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Samsung Drops Request to Ban Apple Products in Europe

December 19th, 2012

In the latest report released by The Verge, it appears Samsung have withdrawn their request to ban Apple products in Europe that were judged to have broken several of Samsung’s patents relating to wireless technology.

Of course, both Samsung and Apple are engaged in court battles and intellectual property court cases across the globe, with the most well known currently taking place in the US. This latest move from the European teams is said to be to “protect consumer choice”, yet I’m sure it has something to do with Apple wanting to ban 11 Samsung devices in the US for their infringements against Apple’s “rounded rectangle” patents.

Samsung are still pursuing for compensation against Apple for the infringements on their intellectual property, but are not pursuing for a sales ban on the Apple devices. Apple are arguing back with the “FRAND” rule, and that Samsung are not being fair, reasonable and non discriminatory in their ownership of the intellectual property.

Of course, this is all getting very messy between the two huge tech companies, who at the moment are seemingly unrivalled in their marketplace of smart phones and tablets and don’t look to be moving from the top of their game.

Who will win? Can you ever see an end to these court cases?

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Apple Can Officially Use iPad Trademark in China

July 2nd, 2012

And it has only cost them $60 Million!

Apple and Proview have been in a long standing court battle since February 2012, where Proview accused Apple of stealing their trademark of “iPad” when being used throughout China. Apple purchased the rights to use the term “iPad” from Proview back in 2009, but Proview say the rights hadn’t transferred before the iPad was launched, nor had the rights to use the trademark in China been included in the deal.

When this reappeared in February 2012, Proview were pursuing Apple for $400 million to both compensate them and for the rights to use the trademark across China. Now it appears that $60 million is enough to keep them happy and let Apple continue to use the trademark in China and end any ongoing battles. The rights will transfer to Apple as soon as the money is with Proview.

It would help Proview to remember that the term “iPad” actually wouldn’t be worth anything if it wasn’t for Apple.

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Apple File to Ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 In the US

May 23rd, 2012

Just when we think the legal battles between Apple and Samsung are quietening down Apple decide to heat up the war… again.

Apple’s latest battle is going to cause problems for the 10.1 tablet manufacturer; they want a US wide sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Again, the cause for the sales ban is because Samsung are accused of “copying” the design features of the Apple iPad and putting each one into their tablet design. It has also been previously agreed that the design of the Galaxy Tab does infringe some of Apple’s patents, so it is quite likely that the ban will come into force.

Apple have given Samsung 4 days to respond to the injunction, with the two companies CEO’s due to meet yesterday to “talk” about the companies.

Samsung are part of the supply chain for the Apple iPad and a key part too, would this sales ban bring the other divisions of the company into unrest? Apple have been successful in getting sales bans against the tablet in other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, but a ban in America will see Samsung severely hurt.

This is all due to be decided by the end of the week.

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Taiwanese Company Suing Apple for using the term “iPad”

February 7th, 2012

Because… According to the company Proview – Apple don’t own the term or have rights to use it in China.

Surely Apple’s research team would have thought about this before they released their product into the marketplace, you would like to think. However at the moment they are at the wrong end of a legal battle which could end up costing Apple a lot of money, maybe $1.6 billion.

I’m sure Apple’s lawyers will have a lot to say about the claims, but as it stands Apple have obviously been actively marketing and selling the iPad in China for 2 years already, however in China the name remains the property of Proview Technology. Apple bought licences off the Chinese company to use the term “iPad”, but this didn’t include the rights to use the term in China.

Unfortunately it looks as if the Chinese company “Proview” have fallen upon hard times and they are said to be in “debt crisis”, with hopes that some compensation from Apple will allow them to continue trading and bring back the business.

Apple’s lawyers are well trained in fighting all sorts of legal battles for them, though do they have some mileage with this one or have Apple really been using the trademark without permission?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sale / Off Sale because of Apple

December 2nd, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab currently has a sales ban in Australia because of an impending court case with Apple over patent infringments. This ban was lifted yesterday, only for it to be put straight back on again whilst Apple lawyers have a week to build a further case against Samsung and their Galaxy Tab.

Samsung have come to blows with Apple lawyers with sales of the Galaxy Tab in the EU also, with sales of the Android tablet currently banned in Germany too. The Australian Court ruled earlier this week that the sales ban could be lifted as of Friday 2nd December at 4pm, meaning Samsung had scheduled deliveries of the device ready to hit the country as soon as the ban was dissolved. But, to the Android tablet makers dismay the ban was put back into effect whilst Apple’s lawyers build their case for appeal.

The temporarily lifted ban gave Samsung hope of selling their tablet in time for the peak holiday shopping season which would have helped to ease the extreme losses the company must be facing. However the directors of the company are now not even sure if they will continue with sales of the tablet in Australia even if the ban is lifted in the future. Each day of no sales is costing the company unprecedented amounts of money, along with court and lawyer fees the Android tablet makers cannot sustain this.

Lets see what events a week will bring…

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