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iPad Gets Lodged in Car Bumper

April 11th, 2013

Yes… true story that is all over the news in America today, and the iPad has been returned to it’s rightful owner too!

A lady from Georgia in America arrived home to be asked by her father why there was an iPad lodged in her car bumper, to which she had no knowledge of it being there. Fortunately, the iPad had hit the bumper and not any other part of the car as it came flying towards the driver, Alexa Crisa’s car on Friday.

Another driver had left his iPad on the roof of his car as he drove away, and once he had pulled onto the main street and accelerated the iPad took off and found Crisa’s car. I think passers by would be thankful that the iPad ended up in the car, as from looking at some of the pictures of the impact it could have been disastrous had it hit a pedestrian.

Once the iPad had been dislodged from the car – by using a hammer – the only way it would come out, Crisa was able to turn on the iPad and find contact details for the owner. The iPad has now been returned to it’s rightful owner and is still functioning after it’s long trip, just with a broken screen.

Moral of the story – don’t leave your iPad on top of your car!

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BMW Follow Where Apple Have Lead with iPads for Sales Assistants

February 12th, 2013

We all know the portability of the Apple iPad tablet is one of it’s major selling points and gives the carrier or user a huge amount of information available at their fingertips. BMW are now following where Apple have lead by employing sales assistants to walk the showroom floor with iPads and use the tablet to answer any questions customers may have about any of the cars.

The Apple Genius’ are famous now for helping with any questions anyone with an Apple device may have and often turn to the iPad tablet to give them the answers they need. Now BMW sales staff are going to be able to do this using the iPad tablet too, answering questions on the specifications of the cars on the showroom floor, along with questions about upgrade options, availability etc.

Apple now have some of the most successful retail shops on the planet, largely down to the Genius help and availability and the experience users get when they enter the Apple Store. Apple have maintained successful retail shops on the high street to build on their online sales, which is currently where many stores are failing. Shopping for cars is a completely different ball game, but people still expect a great user shopping experience, especially when you’re spending BMW kind of money on a car, which they believe they can achieve with using portable tech on the shop floor.

I think they can too, and I’m sure it will make the experience great for BMW shoppers!

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Apple Lose Some of their Tablet Market Share in Q4 2012

February 2nd, 2013

Until 2012, Apple have been at the top of the tablet market and have had unrivalled competition in holding and maintaining this title. The constant upgrades and developments for the tablet have meant that no one has come close to knocking them off the top spot.

But… Samsung are quick to keep the company on their toes. With the Korean tech company already outselling the iPhone with their Galaxy S range of smartphones they are now fast approaching Apple at the top of the tablet market too, something Apple won’t be too happy about!

According to the latest figures from IDC (research firm), Apple’s iPad lead worldwide tablet shipments for Q4 2012, but lost in overall growth figures year on year to Samsung, who’s line up of the Galaxy tablets, including the Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Galaxy Tab 2 in both 10.1 and 7 inches are beginning to make waves in the market.

Overall shipments of the Samsung tablets are only adding up to 7.9 million, compared to Apple’s 22.9 million, so still a way to catch up. But the year on year growth of Samsung of 263% compared to Apple’s 48% may be a sign of things to come.

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New 128Gb iPad 4 Aims to Drive Profits

February 1st, 2013

After many users spotted references to a 128Gb iPad hidden deep within the depths of the new iOS 6.1 operating system release, we were waiting for an update from Apple as to when this was likely to happen. Apple haven’t kept users waiting long and have already made the announcement of a 128Gb device just days after the code was spotted.

The 128Gb model has been both criticised and welcomed by users across the globe. Many are turned off and away from the larger storage capacity of the new tablet by the price tag, but for many users who use and will need the extra storage capability it is a small price to pay. Of course there are many different cloud based and online storage companies who offer competitive deals for users, but instant offline access to large files is great for many professional and business users.

Even in the official press release for the new announcement Apple have quoted some of the range of Apps available from the Apple App Store that are hungry on memory and the files associated with these are large too. Autocad and the large 3D CAD files that this needs will easily fill up the standard 32 and 64Gb hard drives in the lower spec iPads. Also as video editing and music editing become more and more popular applications being used on the tablet more and more people are going to need the additional storage capacity.

Many of the new tablets on the market offer SSD slots for external memory to be added and taken away at will. This is where Apple look to keep their profits to themselves by ensuring high demand users purchase the high spec tablet direct from them and don’t upgrade afterwards, sticking with the ethos that runs throughout Apple Inc.

How long would it take you to fill a 128Gb iPad?

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Best Stand for iPad

January 27th, 2013

Here at Intelligent Touch, I think we are of course going to be predictable when we say that our own designed and manufactured i360 stand is the best stand available for all generations of the Apple iPad. We are of course biased, but we’d love to see someone challenge the i360 stand for the top spot of the best iPad stand on the market.

The i360 stand is a uniquely designed iPad stand for the iPad 1, iPad 2, and of course the New iPads from Apple. Each stand securely holds the iPad into the i360 stand and allows the iPad to be moved and manipulated into many different viewing positions and angles. The stand has a “claw” which is the main support and hold for the iPad and each generation of iPad has a uniquely designed claw to allow for the new size of the device, it certainly isn’t a “one fits all” stand by any means.

The rotational and swivelling movement of the i360 stand all enhance the offering and make the i360 completely unique, with the range of movement and the ability to position the i360 at any viewing angle or position suitable for you. You dictate the position of the iPad, not the iPad dictating the position to you.


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Vegas Casino’s Use iPads to Get Guests to Spend More

January 14th, 2013

Reported on Cult Of Mac this week is a story illustrating how using an iPad to take drinks orders from guests has improved business for a Las Vegas Casino.

Of course, casino’s are always packed with gamblers wanting to both drink and gamble and have a good time. But ordering drinks is usually left to ladies strutting about on high heels to and from the bar carrying the drinks orders. Not in this casino.

The Rio, located just off the main Las Vegas strip has been using the iPad to take drinks orders from guests who are gambling at the tables or slot machines. The order is then sent directly from the iPad to the bar, where the bartender makes the drink and it then gets delivered to you by a waitress. Of course, there are three people in the chain to collect the drink this time, but rather than the gambler going to get his/her own drink they stay spending at the tables!

The iPad has always been great for portability and this is yet another example of where the iPad and new technology is helping businesses stay on the move.

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More Apple Prototypes Revealed

August 2nd, 2012

The ongoing court battles between Apple and Samsung have hit another level this week. Apple have been forced to show in court images and drawings of early prototypes for both the iPad and the iPhone and other models in the iOS line up.

Unfortunately releasing these documents shows Samsung exactly what Apple have looked at doing and chosen not to take forwards to actual design stage! And it also means they are available for viewing by the general public (or lucky public!). From looking at the designs it clearly shows Apple have come a long way and done a lot of design development on each of their devices to reach their current stage. Even the curvature on the back of the iPad has radically changed across the stages illustrated in the images.

Thankfully, to Apple enthusiasts and fans it is a tiny insight into the workings of Apple and how their design processes work, and also a glimpse at the iPhones and iPads that could have been. At least from this we can discount what the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini will look like! They certainly aren’t going to show Samsung that yet!

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English Court Decides Galaxy Tab Can Stay On Sale

July 10th, 2012

What a blow for apple. Just as they look set to get injunctions on sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the world England and Wales throw a spanner in the works for them.

The High Court of England and Wales yesterday ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t infringe on Apple’s design patents, that the Galaxy Tab is recognisably different to the Apple iPad, and that the Galaxy Tab can therefore remain on sale. The case was against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 (I bet you didn’t know there had been so many different models!)

The Court referred to approximately 50 images of tablet devices pre the Apple iPad and picked similarities from all of these examples, some dating back to 2004 and before. The design of the rear of the tablet was also picked up on as this is an area where Samsung have clearly separated their Galaxy Tab from the iPad by setting design features into the back of the unit.

Apple have been fighting with Samsung over this matter for years all across the world, not only for Samsung copying and infringing design patents for the actual device but also the packaging of the units. Therefore, I don’t think it will be long until Apple appeal the decision.

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iPad Owners Love Using their Tablet for Emails

July 4th, 2012

In a report released this week from the research firm Gartner, people are picking up their tablet devices to check email. Not a ground breaking report I can hear you say, but the rest of the report and research is very interesting.

Gartner surveyed consumers from the UK, US and Australia about their iPad use, questioning when, why and how each person used the tablet. The results for each individual were recorded in a diary-style format for Gartner to analyse and publish the findings.

The interesting part of the survey is that following checking emails, the iPad’s next most popular use is to replace paper. More than half of iPad users are using their devices to replace tasks that were previously paper-based i.e. reading newspapers, magazines and books are now done with eBooks and eMagazines and no longer are the physical printed copy preferred. Is this because readers can now have an array of magazines and papers on one device, rather than carrying multiple magazines and books?

iPad owners also use a PC less and less, with an average drop of 20% over a weekend. This trend would indicate that the flexibility of using the iPad in different surroundings and not being confined to a PC desk allows the iPad users to be more relaxed and adaptable over a weekend, away from the work environment. iPads are also mostly used in the living room, which would emphasise the idea of multitasking with the iPad and watching TV whilst surfing the internet (or checking emails!), this is closely followed by the bedroom and then the kitchen.

And one last piece of information from the report; it also appears that iPad owners are selfish, with 45% of users not sharing their device with anyone else in the household! Are you a selfish iPad user?

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Maroo announces a new line of coloured iPad covers

November 13th, 2011

US brand Maroo have announced the release of their new range of iPad covers that offer a fresh new colour scheme and added protection to your tablet.

Designed especially for the Apple iPad 2, instead of the usual block colour covers that some owners may have come to expect, the company have released a range that feature bright shades and patterns. These are supplemented with a suede interior.

Each case made by the company includes the firm’s unique Secure Guard Bumper technology, a protection system made of reinforced plastic bumpers located inside of the case at each corner to help protect the edges and keep the tablet safe should it ever get dropped.


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