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BMW Follow Where Apple Have Lead with iPads for Sales Assistants

February 12th, 2013

We all know the portability of the Apple iPad tablet is one of it’s major selling points and gives the carrier or user a huge amount of information available at their fingertips. BMW are now following where Apple have lead by employing sales assistants to walk the showroom floor with iPads and use the tablet to answer any questions customers may have about any of the cars.

The Apple Genius’ are famous now for helping with any questions anyone with an Apple device may have and often turn to the iPad tablet to give them the answers they need. Now BMW sales staff are going to be able to do this using the iPad tablet too, answering questions on the specifications of the cars on the showroom floor, along with questions about upgrade options, availability etc.

Apple now have some of the most successful retail shops on the planet, largely down to the Genius help and availability and the experience users get when they enter the Apple Store. Apple have maintained successful retail shops on the high street to build on their online sales, which is currently where many stores are failing. Shopping for cars is a completely different ball game, but people still expect a great user shopping experience, especially when you’re spending BMW kind of money on a car, which they believe they can achieve with using portable tech on the shop floor.

I think they can too, and I’m sure it will make the experience great for BMW shoppers!

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