through 360°, and further, and there is a positive click positioning at each 90 degree turn so you can line up and position the stand if you want or need to.

The instructional videos hosted on our youtube channel show you the full features and motions of the stand, click here to be redirected to them.

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iPad Stand Adjustable

October 20th, 2012

If you are thinking of purchasing an iPad stand then have you thought about how adjustable the stand is for your needs? The i360 stand is the most adjustable iPad stand on the market and will adjust to any position that you can imagine.

Many stands are made for one orientation or another, either portrait or landscape but not many cater for both. Well the i360 stand easily caters for both with full rotational bearings allowing you to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape in one very easy adjustment.

The viewing angle of the iPad can also be changed very easily simply by adjusting the tilt of the stand.

And you can change the orientation of the stand and viewing direction by simply moving the main arm support at the base.

Of course, all of these adjustments can be made to the stand without having to remove the iPad. The adjustments and movements for each are very easily to change to exactly how you want to use your iPad, the stand does not dictate to you how to use it.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here to see the full range of adjustments that are available for the stand.

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iPad Rotating Stand

June 2nd, 2012

Rotating iPad Stands – you wouldn’t think that this would be asking too much of an iPad Stand? Well from looking at the iPad Stands currently on the market, rotating seems to be a feature unique to the i360.

You can endlessly rotate the i360 stand in two different movements. (more…)

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iPad Adjustable Stand

May 26th, 2012

Too many of the iPad stands currently on the market are a “one fits all” stand, where you are stuck using the iPad in one position throughout the stands life. These stands are too restricting and this is certainly not the case with the i360 New iPad Stand.

We believe that the stand you use to house the iPad should be as flexible and adjustable as the iPad itself and this is exactly what we have created with the i360. 360 is in the name and nature of the product; the 360° rotation of the screen being one of the most talked about features, (more…)

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Stand for iPad

December 12th, 2011

stand for apple ipad or ipad 2The i360 Stand for Apple iPad or iPad 2 is the ultimate iPad stand. Fully adjustable in every direction this really is the best iPad Stand on the market.

Want to select your viewing angle? The i360 stand will allow you to tilt the iPad up to 90 degrees, so whether you want to have the iPad at a 5 or 10 degree angle for typing, or at 80 or 90 degrees for viewing next to a monitor, the i360 stand for the iPad will achieve all of these angles and everything in between. Once a position or angle is selected, the stand has been designed to not move unless enough pressure is applied, so it will stay in position whilst typing and using the stand, and then pushed with force the angle will drop or increase.

This angle adjusting makes the i360 perfect for Facetime calls using the iPad 2, making sure the person on the other end can see you clearly.

The i360 stand also has open access to the dock connector of the iPad so whilst the iPad is held within the stand, in portrait or landscape mode, the iPad can remain on charge and plugged in, even whilst syncing to your computer.

This elegant and professional iPad stand looks good in any office or home environment, in a high gloss black, white, or even pink finish it is sure to fit in well with any surroundings.

The main feature of the i360 stand for Apple iPads is that it is upgradable. Only the claw of the stand which securely holds the iPad in place will need replacing for the future releases of the iPad, iPad 3, iPad 4, etc etc. Clearly a cost effective upgrade path for the new iPad generations meaning one stand will fit them all with the new claw.

Take a look at the i360 store pages to see the features of the stand for yourself.

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Adjustable iPad Stand

December 5th, 2011

adjustable ipad standAs iPad stands go, the i360 has to be the most adjustable stand on the market today.

We recognise that your iPad works the way you want it to, so we let you view your iPad your way when the iPad is held within the i360 stand. The adjustment of the stand is simple, you simply move it to where you want it, and the position will then be held until you move the stand again.

The 360° rotation allows you to adjust the screen from portrait through to landscape and everything in between, and once you have the desired position of the screen it will stay in that position. The complex internal system that allows the rotation of the stand is such that once the stand has been adjusted and held in position it will stay that way and not move.

The 90° tilt feature is also the same. Specialist materials have been used to make sure that once the desired angle is achieved, it will not move until you choose to adjust the angle. It will not collapse over time and it will not wobble.

The 360° swivel of the stand is an added extra – allowing you to rotate the iPad on its axis. This swivel feature allows you to adjust whether the iPad faces the long or short side of the base where the footprint of the stand is crucial. More than this simple aesthetic feature though, the swivel allows you to keep the base of the stand in the same position and then share the iPad with an audience.

Take a look at our online video’s to see the features of the stand for yourself.

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Back to School with an iPad and the i360 Stand

August 30th, 2011

We are always onto children about their good posture when working and sitting at the computer, and working on the iPad should be no exception. With the vast array of iPad apps tailored as study tools, including Penultimate, iHomework and Notability, coupled with the i360 stand it will make sure every student is successful this term. There is even an app showing the dissection of a frog!

The i360 stand can be positioned perfectly for the correct viewing and typing angle to suit every user and can be adjusted endless amounts of times. However, the angle won’t collapse through the pressure of typing, it will stay put. It really must be seen to be believed.

Take a look at the new videos on the i360 product pages highlighting the features of the i360 stand.

i360 stand store pages







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