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Apple Removes Financial Times app from the App Store

August 31st, 2011

financial times appApple changed their rules regarding “in-app subscriptions” earlier this year, meaning that any subscriptions of this type needed to be controlled from within the iOS app and not via an external provider.

The Financial Times, like all other iOS apps and developers, were told of a 30th June deadline to comply with the new rules Apple had set, or run the risk of the app being pulled from the App Store. The app has now been pulled as the Financial Times did not make the necessary changes to their app in time, nor did they have any intention of making changes to the app conditions.

The Financial times insist their reasoning for not complying to the new guidelines was an issue with Apple over control of subscriber data and not the 30% cut Apple now make through the “in-app” purchases. However, this may hit the Financial Times more than they think because as many as 10,000 users subscriptions to the digital paper were via an iPad, and since the launch of the iPad the company has seen digital subscriptions to the publication nearly double.

Maybe they should have complied? What do you think?

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App developers prefer iOS over Android

July 15th, 2011

Developers prefer iOS over Android

Apple still have a hold over third-party mobile developers according to a report produced by Flurry. From looking at 20,000 Flurry Apps added from January to June 2011, Apple and iOS have yet again increased their margin over Android. Averaged out, from every 10 apps that are produced, 7 are for iOS devices and 3 are for Android.

Developers are not willing to turn all their efforts to android devices and applications yet. This is mainly because of the uncertainty over the operating system and the competing storefronts for the applications, all of which is a definite safe bet for Apple developers.

Android devices will keep coming, with more and more manufacturers wanting a chunk of the Apple pie. The manufacturers just need to get the tablets to sell. But with a minimum amount of apps available to Android devices competing against Apple’s 425,00 , it’s definitely a vicious circle.

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Apps have taken over the iTunes Store in download rate

July 13th, 2011

Once the Apple Store had reached 15billion downloads we knew it wouldn’t be long until more official figures emerged on how much people were paying for apps. It was always a good question too, what with more and more free apps coming to the app store every day and getting great ratings, why would people pay for their app downloads?

Well along with the 15 billion download figure, Apple said they have ploughed $2.5 billion to developers. An estimated 82% of iOS apps are free, and the remaining 18% are paid. And Apple believe that the app store will earn $4.2 billion this year, with $3 billion going back to the developers.

As for the comparison with iTunes, iOS users are collectively downloading an average of 32.2 million apps per day, compared to 11.9 million iTunes tracks per day, but no cost/revenue comparison has come from Apple… I guess they are keeping that information close to their chest… at least until the quarterly earnings are released next week.

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Have you downloaded 75 Apps to your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch?

July 8th, 2011

15 billion downloads from the App StoreIf so, you are the average!

Apple announced on Thursday that iOS users have downloaded 15 billion (yes, 15 BILLION) apps from the App Store since it opened.

15 billion downloads, 200 million users, 75 apps each.

The App Store opened in 2008, with the first 1 billion downloads taking 9 months. Now the App Store has become so popular they reached 1 billion downloads total for the month of June alone. (That’s a lot of downloads of Angr y Birds!)

The amount of available apps increases every day, last count was in the region of 425,000 , with 100,000 of those dedicated to the iPad.

I’m sure all these figures are going to rocket with more and more people turning to Apple mobile devices every day.

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