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Apple May be Awarded “Mini” naming for iPad

April 8th, 2013

After papers and information from a filing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office were leaked online last month regarding the pending “iPad Mini” trademark, more information has now been shown confirming that the trademark may be issued and approved without appeal.

The USPTO have confirmed that though the “Mini” label is purely of a descriptive nature, Apple need only add a disclaimer clarifying the use of the term “mini” to move forwards. The Office and the examining attorney has apologised for the refusal of the Trademark and the inconvenience this may have caused to Apple.

The disclaimer that Apple need to add is “No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “Mini” apart from the mark as shown”, which will allow other companies to use the term Mini alongside their product ranges too.

It looks as though Apple aren’t the only electronics company who have been stopped – or paused – in trademarking the term Mini alongside their product range. Samsung and their range of Galaxy Mini phones have also been subject to similar problems from the USPTO.

Thankfully this has given the company a way forwards if they choose to progress in this way. Otherwise, Apple may continue to sell the product without the official trademark like their iPod Mini line up and Mac Mini range which faced objection when put to the USPTO.

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Apple Denied iPad Mini Trademark

April 2nd, 2013

The United States Patent and Trademark Office have this week denied Apple a trademark for the name “iPad Mini”

The word from the USPTO is that the name is “merely descriptive” and doesn’t create a unique meaning for the product. The terms “mini”, “pad” and the prefix “i-” have been described as all descriptive by the trademark office. This information and opinion was issued to Apple in January but has only just emerged.

The denial of a trademark hasn’t affected Apple before, with the same being decided by the USPTO for the Mac Mini and the iPod Mini names, of which Apple has seen huge success with both products.

Apple does have until July to challenge and present new evidence for the decision if they want to (I’m sure they will). Though Apple already own the trademark iPad and knowing this has been denied for Apple will surely not allow any other company to do the same.

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Apple Announce New iPads – including iPad Mini and iPad 4

October 24th, 2012

Yesterday’s announcement from Apple showed us a whole plethora of new products, mainly including the iPad Mini announcement – which Apple made all the guests and following press wait right until the end of the announcement for.

Apple firstly introduced new iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Mini’s into their updated lines for 2012, with all models due to be released before the end of the year and available in varying different hard drive capacities and different internal Intel chips.

The iPad announcement was what all the invited guests had been waiting for, and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The iPad Mini has now officially been announced, with a 7.9inch screen the device is easily held in your hand and available in both black and white versions. The display is the same resolution as the current iPad 2 – 1024×768, so all current apps that are optimised for use on the iPad are now optimised for this smaller model (it is the same resolution as the iPad 2).

The updated version of the iPad – the 4th generation model – has been given a new lightning connector and is powered by an A6X chip, making the device faster than the current New iPad (iPad 3/3rd generation model).

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iPad Mini Accessories are Everywhere – before it has been announced!

October 15th, 2012

Apple iPad Mini accessories are reportedly flooding the market already, with secret displays and boxes being delivered into Best Buy already with “do not open” labels… all this yet Apple haven’t announced the tablet!

Apple are reportedly announcing the new tablet on October 23rd, with the invitations to the event to be released this week. Yet with the device yet to be unveilled and no name to be officially announced yet, are some case and accessory manufacturers already jumping the gun?

Some middle eastern manufacturers are said to have stopped manufacture as the design of the iPad Mini is said to have changed so they have chosen to halt production and wait until an announcement, but some of the other well known brands such as Belkin and Kensington have released model and design numbers for their designs of cases for the unannounced tablet.

Are the rumours coming from the middle east enough to be relied upon? Unfortunately I am reminded of last year when many companies thought we would see an iPhone 5 released from Apple and these same companies were left red faced when an updated version of the iPhone 4 was finally revealed. These companies must have lost a lot of money from the cases and packaging they had invested in, all for it to be wrong.

Only time will tell what we will see and when we will see it, but Apple had better be quick if they want to release their device in time for the Christmas shopping period!

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iPad Mini for the Christmas Period

October 8th, 2012

It certainly looks as if the iPad Mini is not just a rumour any more. Sure there have been hints and rumours of a smaller iPad tablet ever since the second generation device and Amazon and all the other “wannabe” tablet manufacturers entered the market with a smaller, cheaper tablet. But, as news comes from China this week that factory employees are working overtime and ever-so long shifts manufacturing a new iTablet, I would think we are days away from an official announcement.

The news in America is that there will be an invitation sent to the specially invited press this week, ready for an official announcement next week, and the tablet will be ready to ship before the end of the month. Apple certainly need to be quick to make sure they are the wanted gift under the Christmas Tree this year.

With the tablet being a cheaper solution than the current iPad, and it is said to not be too far off the pricing of an iPod Touch… I think Apple will certainly be “cashing in” on sales this Christmas season, as long as the supply can keep up with demand.

Apple are well known for new devices to be in short supply after their launch and of course with the holiday season and shipping being a busy period, people won’t want to wait for their new tablet to arrive and certainly won’t want to be given shipping estimates of 3-4 weeks when Christmas is just around the corner!

Hopefully, the overtime and hard work in the Chinese factories will mean that they are manufacturing plenty of devices to meet demand… for the new unannounced tablet!

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So Where Is the iPad Mini?

September 25th, 2012

After all the rumours circulating the internet over the past few weeks about the iPad mini, news seems to have died down and we haven’t seen any more suggested “leaked” components… so is there really an iPad mini coming?

Analyst and research companies such as Bloomberg and the New York Times have jumped on the iPad Mini bandwagon and said that the device will be coming this fall. First, the device was expected to be launched at the same time as the iPhone 5, though as the event became nearer and nearer, these rumours died down and now cite that there will be an October event to launch the new device.

The specs? A smaller screen, 7.85inches is the size in circulation at present, which will match up to the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Will the resolution stick to the current iPad 2 screen size of 1024×768 pixels? It would make sense app-wise to keep the same resolution and of course it will pack more pixels per inch on a smaller display, but certainly won’t be of the retina quality we are all now so used to.

We’d also expect to see both a front and rear facing camera on the device, after all even the iPod Touch has a rear facing camera.

Chips and the internals of the device I believe are all going to be down to what price bracket the tablet falls into. If the Mini iPad is going to be competitively priced alongside the Kindle Fire or the Nexus 7 I don’t think it will pack the new A6 chip inside.

What do you want to see in an iPad Mini? Or is price the most important thing for you?

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Do we Believe the iPad Mini is in Manufacture?

August 5th, 2012

Since the rumours of the iPad Mini were backed by Bloomberg, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, it appears as if may of the blog sites are now citing this as completely true, and almost a confirmed new product, without Apple making an announcement!

It seems only the next stage in the process then for companies to be saying the iPad Mini is now in manufacture, with the display panels being the first part in the manufacturing chain.

In the latest report from CNET, an analyst close to Apple (who obviously remains un-named), has said that production will be starting in August, with it reaching full production capacity by the fourth quarter. This would then indicate a launch in the fall of 2012.

All of the sites have been indicating a late 2012 launch for the un-announced iPad mini tablet, with most guesses being an announcement on September 12th, to be followed by an October or November launch. No other dates have been told by any of the sites.

What is your opinion about the iPad Mini?

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Even the New York Times are Reporting on an iPad Mini!

July 17th, 2012

At first it was just blog sites and rumour sites reporting on an iPad Mini to launch this fall, mainly originating from China and the middle east. However now the New York Times have jumped on the bandwagon and have this week reported that there will be an iPad Mini announced later this year.

The paper reports that Apple are developing a new tablet with a 7.85inch screen which will retail for significantly less than the current Apple iPad, which at the $499 price tag is certainly out of reach for some people. Of course the source of the report declined to be named as discussing the plans of the project, because after all they are confidential! But the paper does cite that this was according to several people linked to the project.

The Times state that Apple initially started with a smaller iPad project some 6-7 years ago, in the mid 2000′s. This is when Steve Jobs decided that the screen size was simply to small to make the tablet useful. Now Steve Jobs has passed are Apple going against his principals and decision and launching the smaller tablet to keep up with rivals?

These rumours don’t seem to be going away!

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