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The Stats from WWDC 2012

June 13th, 2012

As always the Apple WWDC kicked off with a roll of facts and figures about Apple and their current success in the marketplace. We have all come to expect this from Tim Cook and from Steve Jobs before him, but the numbers are too astonishing not to share with you!

-Apple has paid $5 billion to their developers for app store sales

-The App Store now has over 650,000 apps available, of which 225,000 are specific to the iPad

-One click purchasing is now active on over 400 million iTunes accounts

-The App Store has reached over 30 billion app downloads

-365 million iOS devices have been sold, of which 80% are running the latest iOS 5.

-Over 1 billion iMessages are sent a day by its 140 million users

There is obviously no comparison between these numbers and the latest numbers for Andriod and the latest release of Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

I’m sure Apple will amaze us with facts and figures for their next keynote speech, but in the mean time we’ll enjoy thinking where these numbers can rise to!

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3 Billion Downloads to iPads from the App Store

January 5th, 2012

What an amazing figure!

The iPad – launched in 2010 – has reached an estimated 3 billion cumulative downloads from the iOS app store. That amount adds up to 19% of all downloads from the store. Considering the iPad was launched some three years after the iPhone and two years after the App Store opened, that’s a considerable amount of downloads.

The figures have come from ABI Research who also estimated that there are 120,000 apps on the App Store designed specifically for the iPad. The majority of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on the App Store also run on the iPad, so the 120,000 figure can be easily exceeded.

Are iPad app store downloads more profitable? The impression is that iPad is for business, iPhone is for business and play. Are people more willing to spend on apps and downloads for business or for pleasure?

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Android Beats iOS in Total Mobile App Downloads

October 25th, 2011

In a report released yesterday it was revealed that Android App downloads for the second quarter of 2011 beat iOS downloads.

Downloads to Google’s android based operating system totalled 44% of the overall mobile download market, compared to 31% of downloads to Apple devices. However, Apple are still ranking at the top in the “downloads per user” totals, with almost a 2:1 ratio.

Now these leaning trends towards Google’s operating system should make some of the major app development companies move over to working on Google’s OS. Apple’s pricing strategy for apps has always meant their system has been favoured by developers, but now with the clear increase in android downloads hopefully the attention will shift.

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Have you downloaded 75 Apps to your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch?

July 8th, 2011

15 billion downloads from the App StoreIf so, you are the average!

Apple announced on Thursday that iOS users have downloaded 15 billion (yes, 15 BILLION) apps from the App Store since it opened.

15 billion downloads, 200 million users, 75 apps each.

The App Store opened in 2008, with the first 1 billion downloads taking 9 months. Now the App Store has become so popular they reached 1 billion downloads total for the month of June alone. (That’s a lot of downloads of Angr y Birds!)

The amount of available apps increases every day, last count was in the region of 425,000 , with 100,000 of those dedicated to the iPad.

I’m sure all these figures are going to rocket with more and more people turning to Apple mobile devices every day.

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