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The iPad Celebrates its Third Birthday

April 4th, 2013

Yesterday saw the Apple iPad’s Third Birthday!

The first generation model of the iPad was announced on 3rd April 2010 and launched to a modest reception. Consumers were all in awe of Apple’s next product and after the success of the iPhone all were eagerly anticipating their next “must have” gadget from the market leaders. Industry critics however were less enthusiastic about the new tablet and some were even citing the iPad as a “disappointment”.

Now we are three years on from the launch of the tablet I think those critics have been proved wrong. Every man and their dog has now heard of the Apple iPad, and every company in the tech industry are looking to create or have already created their own tablet computer in the hopes of competing with Apple and more likely hoping they can eat into even the tiniest bite of their market share.

The Apple App Store has come on leaps and bounds both through the iPad and the iPhone and now with hundreds of thousands of apps in the store dedicated to use on the iPad this will only grow and grow.

The iPad sees it’s third birthday and we already have four generations of the tablet for sale including an extension of the line in the iPad Mini. Which product will see an update first? What updates will we see come to the next 5th generation iPad tablet? We look forward to what is to come Apple.

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Could your next iPad Smart Cover Also Charge your Tablet or Phone?

March 18th, 2013

The United States Patent and Trademark Office have this week released details of some interesting patents from Apple. The current one under scrutiny shows an Apple iPad Smart Cover with a battery inside capable of wirelessly charging your device.

The patent details how the Smart Cover will determine if it is in use and in what position. When the Smart Cover is in the closed position and the iPad not in use, the cover will close the circuit and activate the wireless charging between the iPad and the cover.

Essentially this is like a battery pack for the iPad, which begs the question why Apple aren’t improving the battery life of the tablet. It also begs the question why are Apple making the battery and iPad wirelessly charge when the two are physically connected when in use?

I think this patent detail is one if the clear signs that Apple are putting the technology and the patent in their name to prevent other companies from releasing the product to market. Or, do Apple have bigger plans for the system? It has been suggested that the iPad Smart Cover could also wirelessly charge your iPhone? Would that be of more use?

More innovations and developments are also needed with battery packs before this product can be seen as the patented Apple Smart Cover does require a lot of bending and folding for its primary use before the battery packs are inserted. Weight will also be a big issue Apple will need to keep in mind, if this us something they’re actually creating!

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Judge Koh Gets Stern in Samsung v Apple Case

February 22nd, 2013

Judge Lucy Koh is probably the most famous Judge in San Jose now, after being the unlucky judge presiding over the Apple vs Samsumg case in the US.

She has already had to sit through one case which has now gone to appeal, and despite telling both companies their actions and intentions are not only bad for each company but bad for the industry in general, they just keep on going.

The trial that took place last year is scheduled to be heard in the appeal court in 2014, with new cases between the two companies growing every day.

Judge Koh has asked both Samsung and Apple to stick to 25 patents and 25 products that the two companies feel are their best cases and they feel have been the most damaging. Samsung are claiming that Apple have infringed their patents with all of the iOS line up including the iPad and the iPhones, and Apple claim that Samsung have infringed their patents with the Galaxy Note line up of products.

Judge Koh has simply said that both companies need to “streamline” their arguments to what they feel is their best case, and after the two companies have been fighting for what seems like years they should know the answer, instead of both companies arguing over every little thing to see what sticks.

Next year will see some more decisions, but hopefully in the meantime Apple and Samsung can play nice. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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Apple’s Earnings Call for the 2012 Holiday Quarter

January 24th, 2013

Apple yesterday broke three of their own records with their quarterly earnings report to shareholders. Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer reel out hundreds and hundreds of numbers to the shareholders showing how much profit the company made over the period, but we have picked out the important numbers!

  • 22.9 Million iPads sold (7.5 million more than a year ago quarter)
  • 47 Million iPhones sold (10 million more than a year ago quarter)
  • Apple sold 10 iOS devices per second
  • Over 2 billion iMessages are sent every day

Overall, Apple posted $54.5 billion in revenue which equated to $13.1 billion in profit, and yes that is for the three month quarter alone.

All of these astounding figures now means that Apple have $137.1 billion in cash. I could think of a lot of ways that Apple could spend the $137 billion I’m sure!

More importantly, how will this affect the share price for Apple who have seen a huge drop in their share price in recent months? Are consumers worrying about the ongoing Samsung/Apple debacle? Are consumers wanting Apple to diversify more? The next few days on the stock market will be interesting…

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Samsung Hasn’t Infringed iPad Patents – or at least they haven’t in the Netherlands

January 17th, 2013

This court case is ongoing across the globe and is strangely seeing different results in different countries, all mounting to people’s interpretation of the patents themselves.

The Netherlands court in The Hague have found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and 7.7 have not infringed patents held by Apple which relate to the “round corners” design of the tablets.

The court has ruled that Apple does not have the hold over a rectangular shape with rounded corners and are not the only people who can produce tablets of this shape. They have found many earlier references to these design features in numerous examples before the launch of the iPad.

The UK court also ruled this way in October last year, deciding that Samsung had not infringed on Apple’s patents for the rounded rectangle and the company were forced to publish a public apology to Samsung for any bad feeling they may have received whilst the two companies were involved in the dispute.

In other countries this battle is getting messier and messier with the two companies constantly fighting their patents. When will it end? We’d like to know. Answers on a postcard please.

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HTC End Their Fight With Apple

January 3rd, 2013

At last, someone is reaching a conclusion and moving forwards with Apple in a bid to end the litigation between the two tech companies.

HTC and Apple have been arguing in court over patent cases and copyright which has took a lot of time and effort for HTC and they feel has threatened their development and progression in the market. They have now reached a licensing deal with Apple to allow HTC to use Apple technology in their devices and pay Apple a fee for licensing the technology.

They are reportedly paying between $6 and $8 to Apple per device sold which considering the cost of the handset and the potential legal bill that the company were facing is a small price to pay. The President of HTC China is glad that it is now resolved and HTC can get back to innovating.

So are HTC allowed to make a rounded rectangle tablet now?

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Apple and Samsung Case Under Scrutiny Again in the US

December 23rd, 2012

This time it isn’t the “rounded rectangle” patent that is under question!

Samsung and Apple are now re-looking at the patent concerned with the “pinch to zoom” functionality that is present in 21 Samsung devices currently on the market. Though this has been previously dealt with and settled in court the case is now being looked at by Judge Koh who is taking everything into consideration as both companies are asking for sales bans on devices that infringe each others patents. Apple now have an opportunity to appeal the decision as part of ongoing proceedings.

Of course, the Samsung and Apple battle is getting messy in the US, and the two companies don’t look like they will be reaching a resolution any time soon. The case has currently resulted in Samsung being ordered to pay $1bn to Apple in damages, however this is under appeal now and is the reason why Samsung are appealing the case and the results.

And it goes on…

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Apples Q3 Results exceed predictions – iPadstand Blogs

July 20th, 2011

Apple Q3 2011 results exceed expections

With 20.34 Million iPhones sold in the quarter (142 percent increase over the year ago last quarter), 9.25 Million iPad’s (183 percent unit increase over the year ago last quarter) predicted increased sales have far exceeded the predictions.  The lessor achievers  being Macs showing an increase of 14 percent and the only downturn showed on iPods falling from the previous 9.41 million to 7.54.

Manufacturers of 3rd party Apple accessories have picked a winner.  To be able to effectively live off the back of an organisation such as Apple, who are seeing year on year increased sales in such a poor economic climate, are also reaping the rewards.  Sales for items such as iPad stands, cases,  Apps and headsets have seen a significant growth in revenue.  Thanks to Apple new products, predominately revolving around the iPad and iPad 2, and across the board increased sales have also created out of the ordinary increases and stability for the 3rd party supplier.

What more can Apple do to keep this momentum.  The market is in no doubt that Apple will continue to sustain their growth, with signs of a new MacBook Aire, iPad 3 and of course the incorporation of the Lion sales figures factored into the equation the future looks bright.


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iPad Sales Q3 2011 – Apple release details today

July 19th, 2011

iPad, iPad 2 Sales Q3 2011 - Apple release details today

This will be the first fiscal quarter in which the Apple iPad and iPad 2 sales will show as a major factor against that of Apple’s previous years performance

In Q2 2011 Apple confirmed sales stood at 4.69 million iPad’s and it is predicted with the companies posted quarterly 83% growth in revenue the Apple should be on track to show sales of 8 million. 

With these predictions taking into account the alleged supply issues reported due to the Japan earthquake and tsunami, how will Apple sustain the iPad growth with so many android’s becoming available.  Are we going to see the new iPad 3 sooner rather than later to help sustain these levels?

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Rupert Murdoch’s empire, where does he go from here with Apple?

July 18th, 2011

Ruper Murdoch’s iPad only newspaper from Apple iTunes App Store

With the UK’s most read newspaper ‘News of the Word’ now shut down, the fight for BSykB lost for the foreseeable future and resignations being handed in from all directions, we must question ‘where does he go from here’ and ‘what more is about to be revealed’?

Facing further investigations not only in the UK but potentially from the USA and Australia, how will companies such as Apple react with their association of ‘The Daily’,  Ruper Murdoch’s iPad only newspaper and the only daily news paper App offered on the iTunes App Store.  Will Apple really want to allow the iPad to be the window delivering Murdoch’s news?

It would appear there is a lot more news to come from both the market, employees and associated companies and this time the medium used to delivery the news may not be part of Murdoch’s empire.

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