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Stands for the Apple iPad

May 1st, 2013

With a huge array of stands available for the Apple iPad it is no wonder people get confused with which one to buy, which will be the easiest to use, which gives you the most flexibility with your tablet? Well of course I am going to say that the i360 iPad stand is the best iPad stand on the market, but I am not alone in my thoughts and I am sure that you will see why too.

The i360 stand surely has to be the most flexible, offering 360° rotation of the screen, 360° rotation at the base of the stand (so the base stays put and the iPad moves around it), and up to 90° tilt to allow you to angle the screen perfectly to avoid any glare, you really couldn’t find a position that the iPad and the i360 stand cannot achieve. Even upside down the iPad is securely held by the four gripping corners of the “claw” to ensure the iPad stays safe.

The stand is also very easy to use, with simple movements to adjust any of the positions of the stand. Any chosen position is held by the stand under the weight of the iPad and normal use, but a push a bit harder or firmer will move the iPad into another position easily and smoothly, whilst still holding the iPad secure.

Take a look at the i360 store pages here to see the images of the stand, you won’t be disappointed.

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iPad 3 Stands

April 21st, 2013

Stands for the Apple iPad 3 are available at direct from the manufacturers.

The Apple iPad 3, or the “New iPad” released in April 2012 gave the iPad family a retina display and an upgraded camera, allowing users the true high gloss finish from the iPad screen. Until you have used a retina display tablet you think the iPad screen definition is great. Then once you have used a retina tablet you will think the iPad 2 132ppi display is poor!

If you are using a New iPad, treat your tablet with the respect it deserves and house it in the i360 stand. The stylish stand will ensure that your precious tablet stays safe and supported within the stand and will give you the most flexible viewing angles and viewing positions available.

The high gloss black, or the gloss white finish of the iPad stands are our most popular variations and available for all generations of the Apple iPad family.

Click here to see the different i360 stands available in the i360 store pages.

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“The Best iPad Stand”

April 9th, 2013

We have the best iPad Stand – or so we have been told by one of our lovely customers who last week received a delivery of our white i360 iPad Stand.

Our happy customer was looking for a birthday present for his father who struggles with mobility, and after introducing him to the world of Facetime on an iPad so he can keep in touch with family members abroad he wanted to give his father a stand for the iPad so it can remain on charge and powered on so all he has to do is use the stand.

This is where the i360 stand from Intelligent Touch came into play and enabled the iPad to be permanently plugged in, and yet still give the gentleman flexibility to move the iPad if he wanted to or adjust the angle easily without any trouble.

“You have the best iPad stands” was the email we received from our lovely customer, and we’re happy to help families stay in touch, even if we only made a very small contribution.

Take a look at the i360 stand range here.

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iPad Stand Apple Store

March 15th, 2013

The i360 stand upon launch was exclusively available in the Apple Store Online in both the high gloss black and white variations and has since been released to other vendors and distributors.

The designers at Intelligent Touch were lucky enough to receive great feedback from the Apple product team with regard to the development of the stand and with their permission we gave the i360 base the true shape and curve of the original Apple iPad. The chrome enhancements and design features were the work of the Intelligent Touch design team who love to keep things clean and sleek, certainly words that come to mind when thinking about Apple products and their design influences.

The i360 sold in huge numbers with Apple Store and since its release to further distributors and stockists has seen even more success.

To grab your original i360 iPad Stand direct from the manufacturers order here at

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Secure iPad Displays

November 11th, 2012

Displaying the iPad in a public area is sure to be a concern to many; such an expensive and precious device on display for all to see. Yes it is part of the attraction for people to engage with your content that it is such a desirable tablet, but you want it to stay your iPad!

This is where the i370 secure range of stands should be at the forefront of your mind when looking at displays for iPads. Each of the secure i370 stands available have a different range of assets and attributes making them suitable for your exhibition stand or display to hold your Apple iPad tablet secure and safe.

The lockable metal enclosure features heavily at the forefront of each of the designs and held secure with a lock and key each of the enclosures holds the iPad tight and secure in the metal frame, which is then in turn secured to a stand or adjustable bracket.

Give the team a call on 01952580220 to discuss how and where you need to secure iPads and we will have the solution for you.

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Stand for iPad

June 22nd, 2012

Here at we do exactly what it says on the tin – iPad Stands. We are proud to be the manufacturers and distributors of our very own i360 iPad Stand that is approved as a 3rd Party Accessory by Apple Store UK.

The i360 Stand for the iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad is a truly unique product (more…)

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Apple iPad Stand

January 18th, 2012

The i360 iPad Stand from Intelligent Touch is very proud to be an Approved 3rd Party Apple Accessory! (meaning not made by Apple, but Apple like us and stock the i360 on their UK and Europe Apple Store Online!)

Receiving a seal of approval from Apple is a big deal for any accessory manufacturer, knowing that Apple themselves are happy to recommend the Intelligent Touch i360 Stand for use with an iPad.

The i360 always receives compliments on how “apple” designed the stand looks, we have really put the Intelligent Touch brand in the background on the i360 and allowed all the design elements to show through, including chrome detailing on the back of the main arm and base and the high gloss overall finish.

We’re sure that the i360 will look great in any environment, on an office desk or at home. There are high resolution images in the i360 store for you to see the full product.

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iPad Stands from

January 16th, 2012

ipad stands from Intelligent Touch we stock a range of our own designs of iPad stands. Whether it be for the original iPad, the later iPad 2 or the new and upcoming iPad 3 / iPad 2 HD / iPad 2S or whatever Apple call it!

Our own i360 range of iPad stands are jam packed with individual features making the stand completely unique and clearly the best on the market. One of the main features is that we have in-built an upgrade path to allow you to cost effectively upgrade the stand from iPad 1, to iPad 2, to the next generation of iPad by simply replacing the iPad claw!

Our stand isn’t a “one fits all” approach: we want to make sure you get the best security from the best stand, therefore each “claw” is completely dedicated to each model of iPad to make sure the iPad is firmly gripped and held in place, whichever generation of iPad you have.

We also have a separate range of secure, lockable iPad stands and accessories. With the market ever changing and the need for such high value items to be “locked down”, we have designed the i370 Lockdown secure iPad stands. This range of stands holds an iPad securely in place within the i370 stand meaning the iPad can only be removed from the stand with a key.

Take a look at the store pages of the site here.

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iPad Stand Reviews

September 15th, 2011

ipad stand reviews

Thanks go out to Josh of for providing an honest (and glowing!) review of the i360 stand.

Josh was sent a white i360 Stand to test run and review with his iPad 2, and we can see from the photographs he took he definitely enjoyed playing angry birds on his iPad with the i360 Stand.

To read Josh’s full review click here


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